Dishonored community creations

The team at Arkane aren’t the only ones making fantastic Dishonored art with Zbrush. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen some pretty impressive work from fans playing the game since October.

On Adam Fisher’s YouTube channel, watch an impressive time-lapse video as he creates Lord Pendleton. See more of Adam’s work at

Elsewhere, check out these fantastic Dishonored tributes

  • @MaryKateClark is helping get the word out on characters captured on popular characters from the game
  • showcases the recreation of Corvo’s mask used for a GamesRadar contest last Fall.
  • Kotaku highlights Nathan Proudloves’ LEGO tribute to Dunwall’s Tallboys. We’re crossing our fingers for a “to scale” version at LEGOLAND.
Have cool game-inspired art to share with us? Share it with us at [email protected].

Reader Comments

  1. Once again , no thanks , where’s Dragonborn on PC ?
    I ask because when it releases I still need to wait for something like one month , for compatibility with mods !

  2. @GStaff. I do not know where to turn and need your help, I have a major problem with Skyrim. The oblivion walker achievement is glitched. I completed 15 Daedric quests and achieved all 15 correct artifacts but no achievement. What’s wrong, is there anything to be done.

  3. Thought I would never get bored with Skyrim when I bought it at it’s midnight release, but I a dedicated PS3 fan. Wish I could still say the same about Bethesda.

    You know even if dlc wasn’t gonna come out till May or later of this year we would be fine with that, if we had any idea or guesstimate from this company. Wonder why being open with 1/3 of your fan base is such a double-ended sword?

    Please be more open with us and the customers will/may understand.

      • Is Dawnguard and Hearthfire also in this “early 2013” window? Or are we looking at a late summer/fall release?

        Can tensions be eased with info on patch 1.8 and when that may be coming out?

        We know Bethesda likes to announce not long before releasing things. But the weeks will turn to more months…

      • I think that we are getting extremely annoyed that we are constantly seeing posts about Dishonored and that the ESO team actually communicates with “potential” customers. The reason behind “potential?” Well, the game isn’t even released yet. Even so, the team is still doing QA sessions and seems to answer twitter posts. They actually communicate. Their game isn’t even released yet and they have shown more care, PR, and support than anyone doing anything with the Fallout titles or the console Elder Scrolls series ever has. One third of the paying customers for Skyrim have a broken base game and no sign of DLC. (Early 2013 could mean anything up until July.) All this and we have been given the silent treatment, no sign of any kind of fixes or patches coming, and have been given a level of mistreatment and disrespect that would shut the doors on a company in another industry. Add to all of this the lies we were told before the game was released and I think even the biggest moron at Bethesda could understand why we are pissed and why posts like the above are insulting. “Thank you for your support” indeed! Don’t you mean “thanks for the $60 and goodbye?”

        Gee, I guess I should apologize. Silly me, I was expecting to get a working game when I spent money on it. Well, I am sorry to bother a company like Bethesda with requests for support and to stand behind their products. I am sorry I made the programmers feel bad when I called their game broken. I guess I should be happy that I saw a pretty loading screen. That is worth the $60 on it’s own! Oh, and thank you for taking the time to respond to us lowly PS3 users. That has made my year and when I reminisce about the time that person from Bethesda responded, I will get a feeling that will keep me warm on cold nights. /s

        • I’m getting tired, as I’m sure many others are as well, of seeing people going off topic on nearly every post that Bethblog puts up about every game other than Skyrim. Every time they post something about a game that is NOT Skyrim, someone has to be that person that complains about DLC, whether it be for PS3 or for the PC. If you feel the need to complain, DO IT SOMEWHERE ELSE. Preferably, in the appropriate forum, or at the very least on a Bethblog post regarding Skyrim.

          I want to see what people have to say about Dishonored when I’m reading a post about (big surprise!) Dishonored. If they’re talking about ESO, I want to see what folks have to say about ESO specifically. If I want to see comments about people crying over Skyrim’s bugs and DLC issues, I’ll look at the comments on a Skyrim post. Which I don’t, since forums seem to be the only place people can have a discussion about Skyrim that DOES NOT involve said issues.

          Quit spoiling a perfectly decent post about Dishonored or Rage or ESO with your complaints about a totally different game!

          • Well maybe if they actually gave us a blog post regarding what work is being done and an estimation of when it will be ready then the users wouldn’t have to resort to going to oter blog posts…

            I mean over 6 months since xbox got Dawnguard, ffs that is brutal customer service

          • lol i was thinking the same thing. Whenever they post something that’s not Skyrim they still will talk about it. But you got to understand that they made a spectacular game. So if i was the one who made ESO series i wouldn’t mind seeing everyone talk about it. No matter were.

