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This weekend we’re sharing the latest for The Elder Scrolls Online.

The game’s official websiteย has posted the latest Developer Question of the Week (embedded above). Delivered by David Leeper, this week’s question puts an Elder Scrolls spin on the setup for many popular jokes. Be sure to share your answer on ESO Facebook page, or by emailing a YouTube video response to the team.

Meanwhile at, you can read new features on the game — including speculation on the game’s social features, an editorial titled ‘Why We Love Daedra‘, and news that fans voted ESO the #1 most anticipated MMO of 2013! isn’t the only site getting amped for the game’s release in 2013. ESO is leads voting for 2013’s most anticipated game at TenTonHammer and IGN editor Charles Onyett ranks it as one of his top 10 most anticpated PC games.

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Expect to hear plenty more on The Elder Scrolls Online throughout 2013!

Reader Comments

  1. A Nord, and Orc, and a Khajiit walk into a bar.

    The Nord calls out “Hey barkeep! A bottle of Honningbrew Mead!”

    The Orc calls out “Make mine an ale!”

    The Khajiit calls out “I’ll have a beer!”

    Confused, expecting to see a fight break out, the barman asks the three adventurers as they slump dejectedly into their bar stools “Guys? What’s wrong? Why do you look so low?”

    The Nord looks up, a solitary tear running down his cheek, and replies:

    “They still haven’t canceled TESO”


    • This scenario is actually impossible in ESO because Nords, Khajiits and Orcs all belong to different factions, and that basically that means these races can’t communicate in game at all with each other or even meet unless they are in Cyrodiil.

      Sounds like TES, right?

      • One of my favourite pieces of TES lore since the forced factions announcement is from the Nu Mantia Intercept letters:

        “it should be noted here that it is always foolish to think of whole races sharing like minds.” – meaning, it is stupid to assume that just because two people may both be Nords, doesn’t mean they will share the same views/agendas/political beliefs/taste in mead etc.

        Which is why I feel so sad inside when I’m told that all the Nords and Dunmer have put aside their millenia-long struggles and battles, and are now BFFs. The Argonians have also apparently forgiven the millenia of raids and slavery. But most frustratingly, if I play as a Nord, MY Nord is okay with the alliance. It doesn’t really matter what I think, this is my alliance, and I’m now fighting to put whichever player has the current leading K/D ratio on the throne of Tamriel, and I’m to kill other denizens of Tamriel based on the colour of the name floating above their head. See red? KILL!

        Makes perfect sense…

  2. Still waiting for a Dragonborn PS3 update.. it has been over a month since it released on Xbox :/ C’mon we’ve waited long enough.. enough with the torture.

  3. On a Bethesda game:

    The Orc would run towards his enemies, but then half his body gets stuck on the floor, and finally he falls from the world.

    The Khajit appears without armor or weapons and talks but his mouth doesn’t move, then he sits on a chair, then stands up, then sits again, and so on.

    The Nord walks two or three steps, then he dies for no reason but his corpse keeps moving on the floor, like a break-dancer.

    So the Khajit is the only one remaining, but then the Bartender becomes hostile for no reason at all, and attacks the Khajit and kills him and wals away saying: “Is that…hair growing out of your ears?”.

    So the Bartender wins.

    Have fun. =)

  4. On ps3 would be a draw as we wouldn’t get download to see it or game would freeze half way through fight.

    On PC modders would change it so any of them could win.

    On Xbox it would be who pays the barman most for exclusive use of weapon hidden behind bar.

    As only on pc and online for this game i can’t get interested in it or trust it to work well with reputations as they are. Don’t have decent pc to play games on either and not going to bother getting one just for odd game thats not on ps3.

  5. Gstaff, I think the Fans are a Lot more interested in skyrim DLC than in TES online. Posting something TES related will only cause questions on the DLC and Frustration because there is no “real” news.
    And I’ve got a quetion which I’ll really appreciate to be answered. Is TES online going to spoil Things like landscape and City design in Relation to Further “Real” TES games? Because that would be a really Big Point against buying it for me Personally. And whether it will be available on Consoles. Because a High-end pC is a just too expensive for me.

    • Understand you want to know the latest on DLC. We stated that Dragonborn would be available on PS3 and PC “early 2013”, and we know it’s on us to deliver on our promise. As soon as there’s new to share, I’ll let you guys know.

