Around the Web: Year-End Celebration Edition

We’ve reached the final hours of 2012, and since our last update, numerous sites have bestowed year-ending honors to Dishonored.

After receiving thousands of votes, Eurogamer announced that the game topped their Readers’ Top 50 Games of 2012! Big thanks to the Eurogamer community for voting one of our titles #1 for the second year in a row.

The roll call of accolodes for Dishonored continues at these sites:

Also worth celebrating, Xbox LIVE is ending the year with a one-day sale on The Elder Scrolls. Titles include:

  • Skyrim (Games on Demand) – $29.99
  • Dawnguard – 800 MS Points
  • Hearthfire – 200 MS Points
  • Oblivion (Games on Demand) – $9.99
  • Shivering Isles – 600 MS Points
  • Knights of the Nine – 200 MS Points
And in id Software news, Wolfenstein, DOOM, and QUAKE are all prominently discussed in GamesRadar’s recent feature on the history of the first-person shooter. Elsewhere, GameRevolution ranks Wolfenstein 3D as one of the 10 Most Influential Retro Games of All Time.

Reader Comments

  1. You can win any award when you cam buy them. I don’t trust any gaming awards showcase, whether the fans supposedly pick them or not they’re all rigged and can be bought off. I know this is the only way Bethesda can win these awards. Can you say Shithouse developer?

      • In fact I am, but that is irrelevant to the topic. I’ve said for years that the gaming award showcases are rigged. Bethesda doesn’t deserve any awards for their games, besides maybe Best Concept Art or something. That is the only thing Bethesda is good at. They certainly can’t properly develop games on any console or PC. The “huge dynamic world” excuse is dead, they’ve been makinf these types of games for over a decade, they’ve been using the same engine for over a decade their games should not be so shithouse

        • I do agree that sometimes gaming awards seem unfair, but it’s because people have different opinions. For starters, from what you’ve said, it seems you wrote a highly biased article. I’ve never heard any problems of Bethesda games on anything besides the ps3, except for minor glitches and things which are common in every game. Also, they haven’t been using the same engine for over a decade. They used the Gamebryo engine for Morrowind, Oblivion, and Fallout 3, and now they use the Creation engine.

          Overall, this is fairly irrelevant because this isn’t about Bethesda Game Studios, this is about Arkane Studios and Dishonored, who did an amazing job with the game, congratulations you deserved those awards!

          • “For starters, from what you’ve said, it seems you wrote a highly biased article. I’ve never heard any problems of Bethesda games on anything besides the ps3”

            Then you probably haven’t played or heard about the other versions (PC and Xbox360)… Because all of them are plagued with glitches, and many of them aren’t “minor glitches”, many of them are game-breaking in fact.

            This is a list of Skyrim’s general glitches:


            What about the glitch that completely breaks your achievement completion for the Xbox360?… Talk about minor glitches.

            Also that list is just for the general glitches,as the article says every quest has its own list of glitches… Whoa, that’s a big something, huh?

            Not hating or anything, but let’s not try to cover the sun with a finger.



          • @Tonamelt:

            Yes, the game has a tendency to be buggy, but in reality most people run the game with minor bugs or even no bugs at all. Is it necessarily excusable for anybody’s playthrough to face game-breaking bugs? No. But acting like Skyrim is universally unplayable is false. It’s just as buggy as any other Bethesda game.

            I’m really tired of “all awards are bought” arguments. Sure, it may happen, but you can’t assume that everybody has been bought off. You’re denying the fact people have different opinions and experiences like Niles said. Rock Paper Shotgun was specifically made to avoid biased, and bought reviews. I’ve seen the owner go all out on people accusing him of taking bribes. It’s really sad.

          • @Expresate

            I don’t care about prizes, in fact, f**k them… Skyrim is a good game with or without them. Any Elder Scrolls game is worth your time.

            It’s just that reading a phrase like “except for minor glitches” feels out of place when talking about a Bethesda game. Because there is a lot of game-breaking ones.

            We learn to deal with glitches and bugs, but that doesn’t mean we pretend they don’t exist.

            My two cents.

          • Been playing Skyrim on PC for a year and the only time my game ever crashed was if I installed conflicting mods. Only bugs I noticed were really minor stuff like an extra Louis Letrush walking around.

          • @Tonamelt:
            “What about the glitch that completely breaks your achievement completion for the Xbox360?… Talk about minor glitches.”

            Are you talking about the Werewolf Mastered Achievement? If you are, that persisted into the PC version. If you’re not, which one are you talking about?