          • @ Adam: Here’s the link to the correct blog post:

            They haven’t released anything new yet because the DLC release for PS3 and the PC is still a work in progress! Does everyone want daily updates on this stuff? Regarding the PC release, it’s probably timed, which sucks, sure, but it’s possible that they are polishing it for a better experience (DB is still a bit buggy on 360, so perhaps the PC verison will ship sans bugs). Regarding the PS3 version, who knows why they haven’t posted any news? It’s there business, and they are painfully aware of how much people want to know about it. Why don’t we all start taking slow, deep breaths, allow them to do there thing, and in the meantime stay on topic?

          • I part agree to your point about keeping to topic but thats all. Can assure you most ps3 players don’t want to keep doing this. Bethesda has really taken the p** and complaining where you say does nothing as been done for years.
            If was a one of muck up on one game we can all take that as does happen. But as same issues with fallout games and their dlc’s that ruin the game playability we’ve had enough.
            Bethesda knows they fell well short of any reasonable standard and hope they have the sense to put right in future. They are in the public eye like never before and down to them to put things right. If patch and dragonborn mess up, you have seen nothing yet to the roasting they will get here and across all gaming sites.
            You will just have to put up with it till bethesda sorts it out, not that many post here on this blog any more anyway compared to other blog sites. ps3 and pc player will keep pressure on in here till they get answers , that you can count on.

          • RE; staying on topic, it’s awful hard to comment on posts that don’t exist! I have a broken base game that I can’t finish, and my promised DLC is nowhere to be found. Do I want daily updates? No. I want a WEEKLY update on exactly what the PS3 issues are and the progress that has been made. I come here several times a day to see if a post about our updates has been released. I don’t know what I would do with myself if these problems went away – I guess I could go play Skyrim!

  4. That “Tallboy” Lego creation looks awful, but if you really want to see a Dishonored at Legoland enter this creation into Lego Cuusoo. It’s a contest where people can vote on Lego creations, with the possibility that Lego will actually produce a line of models based on th creation. There are quite a few Lego creations on Cuusoo based on video games. The Tallboy creation has no chance of winning, but It’s still worth it to enter it.

  5. Fantastic art using zbrush, kudos for the artist. Please BGS! just launch the Dragonborn for PC, i have no problems with this, open the situation for us “PS3 milk drinkers” the game is unstable, even after the recent updates. Probably gets worse with the dlcs in the end. But enough of this novel! is impossible thinking about waiting two years for a better result, is a defected product, in other industry is a situation for recall, send the car back and please, my cash back.

    • And please, when the next damn sony product arrive, check all the facts, big problems? leave sony! i know the Game of the Year is a prize based in how much you sell, not about quality, like a nobel for a president with nothing to do with science or a good plan of government. But look at you around the globe today, again, thousands of users blaming you guys, the TES franchise receiving a huge “just a shooter full of bugs.” [

      Is scary see how much is lost, just to get bigger.

  6. Hay like wtf it jan 12th and still no dlc for ps3 u said early 2013 so it should of been jan 4th a month after not longer o wait I for got this company is the biggest xbox fuckers in the world it’s sad because Cod blackops2 is going to have dlc for befor Bethesda will ever find out how to properly. Code for ps3 everyone stop buying there crap it wasting ur money anyone who keeps buying shit from them is a bunch of retards anything with bethesdas name on it should be burned

    • He’s not alone. The faulty refinement in cities, dungeons with a poor design, bad for a follower, polygons and modules without a face, so many other problems .. this company and franchise dropped two bombs at the end of 2011, Skyrim and Rage, two examples of games with serious problems with the tech, history or gameplay. The american congress need to create more laws about the game corporations, not waste time with arguments about “games are art.” Games are business, and the big houses keep selling things with problems and without fear of lawsuit. This situation is not unique of Zenimax/Bethesda of course, but big time here! A game launched with mod arguments to resolve problems, console failure, pc with fails as well. a weak DLC for a bad shooter, and no editor for the “fanboys only” of the Duum guys. The BFG fails in tech issues, as Rage. Is just TESO fails, to see the MOD argument for this game as well? Congratulations!

      Zenimax/Bethesda and Bioware… never more.

      • Bioware? What was the last thing they released with holes that weren’t competently fixed with patches?
        I’ve got DA:O, DA2 and ME1 – 3 and every problem I’ve had with it has been fixed by BW’s official patches.

        • Bioware uses Unreal Engine, an better engine close to Zenimax/Bethesda (hero or creation) or even ID Tech 5. With Bioware, a big fail with the end of ME3, and worse trying to correct. Here, we have multiple problems indeed.

      • Yes Skyrim may have bug problems but that dose not stop me from having fun. Just if your a PS3 user, because i heard the problems there are game braking. I have play Skyrim in the PC and i never passed through any problems that made me get very angry. Plus in a huge game like Skyrim there are bound to be issues like bugs. But thous little issues don’t make the game unplayable or fun. And yes games are a business. But remember there are some people that make the games are passionate people. I’m not saying that Bethesda should not look about these issues. They really should. And they should do a better job at fixing them to. Even more for the PS3 users.