      In the meantime, we’ll still be sharing new on our other games, including The Elder Scrolls Online. Related to that, it’s worth noting that you won’t need a high-end PC to run it.

      Thanks for the comment

      • A promise from Bethesda has about as much value as a handful of sand. For example we’re still waiting for Bethesda to fulfil the promise you made here on the blog for a comprehensive bugfix patch to sort out all of the broken quests, that was made last April. Or how about the promise in February that you’d continue working on the performance problem on PS3? Which has gotten worse by the way.

        What assurances can you give that this promise doesn’t go onto the pile of other broken promises like “the first two DLCs will be exclusive for one month then available to everyone” or Tweet Hines’ infamous “the PS3 version has reached a point of parity with the 360, graphics, performance, frame rate, everything”

        • I just have one question. And yes it’s about the Werewolf Mastered Achievement.
          On SEVEN seperate characters – all different races – I have gained all eleven perks and still I have nothing to show for all those fecking hours wasted.
          I’m not an achievement hog or runner, but I don’t want it to be the only thing left there when I have everything else, sticking its tongue out at me as if I suck too much to earn it.

          So my question is this:
          Is it Skyrim that’s not issuing the trigger to Steam, or is it Steam for not recognising the achievement trigger? And I’m far from the only one that has this problem.
          If it is a Steam issue, Beth should really talk to them as it’s not working properly in this case as it once was with the “Wanted” achievement. I had earn that three times over since patch 1.4 before it would stick. As it still is an issue on Xbox.

          This is really the only thing I want fixed.
          I’m on PC, if that helps you any.

  6. Thanks for the answer and Sorry for Not-replying Directly, which is difficult from mobile devices.
    Hm but My PC is really crap ๐Ÿ™‚
    And I’m Always trying to be constructive ๐Ÿ˜‰
    (And if you haven’t started working on TES 6 yet, Maybe Elsweyre would do a really nice Contrast to skyrim, just as a Suggestion ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Of course they haven’t started on TESVI yet. They’re not even done with TESV. Elsweyr would be nice. It’s mostly desert, which would indeed contrast vastly from Skyrim. I’ve been waiting to see that since Morrowind. And I love what Beth did with the Khajiit in Skyrim. They look like cats now (big improvement) and less like mutant lion-things (which was the only reason I didn’t play them in Oblivion).

      Also, Black Marsh. I like the new look Argonians as well.
      As far as I know, only four of the provinces have been explored.
      High Rock, Vvardenfell, Cyrodiil and Skyrim. To the best of my knowledge, we still know nothing about Hammerfell, Elsweyr and Black Marsh.

  7. The Orc would go berserk because the Nord would be hogging all the mead. He would punch the Nord in the gut which would cause the Nord to half-spew half-shout FUS-RO-BLRRRG! The shout wouldnt work and he would pass out leaving the Orc to go berserk on the remaining drinks, whilst all that was going on the khajiit has discretely contaminated the drinks with some of his home made stew, and we all know what khajiits cooking tastes like? thats right… Khajiits butt, because they lick their butts… erm.. what was the question again

  8. One year and F2P.

    Zenimax/Bethesda guys you are lost.. prepare the 8 reasons to crack, with Fallout 4 the next open bug kill cans of glitches.. and Doom 4 the next “best thing ever made again.” and burn your final credibility.

    In 2013 is possible the consumer losing more money with cheats from Bioware, Bethesda, Blizzard, id and others triple A mafias?

    • One year? That’s generous. If they launch with a subscription model, I give them 8 months at most.

      Fingers crossed they’re paying attention to the market and release it like Guild Wars 2 – Pay for the box, then never pay again except for optional extras: Vanity items, server transfers, name/appearance changes etc.

      I feel bad for them really. Investing so much money into an MMO and then finding out, 5 years later, that the market is crumbling to dust around them. I just hope F2P is enough to recuperate the cost of development over a 5 year plan, because we all know the game isn’t groundbreaking. Nothing it does hasn’t already been done. They’re just relying on players wanting to play in Tamriel instead of Tyria, Azeroth, Middle Earth, and the Star Wars galaxy.

      Best of luck to them. They’ll need it.