          • @Squark

            If you sign out of your profile during a load screen, then quickly sign back in after earning the Achievement “Wanted”, it will display the achievement as being unlocked; however, no Gamerscore will be given and the amount of achievements shown will be 1 less than it should be if this happens. It will not count Skyrim towards the 100% completion grouping either.


    • Arkane developed a decent game, way better than the “fathers of the first person shooter.” Dishonored is very good. Doom 4 is flop for sure, after all looks better than and that, we are the gods. The guys are lost inside a engine who need much space and resources to show results, to ending with low results for the plataforms, and depressing gameplay.. the grandfather of the fps is a better ad.

      I am happy with Skyrim, is like playing Oblivion with better graphics. The dragons are cool, the same balance between good animation and the worst possible, the same awful followers, with thousands of glitches inside the scripts.. the physics are Havok, but still unstable and sometimes very irritating. The main quest is ok, very simple actually, is all about find something, save that guy and go to the mountain.. a little moment in the haven, to banish a weak enemy.

      For 2013 “is like DOOM, but smells like RAGE” or “the name is Elder Scrolls, but is all online, and very boring”.

      As Howard says: the player need to see the same experience since Daggerfall.
      Yep! since Daggerfall, besides the small towns and lack of population, is almost the same game, with the same necessity to save constantly, because of the incredible number of glitches.. and mods are cool, but is all about get a house, a nice hair, nice face and dresses. BORING!

  2. Congratulations to Arkane studios for all that you have achieved this year! BGS on the other hand, you guys seriously need to get your act together this next year.

  3. I just beat this game a few days ago. I was really impressed throughout my playthrough, Pretty solid game. But damn. No game should win awards with that terribad of an ending. Holy Shoot. The plague is cured, everyone lives happily ever after the end.


  4. @Niles The Creation Engine is basically new in name only. They beefed up the graphics but that’s about it. It’s still Gamebryo at it’s core, apparently you fell for the lie that Tool Howard and Tweet Hines sold you about the Creation Engine being brand new.

  5. @Jonesy: Lol, if a normal person that played oblivion didn’t spot animation similarity then that person must be either blind, dumb or have very bad memory. I opened Skyrim first time and swinged a sword, it was more than obvious from what they made it. About the engine you can also spot similar things, but on animation is more obvious.

    • You can tell from a screenshot that it is the same engine. The GameBryo engine is not capable of rendering transparent objects, which is why there are no glass windows in any of Bethesda’s games from Morrowind, right through Fallout and into Skyrim. As soon as we saw the gameplay video of the character walking through a town and the windows were all boarded without glass it was patently obvious that Creation = Gamebryo+1.

      Just one of the many, many lies told about Skyrim.

      • Though you can achieve transparency with alpha channel and adding NiAlphaProperty in nifskope. There is lots of mods that add transparency to glass armor and weapons. I think they were to lazy to make interiors visible trough the window. Cause with this you can pretty much achieve and degree of transparency on whatever part you wish as I saw for now.

        • In Oblivion there is a town named Aleswell where people is cursed with an invisibility spell…

          But they aren’t that invisible, they are transparent and you can still see them (it’s like they were using a cloaking device).

          Not to mention the Stealth Boy from Fallout.

          Gamebryo can handle transparency at a certain degree, so I believe the Creation engine can do it too… It’s as you said, they were lazy so they didn’t add those details.

          • You also have to understand how interiors work. They’re not in the same worldspace as the buildings and land. They’re in their own little space. Exterior doors are actually just portals. You can’t add a window and look into the interior because it’s not actually there.

            If they did do that, the lag would be unbearable. Somebody made a mod like that and it was far too laggy to use and that was only one small castle that he made.

          • @Expresate

            “You can’t add a window and look into the interior because it’s not actually there.”

            We know… That’s why it using a door makes you go to a loading screen.

            That doesn’t mean you can’t add a window and look into an alternate interior.

            You know, in Oblivion you can see the White Gold Tower from many places, meaning they created several versions of the building (one for the overworld, one for every district around it, and one for the district is located).

            Or Skyrim’s Dragonsreach, because the one you see from outside the city walls is technically not the same that is located on the inside.

            One good example of “looking through the windows” is Assassin’s Creed 3… some buildings let you see an “alternate” version of the city from the windows, you can even see people walking on the streets… And there is no lag or anything.

            But I suppose it depends on which engine you decide to work…

  6. @Tonamelt All Bethesda has to do, and possibly the best you could expect them to do anyway, is to have a “painting” of an interior. It would probably look cheesey, but it would be better than windows that always appear to be boarded up for the zombie apocalypse.

    • By “painting” I mean a static, obviously not transparent image that takes on the appearance of as painting instead of an actual window.