        • Stop forgiving these “AAA” amateurs because the game world is so “huge.” Bethesda has been making these large open world games since 1994, they’ve been using the same busted Gamebryo engine for over 10 years all the way back to Morrowind in 2002. There is no excuse for the amount of bugs in their games. As long as they have been using this busted engine they should have mastered it from top to bottom, and front to back. They should know the engine so well that they can patch it in their sleep.

          • I agree with you on that. I still find it weird that after all this time they still can’t get it right. But nonetheless the game is fun. As i said before. The issues i have seen so far are not game breakers for me. I rather have a game with some bugs, but still gives you all this freedom and adventure. Than having no TES at all. Are you seriously telling me that the game bugs you found are so bad that won’t make you sit back and have a good time with the game?

          • I wouldn’t call it freedom (not entirely anway). You should have the option to join the Civil War or have it resolve itself. THAT would be freedom.

    • @ Eichert22:
      They never said January 4th was the release day. That was pure speculation on the players’ part. That was when the exclusivity for Xbox ran out.
      Dawnguard and Hearthfire on PC had a delay of about a week or two as well. This has been promised sometime early this year for both platforms.
      Early does not mean “Right after the exclusivity runs out”, it really means “before MidYear”.

  7. @Stayler That’s exactly what I’m telling you, but I also have the PS3 version which is pretty shithouse to begin with.

    • I see. Yea if you have the PS3 version so the problems really must interfere with your game. But all i’m trying to say is when people say TES games are bad because of the bugs.
      Yes the bugs can bother sometimes. And for the PS3 users it can be a big problem. But the bugs i encountered in the game never made Skyrim or any other TES game for that matter not be worth playing. To say the bugs make TES games bad and unplayable is just stupid in my option.
      Note: But for PS3 users playing Skyrim. There bugs are game breakers. Or so i heard. And i hope Bethesda are hard at work fixing them.

      • They’re not hard at work fixing the issues, instead they would rather break the game even more by duct taping on Dragonborn, but I’m still skeptical that will even come out on PS3. It’s not like I care anymore, because I’m never putting Skyrim back in my PS3.

          • That’s about as likely as scentist finding at the center of every black hole is a man with a flashlight looking for the breaker box.

        • Well you don’t know that. Maybe there trying there best to fix the PS3 issues or maybe they don’t really care. But i understand your frustration. It sucks to buy a product that dose not work.

          • Actually we do know that. Dawnguard was released in late June, given the 2 week certification period that means it was finished and sent in the first week of June at the latest. It was announced in April which means it has to been at the very least completed for testing around then which places development start at January/Februay. Do you honestly believe if Bethesda were “trying their best” they’d still have zero progress to show nearly a full year later?

            Support for the PS3 version was abandoned long ago, Bethesda just don’t have the spine to admit it. If Bethesda truly wants any PS3 owner to believe otherwise then it is up to them to do away with the words and show us some actions. Release some PS3 gameplay videos of Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn actually being tested on a PS3, in debug mode with framerate display. All people want is a sign of progress rather than having to speculate for themselves because when you have a reputation as bad as Bethesda, speculation tends to be rather unkind.

  8. That’s simply not true. Development for PS3 content has been ongoing and it’s our plan to release all three pieces of content – beginning with Dragonborn. I don’t have final release dates for the content, but we will be sharing this information as soon as it’s available.

    More to come.

    • You’re a liar Gstaff, that’s all you Tweet Hines, Tool Howard, and the whole of Bethesda are capable of doing to PS3 users. You’re not releasing Dawnguard or Hearthfire, and you know it. Bethesda can’t get those 2 pieces of DLC to work, because the vanilla game is already too broken, because Bethesda cut corners by simply porting the Xbox version to PS3. I highly doubt Dragonborn will even release.. Enough is enough Gstaff, if you want PS3 players to believe anything that comes out of your Tweets it’s time to put up or shut up.. Prove to PS3 players that you’re actually working on said content. But you can’t can you? Because there is no PS3 content actually being worked on..

  9. @Murt Something i learned throughout time is developers don’t always show things like gameplay videos to prove what there doing. That’s not really there modus operandi of doing things. I’m not saying all developers do this ok. But a majority of them do that. I know they could make a video showing them at the offices working on the cods. And a video of the PS3 gameplay. But that’s just not how some company’s work.
    And you can’t really say ”Actually we do know that”
    Because really, you don’t. Are you working at Bethesda? Do you have proof of your statement?
    A lot of people lost faith that the DLCs will even come out on the PS3. And even if they do. Maybe they won’t even work well. But we will just have to wait and see if Bethesda can deliver in there promise.
    And just to confirm once agin. gstaff said the development for PS3 content is ongoing.