Dishonored Character Art on Display

“What makes the characters of Dishonored unique, is that fact that we have chosen them to be peculiar and with a clear identity since the beginning.” – Florence Lapalu, Lead 3D Character Artist

Dishonored’s exaggerated character designs have received plenty of attention, and this week you can get a closer look at Florence’s contributions to the game at To learn more about the creation of Dishonored’s characters and world, be sure to watch our archived behind-the-scenes look here.

Reader Comments

  1. You guys really will post about ANYTHING so long as you’re not giving out the information folk actually want to here about. But I suppose BETHESDA FAILS YET AGAIN is not what tye high-ups want to see on your blog. Although they should be used to reading it by now! And now people get ready for tye same stock response: and cue Beth…

  2. Dawnguard came out June 26 on Xbox and on August 2nd on PC. (37 Days later)

    Dragonborn came out December 3rd, logic dictates the release date for PC is (estimated) around the 9th of January (37 Days Later), however that didn’t happen. So officially, Dragonborn is the LONGEST EXCLUSIVE EVER released on Xbox.

    It’s all up in the air and bethesda’s customer relations are so poor they won’t announce it until the day before, just like Dawnguard. I’m hopeful for next week at least. But who knows, Beth needs a better relations department.

    • I agree with you. I was thinking on this yesterday. Maybe they should heir more people for the TES community. It’s funny, when Dawnguard came out it was like. ”Ah here is Dawnguard for PC/PS3” and that was that. It would be nice if they could update us in how things are going.