ESO: Alliances at War

In The Elder Scrolls Online, the Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant, and Ebonheart Pact are embroiled in a full-scale war, but that was not always the case. What led each alliance to feel that war was the only option? What are their reasons and motives for fighting? Who are the key people and groups involved? In our latest developer video, “Alliances at War”, Loremaster Lawrence Schick answers these questions and more.

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Reader Comments

  1. In the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, there were books in the game that you can read on that talked about the great alliance war that is going to take place as the main plot in the Elder Scrolls Online. Now being able to experience the series of events from a gameplay standpoint has got me more excited than ever!!! I can’t wait for this game to come out! 😀

  2. I womder if Zenimax is worried, that no one really cares to comment about ESO in these ESO blog updates. It goes to show how few people are actually interested in this game.

  3. Getting more and more excited for this game as I’m a huge fan of Elder Scrolls lore, loving the level of commitment the devs are showing in these videos.

  4. What is Cyrodiil’s climate supposed to be like at this point? The concept art looks sorta temperate, but I was under the impression that Cyrodiil didn’t become temperate until the 3rd era. Although the allusions to that are few and far between, and could possibly be explained away as just myth.

  5. Why doesn’t the Empire just align itself with whatever Covenant it feels is most worthy, and then pick up the pieces once they’ve won the war?

    Why did they feel like summoning the might of Molag Bal and potentially ending the world was a better idea?

    Why are the Covenants even dissenting against the Empire?

  6. Thanks for the update Zenimax! The way you have peiced the lore for the 2nd era in elderscrolls lore is astounding! This game is shaping up to be one of the best MMOs on the market!

  7. So let’s say the Ebonheart Pact and Aldmeri Dominion are warring in Cyrodiil. The sensible thing for the Daggerfall Covenant to do would be to march East onto Solitude and start flanking their opposition, cutting off their supply routes and destroying their strongholds while they’re away at war. Fortify the border along the Jeralls and secure the Pale Pass; ready the armies for a counter-attack from Morrowind.

    Are we really supposed to ignore tactics and strategy, and just assume that a pile-up in the heart of Tamriel makes sense? That wars are fought honorably, where every participant agrees to fight at one exact location and never cross established borders? That assassinations, moles, and double agents aren’t ever considered?

    An online Elder Scrolls game has so much potential, but you’re killing it with forced factions. I know it worked for WoW, but the Alliance and Horde were established factions in that IP’s lore and previous single player games. TES has established provinces as multi-cultural, and wars as being nuanced, full of tactics, strategies, and deceit. You’re doing the IP a disservice, and insulting the playerbase by assuming we aren’t smart enough to handle anything more complex than “Go to Cyrodiil, kill any player with a red name above his head.”

    • “Go to Cyrodiil, kill any player with a red name above his head.” sounds a modern TES!

      you so full of SssKyrim.. maybe SSssBlivion.

    • “TES has established provinces as multi-cultural, and wars as being nuanced, full of tactics, strategies, and deceit.” In the ads this is the promisse, in the reality is just a mirror with the same mechanics. The single player is just repeat and repeat. After the war, nothing changes, just the model clothes, but not the castle flags at all. Dialog changes to “is a nice day with you around” but the attacked cities and some bodies, or maybe a zombie ulfric on the floor, not much.

      Assassinations are irrelevant, snek or thief.. just pay your tax and kill like crazy. Really? you really find all this playing an autobatch.exe??

    • This is the begun of the end.. is like deform Doom, in a Resident Evil in space. From the SP to the MMO, just a bunch of bad choices, to bring the modern audience, with candies in the visual department and some “lore.” Maybe thousands of stupid books, impossible to read in some screens… for smart guys like you explain as “intelectual IP.” Sure.

      The MMO has future, the addicted in online raids, wants news, need better graphics and more “badass” idols, facebook tresures to share with other players, virtual coin to get some itens… but have in mind an F2P.

  8. Just wish this was a FP ,SINGLE player game set the whole of Tamerail .But its a WORLD OF WARCRAFT ,Multi player mess .When it sinks like the Bizmark maybe the industry will learn dont fix what ant broken.

  9. Gstaff Where can I find Hardware requirements? Or when could we Expect those? Because My Laptop is just awful and I don’t really Expect it to run TESO on it, but I just want to know for sure…
    Completely Apart from the fact it might spoil landscape of TES: 6, in this Case I’ll rather Wait a Few years to Play it on the PS4…

  10. Is it just me or does the ebonheartalliance make little sense? Wouldn’t it be more logical if the nords and the bretons joined up instead of the dunmer due to the everlasting conflicts between man and mer? And I can’t see why the argonians would want to join up with dunmers since the dunmer enslaved them .