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  1. This game is going to bomb.the signs are all there mmo ,stupid character designs ,forcing you to play with other people in a WOW battlefield .Such a waste of resources that could have been the most epic rpg in the last 10 yrs .Single player set over the whole content of tamerial .But come next year this short lived game will be the start of elder scrolls going the way of the dodo .

    • I agree this game will bomb, and I want it to bomb big time. I want this game to be the game that breaks the back of Zenimax causing them to go out of business, taking Bethesda Game Studios, id, Arkane, and whatever other shithouse developers are under the Zenimax umbrella with them. This company doesn’t deserve to be in business. It’s such a shame that passionate developers like 38 Studios are forced to close down, and this shithouse company gets to stay in business.

  2. i wouldnt bet on it. id be surprised if they have news. otherwise its the copy/paste reply of ” early next year” and ” we’re working on it now”

    • this game is bad for the ElderScrolls series period .they can never make a MMO game that will apeal to the loyal fans of this great series .but im happy about one thing BGS has no hands on this.when this thing bombs Zeniax will think twice about messing with this series again.

  3. Honestly i don’t care anymore about the “Dragonborn DLC”, i would be happy if “BGS” fixed the BROKEN QUESTS,Z-FIGHTING,LAG…mostly these ones….i hope they will one day….


      • ESO is built on a totally different engine than the regular Elder Scrolls games. I think it’s called the Hero engine. Different engine or not this is a Zenimax game, I imagine there will be a lot that is broken in this game, from glitches to crappy servers.

        • I know it’s a different engine and i agree with what you said.

          What i don’t understand is the fact that i can play crysis,farcry 3,AC3,etc..on max perfectly…without lag,etc…and skyrim i can’t… let’s figure… -.-

  4. I was hoping it would play more or less the same with all the maps chopped up into sections and I can live another life, I want too be an unscrupulous weapons dealer making septims of this war rather then fight it.

  5. Prepared to see the ZeniMax / Bethesda flying into pieces during 2013?

    a great end after sacrificing his best product and brand with a stupid mmo game. Leaving the TES franchise (single player) as a action fantasy without any love to inovation.

    Rest in pieces!