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  1. Shouldn’t you be sueing this guy for using Bethesda licensed imagery? We all know how litigious Bethesda is, and we know how upset you can make Bethesda simply by having “Scroll” in the title of a game. Tweet Hines, Tool Howard, and Guseless should be kicking in this guy’s door and confiscating the cake, and having a summons issued for the court date.

  2. “This weekend I thought I’d share this amazing cake that Elder Council member Dane Bruce had made for his girlfriend. Hope it tasted as good as it looks”

    If she’s an Xbox360 player she can eat it right away… If she’s a PC player (like me) then she must wait a month, of course the taste may be different by then.

    But if she is a PS3 player then that cake is gonna rot and become dust, never touched by her hand.

    Unfunny jokes aside, that cake is really a piece of art, gratz Dane for his hard work on it. And gratz his girlfriend for receiving such a wonderful gift.

  3. Bethesda should make this an item in the game, to bake in the kitchen of the Hearthfire DLC. 😛 (After they make it work for PS3 too… Yeah, just had to stab, I prefer not to. o.o)