  9. oh gstaff since you’re here..I’m not sure whenether you will even post this comment but anyway if you haven’t noticed…ahahaha I mean you surely must have noticed …we are all ANXIOUS to hear when dragonborn dlc will be ariving for pc-ps3 cause we are tired of waiting honestly and it must have been done already ,it’s 34 days since you released it for xbox..please stop the insufferable waiting….love your games but not waiting ๐Ÿ˜€ (who does :P)

      • whoa I really didn’t expect to get a reply…thanks as I see you’re still not allowed to give us an exact date but could you do us a HUGE favor and tell us will it be soon as ‘soon’ or in not distant future let’s say in matter of days-weeks….one of best gaming companies ever,I’m your huge fan since Oblivion…and Dragonborn is such an awesome dlc can’t wait to play it…anyway thanks man at least for making such awesome games ๐Ÿ˜€

        • You call that a reply?
          Not much of one if you ask me.

          The issue with the DLC on the PS3 is they can’t release the broken content they were planning on since they are actually getting media attention this time. Bethesda is in panic mode right now.

          • ofcourse it wasnt they’re not capable of giving one …I think that it was no human being who answered instead it was Pete Hines or some other little robot…shame ….damn it while I was writing previous posts I was soo mad with a dlc situation and guess what…bethblog at twitter has been asked a few minutes ago about dlc anddddddd the answer was: no date yet….which means a few more months or weeks if we are lucky and they run out of Microsoft’s cash….well this is my answer to you(plain and simple like yours): no money for you…for long time from me -.-

          • It may not be much of a reply. but as he doesn’t seem to be responsible for the programming, it’s likely all he can say for now.

  10. TES need more tech for the history. A world is about the living things, not just rocks and tress… we need better vendors, citizens, followers, a world connected with the events, better reaction. The game repeats the same failures from Oblivon, lost the chance to build a better game, just to show the big polygon count killing the consoles. The next TES need a real history around the world, with a real “connection” between the events, not this makeup.

    TESO is the next step in the wrong direction.

    • sadly I have to agree with you though it’s still great game what bothers me is that it could have been soo much better(cut content)..still awesome and one more thing…dlcs ….Bethesda should rethink their strategy of giving them to anyone one month or more prior to others unless it brings them that much money that they can cover their losses made on other platforms…but I think that in the long run it will come back as boomerang might not who knows? es online well…many wont buy it\play it because they feel that Beth is treating them like second class citizen…creation kit well that makes you great…dlc exclusives – not so much …at least it would’ve be great if they would at least release pc version cause let’s stop kidding each other, cause with 99% accuracy I can guarantee that it’s finished and that they are now working on ps3 issues with dlcs,other dlcs , other games,and hopefully more patches for Skyrim…I know that it’s lot of work and I know that legally your hands are tied(Microsoft-Umbrela corp :P) but some sort of solid release date would make you Beth and us a lot of benefit…please it’s just dlc but we have waited too long (103 day pc only for last 3 dlc and that number is rising)
      come on Beth , show us some good will and you’l make hundreds of thousands happy ๐Ÿ˜€

      • I do not blame Microsoft for doing the same game which Sony and many others do. I got frustrated to see the same world of big guns and explosions, instead of a live world with more history. The tech needs to help the writers to put more ideas inside the game, and not the same lack of background around the people, followers and so on. Give me a reason to explore, stop give quests everywhere, with all guards and so on.. the player needs walk, think a little more, if you choose be good, so be. But if you start be evil, show some followers affected, some skills altered, we need more consequences. A small detail, help Cicero in the road, later, you see the jester inside Whiterun, taking a break. The war is over? change a little more the response, not just leave the imperial general alone in the field, and put the same model inside Dragonsreach. And other bad ideas.. is very frustrating. We need a better world, not bigger weapons.

        • you make very good points and I agree with them for example when you win a hold it is supposed to change a colour of flag on strategic maps in every jarl’s legate or stormcloak commander chambers..and even such small detail is not happening because of the bug which is fixed by unofficial patch but none of official patches adresses this even some things that are suposed to make game a little more alive are broken because of the bugs…I understand that this can’t be Witcher 2 when it comes to consequences and storytelling because it’s open-world game but still…and why the hack your followers cant ride horses I mean I don’t see any reason are they afraid of them or what lol ๐Ÿ˜€ back to the matter of fact …Beth it’s possible to earn tons of money and satisfy your customers give it a try …you won’t regret it..and release a Dragonborn at least for pc ….it was too long and people are starting to lose interest…cmon Beth call me insane I still have some hope left ๐Ÿ˜€

      • and i want to see my weapon and armor broken! losing items, the chance to thinking more before act, i hate have my underwears made of adamantium.