  7. Calm guys, it doesn’t matter which Engine skyrim runs on. It’s a Great Game, and you wouldn’t find an Open-World Game of this size without Bugs and glitches.
    So just let’s Hope next Time they’ll Write a Whole New Engine, and I’m Pretty Sure they will due to the fact that the next elder scrolls should be on the next Console Generation (PS4 & Xbox 720). I just Hope they’ll Take their Time and do another Super Epic Game of this size or Even bigger 🙂

    • Ever bigger = more boring. The Elders Scrolls team need build a world more usefull, not this empty amount of polygons. The argument of a hand made world is old, the offer of reach an point, with nothing usefull to do is awful. Shit, climb a paper mountain? the mountains in Skyrim are so awful, the scale and look are totally dead, unrealistic. No acrobatics in the end, why walk, jump, climb? is better a game with quests points and fast travel, just open the map. The world is a massive repetition of tigers, assassins, milk drinkers, vampires, all the time the same format “hey traveller,” just to put few things around the dead world, you see the same fox, cow and other creatures, flashing in the same points, stuck in the same rocks.. serious, the number of modules with bad finishes inside the dungeons, the lack of use around the world, is terrible. The dragons spawn from the same locations, close to the witherun bridge, in the entrance of riften, over some cities, most of time outside. The series need a redesign, is too broken, is repetitive for a not online gameplay and the history side is to short, and extremely linear. The Elder Scrolls now is more like a stupid shooter, for the dumb masses, and nobody cares, with all lack of new things for the world, and bugs, the god of marketing keeps the coins.

  8. Calm down, everyone. Is it any wonder all of Beth’s games have bugs out the wazoo? I mean, really: take a look at the real world (that’s THIS one). Even this world has bugs and glitches. How can you expect a large, perfect world if a whole planet couldn’t get it right? 😛

    • Just because it’s the new year doesn’t mean we’ll get it right away, more’s the pity. The month-long exclusivity trash runs out tomorrow (and thank god it’s a Friday), but even that mightn’t work out as we’d like. We might get it tomorrow, we mightn’t get it until next week, who knows.
      We can hope though. And I too would like some information rather than the usual “Dragonborn release tomorrow!” we’re used to seeing after weeks of nothing.

          • I agree. Even if I play on pc only I think next DLC should have been ps3 exclusive for a month. I wouldn’t complain on that, since I am annoyed that they don’t tell when stuff is released for pc, for ps3 even less.

          • They don’t “care” per say, they’re more confused because PS3 players won’t worship them as gods just for letting them play Skyrim, broken or not. They think you should be grateful and worship them for any scrap they throw your way.

    • Ive notice they usually update on DLC every tuesday, so perhaps by then we will have some kind of news. Isnt tuesday the day where psn, xbox live and steam update.

      • In different countries the convention has been that there are certain days of the week when typically new games, music, or movies are always released. My understanding is that, in a similar fashion, PSN and Xbox Live have certain days where updates are made (correct me if I’m wrong) but I don’t think Steam has any such “restriction”, I’m sure that Steam could release a game on any day they choose.

        Although by now I’ve given up that Dragonborn might be released today for weekend gaming.

        • In the US, releases are Monday/Tuesday. In the EU, Thursday/Friday.

          As for giving up on a weekend release, you and me both, Brandon.

  9. Could it be possible, that dragonborn is not out on PC is due to some ps3 users that have been able to port them into the ps3 hardrive itself, ive seen a video on youtube which are now blocked by bethesda, Dawnguard actually working on ps3 because they port the PC version onto the ps3, god its all about profit now

      • No thats not what i ment, i ment by because PC users have the potential to pirate copy games of the internet and now that someone has discovered how to code it in straight from PC to PS3 then if that information is leaked out into a wide range of the public, then its easy to see how bethesda wont be making a profit, thus it pains me to say that this may be a reason to explain the delay on the PC because they would rather have it released as the same time as the PS3, something mite have spooked them

        • Where are you getting this disinformation of delaying the PC release of Dragonborn? It’s not out yet because they haven’t completed the porting and release processes. And now that it’s the weekend, it won’t be out before Monday at the earliest.

          They should use the month-long exclusivity rubbish (now defunct, agreement has run out) to fix the problems for the platforms it exists on before they start something new.

  10. Congratulations Arkane on your intensely unique and emotionally immersive creation DISHONORED 😀 The music for the trailer is the best i have heard in years and the trailer itself its heart touching and inspiring in its many heroic dark shades of gaming artistry.

    As for DRAGONBORN the waiting is like the sweet anticipation of Heinz ketchup about to lay the smack down on the juiciest tenderest hamburger ever known.