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    • Um… The Elder Scrolls is a PC title, and I don’t think many will disagree despite the offensive shift you made from Morrowind to Oblivion. DO NOT FORGET WHERE YOU STARTED! There should be no exclusivity agreement for anything, but of all things the PC should be first to receive the title. Especially with what STEAM is doing for your game with the Workshop. This is just ridiculous. Show a little more class and some care for the fans.

  1. gstaff i’m hoping you had a great festive break and in great mood to give at least a hint to when we will hear anything about the next fallout installment . i’m half expecting something at E3 show with release end of 2013. Understand you can’t say much but anything would be good news. Also can you say if likely to be delayed due to extra work required for skyrim?
    Do you know if any plans to bring the 1st couple of fallouts to psn store in future as i’ve only played fallout 3 and new vegas and would like to try earlier ones.

      • Yes i know jack but bethesda bought all rights to fallout so assume only bethesda can or could do it. Would be great to have whole franchise available in store would it not? I admit i don’t know early history of game and makers but do know bethesda stoped them making online version in court after they sold rights to bethesda .
        I guess thinking about it there could be difficulties but no harm asking.

        • Interplay still has the rights to sell the first two (along with tactics). In fact, you can purchase them on their official page… but they are for PC only.

          You aren’t missing much, though… Those games are cool, but they’re nothing like 3 or New Vegas.

          Bethesda’s games allow you to freely explore a wasteland (capital or mojave) full of wonders and dangers, at your own pace. Sure, there is a main quest, but you can take it easy and do other things.

          Interplay’s games are more like “rat races”… You are given a certain amount of in-game time to complete your adventure, every time you divert from your path you are just wasting precious time. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t feel any freedom when a clock is ticking.

          • Thanks for info Tonamelt. Yeah seen advertised for pc but mine so old and slow couldn’t play cards untill i build new one. thats why hoped might be coming to psn store like many other classic older games.
            As its timed like you say i wont bother anyway now i know as same as you like to explore freely at my own pace. Playing 3 again now and still finding the odd new thing everytime. must of completed game a dozen times already but keep going back again even with freezing issues. Best game i’ve ever played so can’t wait for next one and just hope bethesda don’t repeat same problems as before.

  2. Not sure where to ask this and i cant become a Member on the Bethesda Forum for Reasons beyond my Control.

    What is the Point of becoming a Bard and do the Quests when you Cant actually Become a Bard Yourself to play the Lute/Flute/Drum at the Inns for a Free Meal and a Bed, Please Fix this Bug and Actually make Sense of what the Point of being a Bard Collage is. The Weirdest part is, theres No Room for me at the Collage, even though im a Member.

    • Agree with you it would of been better if could play instrument to make money or part of later quest. Quests where fun to become member of bard collage but i got stuck with instruments i retrieved to carry for rest of game, even after giving them back to complete quest. As for no room at collage well doesn’t really matter as can buy house almost next door to collage once you’ve done enough to help in that area.
      Like you i found several places that they could of done more to make sense of things, but game is huge and beth likes to throw red herrings to make you think something should happen but doesn’t .