  11. Well Beth your delays have cost you yet more money as now even my girlfriend (an ardent TES fan) has decided she’d rather spend her money elsewhere than on your ever delayed dlc’s.
    The pair of us will only ever buy Beth products once they’ve hit the second hand bargain bin if they get decent reviews and we have cash to spare. Well done!
    At this rate BGS is going to be the next studio to 2013!

    • I hope not because of their games but yeah they are making huge mistake with all this silence and not giving as exact dates…and what makes me wonder the most is…if people soooooooooo much desire at least to be given a date and if you are not forbidden by Microsoft contract(it was also mistake when you signed such contract which doesn’t allow to even tell others when they will get dlc) then I have no freakin clue why they can’t say: it’s coming…tommorow., on 12.1.2012…..15.1.2012….5.3.2012…..31.12.2045….that’s all ..why we can’t even be told a date…it cant be that hard

  12. hey where is the dlc for pc and ps3 it has pass the 30 day mark and still no upadte. i hope u bring it out this month or fearwell skyrim or and other BGS related games.

  13. Gotta love the way the difficult questions get dodged. Skip right past the “what makes this promise different?” and go straight to the repeat of “do you have a date yet?”

    This is why every single post here is overrun with comments from angry/disappointed PS3 owners, because every single time we’re effectively told that don’t matter enough to warrant any flow of information and we should simply shut up and wait.

    If you’re not going to answer simple questions then at least stop mincing words and tell us straight up that you view the PS3 community as a means of subsidising your development costs rather than a part of your fan base to support and be grateful for.

    • Understand you’re looking for more information, and we will provide updates as they become available. We want everyone to have the best possible experience with the game, and that’s why we continue to work on updates and content.

      • and we all would like to pay for them(I mean dlcs and more dlc = more money, I’d buy any if it’s like DB and spears please!) and that’s much apriciated if it turns out to be true(I hope but doubt) , the thing is as someone on forums said today :
        If anything, porting to the Xbox requires textures to be downsized and converted into another format. Texture artists usually work on multiple layers TIFF at 2x-4x the size of the final textures

        Other assets are created on PC as well. Only code debugging gets done on development kits machines.

        Even those games which will never see the light of day on a PC are mostly developed on them. For Dragonborn, there’s not even the excuse of the executable code not ready because it’s just a collection of meshes, textures and scripts.

        so we all know that at least pc version is ready and the question is : WHY THE DELAY ? release it please as soon as possible which means till the end of the week -.- not Pete Hine’s ‘soon’ cause I might not live up to play it though I’m only 18 years old -.-

  14. @GStaff I have run into a problem the totems of Hircine quest line has bugged. Aela disappeared now after some time she has appeared and now this no dialogue to complete the quest. She now follows me and constantly seeks dialogue, what do I do?

    • This kind of problem happened here, Aela arguing work constantly, but in my case happened after completing the totems of hircine. By the way, this brought the character Skjor back from the dead, with the same behavior of always offering work, and both start to follow me for no reason, a big mess. I believe the unofficial skyrim patch tidies it all, in my case, with totems and etc ok, I killed them both inside the hall of the dead of Whiterun. No big deal, Aela have the most boring quests of all three, Skjor dies a second time and ok.

      • No kidding. Vilkas sends you off on rescue quests, Farkas sends you off to kill vampires, necromancers and whatnot, and Aela shoves you out the door and tells you to go kill whatever (by that time) stupid weak monster SOMEHOW got in the front door of a house. Usually it Sabercats and Bears. Who the hell taught them how to use a door?

        • i have no idea how all those beasts appear inside the houses, no damage in the doors or windows, guards around the streets.. makes no sense.

          • Oh, except for one occasion. I was sent to Anga’s Mill (I think that’s what it’s called… West out of Windhelm). The damn bear was OUTSIDE the house, killing everyone. That was fine, gave it a sense of urgency.

      • Lol, fighting off Bandits at Lakeview Manor, Rayya runs right in front of my Daedric sword already in motion and now she’s dead. I get 270 Gold, but who’s fault is it, really? ๐Ÿ˜›

        • Generally inside a complete mess, is better a good imp stool and canis root applied in the weapons. Then summon a good friend from Soul Cairn, and your follower have less chances to do something stupid. The best part is see the Wrathman, smashing bandits with a huge hammer. ๐Ÿ™‚
          This franchise with more dedication to the game mechanics, have so much more potential. A usefull sidekick and more options to combine actions with the dynamic between the npc and your attack, is better then any new weapon, become a real result about the player and the machine.

