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  1. what about Dragonborn dlc for pc….no date yet,let you know as Soon as possible..yeah I’l simply buy it when 75% sale starts…shamefull indeed , unless it is released this week I wont even be able to play it because of school so …I’l let you know as soon as I can buy it, stay tuned (ala Pete Hines style)-and we all know what soon means to him…lol never! and go panthers go rhynos or whatever cause that seems much more important than this -.-

    • Dude, the future of gaming is a joystick in hand and a TV screen. Everything will be cloud, your hardware will be provided by cloud service, with no necessity to choose the best pc hardware or console, once connected, simply choose the game and play. Is not impossible have more inputs for the TVs, focusing the audience who enjoys mouse and joystick as well. Storage and a cloud OS = editors, mods and so on.

      Soon, a big maybe.. the developer need to focus about the hardware inside the cloud company, all details about graphic cards, storage and just keep in mind “develop one good product for the final consumer”. Because today with all tech, nothing is easily to prepare between companys, with hardware issues or contracts.

      The worst side effect, because nothing is made to be perfect, is a segregation in plans, more money you have better storage and hardware to play. less money, you play basically iPhone apps on the tv…

      Just a comment, the today standards are too slow and problematic for a healthy gaming industry.

        • The future of the games needs to be back to the player, without offering so many restrictions with contracts or accumulated problems because the developer needs to do the same work with different machines, losing the chance of a better product. I really wish a way, some big investor, with something like a render farm, just an example, a way to provide cpus and gpus working for a big core, like the Seti, who basicaly improves the analyses time, sharing cpus online around the world, people become a “cluster.” Developers need provide games for a stable market, without losing visual quality and other aspects, games without limitations like “forever exclusive.” A game exists to be played, not this twisted contentious.

          damn… I’m wishing for a utopia X)

      • “the future of gaming is a joystick in hand and a TV screen”…..I have ps1,ps2,ps3 and a bunch of games for each one of them….and guess what…they’re gathering dust.Because PC is way better in all ways,plus consoles is fun when you’re a kid….but one day you realize that you’ve been spending money for nothing,because there is always the next version of the console and then you ask yourself….”what i’m gonna do with the other consoles(lost money)?”With PC you upgrade,sell the old Hardware(if it is not damaged)…i could be here all day…and enventually would end writing a book about why PC is better,but is just my opinion.

        PS:I only ask you to respect my opinion since i respected your opinion. Peace 😉