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  1. Why the hell Bethesda’s catalogue is still unavailable in my region (eastern Europe, Poland)? It’s so annoying, I feel like a criminal or second-class gamer.

  2. Yea im looking for New Games to play this Holiday, DRAGONBORN ON PC but i cant, so now i sit under an Empty Christmas Tree. Thanks for the Wonderful Gift Bethesda, i could’ve played your DLC.

  3. Yeah no xmas gifts for PS3 either. I hope you all get haunted by the ghosts of customers past! At least Beth can manage bahum BUGS! Well done for achieving sweet FA n getting paid a ton! Corporate greed at its worst.

    • Bethesda will say, blame Sony they’re the ones that set the prices. But that doesn’t mean Bethesda can’t approach Sony and say “Hey we would like to offer a sale on our games, can you work with us on this?” It’s doubtful that Bethesda even cares enough to do this.

      • you do know that it is sony and other retaiIers that have the finaI say on prices dont you? rrp onIy means reccomended retaiI price it doesnt mean that they have to have the prices set at whatever is written on the box or on bethesda’s website.

        • Sure Sony does have the final say, but that doesn’t mean Bethesda can’t approach Sony and ask if they will allow a sale on Bethesda products. Bethesda would never do that though, because for one thing Bethesda doesn’t like Sony and for another Sony doesn’t bribe them for exclusivity deals like Microsoft does. Even Tool Howard himself said he prefers the Xbox, biased much Tool and Bethesda?

          • he Iike I may prefer the xbox but he aIso said that he wants aII consoIes that skyrim is on to have the add-ons and so what if they made a “Business” deaI with microsoft its not iIIegaI nor is it immoraI, if anything the money from said deaI gets pIowed back into the deveIopment of new content for this and other games.

          • Actually publishers have FULL control over pricing on PSN. There are “suggested” prices, 10 USD/7.99 GBP etc, but the publishers can set whatever price they want. Bethesda could choose to sell their DLC on PSN at a price equal to what is paid on the 360, discounted from that price or even free by means of apology for what they have done (or rather, haven’t done) but I’d bet my left arm that when the content finally does reach the PSN, it’ll cost more, just as the Fallout DLC did.

  4. Gstaff, could you please make Sure there won’t be the Same Delay with the Dragonborn DLC on the European PS Store as it has Been multiple Times? That is somehow annoying, I was only able to purchase the Dunwall City Trials around a week later….

    • kisum that is actuaIIy sony’s fauIt you see when bethesda sends a game/update it has to get approvaI from sony/microsoft before it is put on the database unfortunateIy unIike microsft who are pretty quick with updates to xboxIive sony tends to wait its aIso why you guys dont have the 1.8 patch yet.

      ps sony might be waiting tiII they can put dragonborn on their store before sending out the patches

      • Actually GStaff specifically said PS3 hasn’t gotten 1.8 patch because it is integral in the implementation of Dragonborn on that platform. As such, he said we won’t be getting it until DB is ready for for the PS3.

        Now when the Dragonborn will be ready for the PS3 is a whole other matter……

    • I do think that Bethesda have shot themselves in the foot with Skyrim’s DLC. 1) Microsoft Exclusive 2) Confusion about Exclusive 3) Delays for PS3 4) Delays for PC 5) Overpriced.

      It’s a sad state of affairs, unfortunately for gamers, Bethesda knows how much gamers love Skyrim and Bethesda’s DLC content (at least most of it) and they know that their core and target audience are going to buy it anyway.

      I agree that all future DLC content should be at reduced prices, but the suspicious side of me wonders if they deliberately held back Dragonborn on PC to avoid the Steam holiday sale and make maximum profit on it once it is released.

        • I could be wrong but remember reading a reply on psn uk blog last week which said no further psn store update till 9th january .
          I agree whole thing about fair play on prices for dlc and games, sadly will take international regulating and no doubt greedy governments will want bigger slice in tax and up price more. But still yes would like a governing body for this industry with teeth to name, shame and fine companies that fail to reach set standards .

  5. you know what i realised when i looked at the statement for dragonborn dlc to be released is that it will be released early 2013, that means anywhere between Jan-Mar

    • Exactly, they could even stretch that to April or May if they wanted “early” could just mean 1st half of the year

      About time they gave us an idication as to which month