          • What really irritates me about both Skyrim and FO3 is that the god damn bandits RUN AWAY.
            What the %^&*(%$ ?!
            I mean in FO3, there’s someone aiming a Fat Man at you. A couple of hits later and you get “I was only playin’!” Playing?! While aiming a Mini Nuke at my face?! Riiiiight.
            Bandits in Skyrim are no better. They run like diarrhoea after being hit ONCE with a good weapon.
            It really annoys me. I want my damn bandits to have more backbone, not more hit points.

  15. letting your fans wait for dlc’s is a joke! the only awards that bethesda deserves is most dissapointment of the year. ill be surprised if they release db early this year.

  16. if the pc version of dragonborn is ready why are u holding it on us. are u still under microsoft controll or are u having like u said problem with the pc version like the ps3

    • Er, just because the exclusivity deal is over, doesn’t mean it’s ready. They might have a few more things to run out, and that’s why they didn’t give a solid release date for it.
      The “30 day deal is now over” is NOT a release date.

  17. Wow. Every ESO thread devolves into the PS3 crowd calling for a fixed Skyrim base game and DLC.

    Maybe Bethesda should grow a brain, lay off the ESO crap for a while, and actually give the PS3 the “special attention” it was promised before Skyrim was released.

    We really don’t care how proud you are of your new shiny release if everything before it has been a broken, steaming mess.

    • Bethesda Game Studios is committed to getting the PS3/PC DLC content for Skyrim to you and other fans as quickly as possible.

      The Elder Scrolls Online is in development from ZeniMax Online Studios and has no impact on BGS’s work. Different team, different office.

      • Someone should commit you Gstaff. You have to be crazy if you think Bethesda has shown any commitment to not only get content to th PS3 users but also actually making the game playable on PS3.

        • Don’t start a Flame war based on half baked knowledge, Jonesy.
          GStaff is the PR people, and they have no control over what does or doesn’t happen over the game’s development.

      • Ah, different team, got it.
        So, does this team actually have a marketing department? Does the ESO team actually care about Bethesda customers? They seem to be the only ones talking, making statements, and engaging in question/answer sessions.

        Meanwhile, TES fans on the PS3 have been getting a whole bunch of nothing from Bethesda. Thank you for making me feel good about the $60 I dropped on Skyrim. Not to mention, thank Pete Hines and Todd Howard for me. They told some very convincing lies before the game was released. They suckered me pretty well.

    • Just like being comitted to not realising that they’re “First Two DLC” deal is now over, and they’re not being paid by MS anymore?
      All technicalities are out the window. MS specified First Two DLCs for 30 days, and Dragonborn has the label DLC2. It’s over now.

  18. gstaff. i heard on news today sony announced new graphics called k2 i think at vegas show. apparently will make HD look average in comparison so can imagine what it will do for game industry. Assume it will be selling point of ps4 as read before they’re waiting to improve graphics massively before launching ps4.
    Just wondered if you and team there have any comments on subject as expect you’ve had info on it for next gen machine for a while. Sounds interesting and will look into it more when i get chance.

  19. why has Skyrim been removed from Ps3 store ?why have they havent delivered the first DLC on Ps3 ?Because they arent bring it to PS3 in the first place period .come 6 months from now same story .just move on people from them .

  20. Might take interest in ESO someday, but then again someday I would like to be able to play DG HF & DB someday. Till then we just gotta wait for the relieving of Redguard for Xbox360 first.

  21. first they had calm the ps3 user down saying that they were goin to bring out dragonborn dlc early next year. now its the new year with no news and the the repeating of the same thing that happen last year. now they wont even release dragonborn for pc wat a selfish company.

    • FFS! “Early next year” does not mean “By about January 8th!” the year has just started. Early means sometime before Midyear. Geez.

  22. please release every dlc for ps3 before Skyrim becomes irrelevant to your company’s agenda. Your games do have a self-life you know

  23. PC, PS3, and Xbox walk into the Bethesda bar.

    Xbox is able to enter first and gets a drink.

    PC goes in later after waiting in line but gets a drink for free.

    And PS3 is turned away at the door cause they don’t serve them types around here!