The Dragonborn Comes in February (and Dawnguard & Hearthfire, too)

PC and PS3 fans, prepare to cast off. Next month, you will travel to Solstheim, home of Skyrim’s latest add-on, Dragonborn. PS3 fans can expect an expanded itinerary – with stops at Fort Dawnguard and Castle Volkihar – before heading back to the home of your dreams. Details below:

PC: On Tuesday, February 5th, Dragonborn will be available on Steam, including the English, French, Italian, Spanish and German versions of the content.

PlayStation 3: Dragonborn will be the first add-on arriving on PSN in February. Hearthfire will release next, followed by Dawnguard, and all three should be out in February. The 1.8 update will also release, just prior to Dragonborn. We’ll keep you posted as release dates get finalized both on our end and with Sony for each and its various languages. Last but not least, each one will be 50% off during their launch week on PSN.

Over the last year, it’s been a treat for us to work on new content for Skyrim, and we’re excited that it will soon be available for everyone to explore. Thanks for all your support and sharing your adventures with us.

Reader Comments

  1. I really appreciate the deal they’re giving for the launch weeks. I think that’s a nice way to make it up. Plus, I wasn’t expecting Dawnguard and Hearthfire to be included, as well. Pretty awesome. Since I finally caved in and got in on 360, though, it seems as too little too late. But, I will quite enjoy going back to my original profile and kicking ass.

  2. Great cant wait to play it… wait a moment… I CANT buy it, well great idea blocking DLCs (and skyrim itself) from steam store in Central/Eastern EU

  3. Great news! And it’s good about the discount for PS3 users – the 7 month delay for DLC was atrocious.

    One thing occurs to me though – The 50% discount only applies to the first week on PSN? That would be completely fair in my estimation with any other game, and almost any other developer with such a delay in getting content to one segment of their fans… but it creates a problem:

    Bethesda have a history of releasing DLCs that typically totally mess up the game for PS3 users (FO3 & FO:NV). Many PS3 users have said publicly that they would prefer to wait and see if these DLCs will mess up their game too based on hearing what those who have downloaded them have to say about them… but doing so will leave them ineligible for the discount.

    Plus there’s the matter of the quality of vanilla Skyrim on the PS3. It’s well known now that PS3 versions of the game were not released to reviewers before the game’s general release. This has led to (I suspect accurate) speculation that Bethesda knew about the problems with the PS3 version of the game (the major lag issues, glitches, etc.) but did not want any word of that to get out prior to release in case it affected sales. So you can see why I’m somewhat skeptical of the motivation for the discount here. Is it simply to ensure as many people purchase the DLC before the problems they cause for the game become apparent? I’d never ask this of any other company, and to be honest I’d love to take this at face value, as the show of good will it appears to be but… history has made me cynical.

    • Don’t hold me to this, but I *think* you can buy items on the PSN store and just not download/install them until you’re ready.

        • Oh I see, so you pay for it, wait to hear if it’ll work or not and if it doesn’t you, what delete it? Well you don’t get a refund or anything do you? You still end up paying for a defective product – even if in this case you don’t use it. Money still in Bethesda’s pocket

          • Well yeah, that’s true for anything you purchase. Especially when you pay in advance. You want to wait? It’s your right as a consumer to do so, you do not have to purchase a product the second it is released you know.

          • hey they’re already making a gesture with a week at 50% but they are still a company you know do you really expect to get everything for nothing?

  4. Any chance on news about a Game of the Year edition? Now that PS3 finally get DLC I’m starting to think about a GotY edition so I get all the DLC too.

  5. If you would’ve announced it two weeks ago, I’d be extatic. Didn’t think too much of it when Dawnguard didnt make it to PS3, nor when heartfire did not launch. However, I’ve been waiting so long for the ps3 dlc, I eventually lost hope and got tired of waiting. Being the fanboy I am, I bought the entire game plus dlc for the PC. This was one week ago. Cost me allmost 50 euros… Worst timing possible I guess.. Fact is I’ve got a collection of 150+ PS3 games, so I actually consider myself quite the (console)gamer. Fallout and Elderscrolls series are my favorite games by far. And I even have both series complete (only thing missing is Fallout tactics). But this whole PS3 DLC story is such a gigantic letdown that I have decided I will not buy any more of either series. You’ve provided me with a lot of fun Bethesda for which I thank you. Nevertheless, you’ve now lost a loyal fan.

    Hopefully next time you will make sure your product is finished and working before shipping.

  6. 2 months… 2 months beth, 2 months… It was supposed to be a 1 month exclusive deal with Microsoft, a company, which for some reason, seemingly, wants me to separate my gaming from my PC… But I digress. Lets not fall into this trap again Beth…
    Oh and thank you so much…

  7. I expect Dragonborn as the final DLC (is not a critic about prices or time for a DLC) just my opinion. Is time to bring more fixes for users, especially for the PS3, and i am on PC. Since the final month of 2011 the entire picture about the game and developers is a huge disaster, very sad, with an entire year of negatives everywhere in 2012.

    Money is very important in the business, but a positive legacy is fundamental to keep the franchise with a good receive. Let´s bring better ideas and a solid tech for the coming years, expurgue the bad soul of EA over Activision here.

    Thanks for trying you best, you guys always end in a long fight. Good luck.

  8. Thank you Bethesda for sticking with fixing the ps3 problems and getting the dlc’s out to us! Also, the discount is great. Thank you for listening to your loyal fans! I will be buying all three when they release in February!

  9. Finally 😀 so happy, and the 50% off is great I mean we kinda deserve it after having waited this long xD but yeah I’m glad I can finally get my hands on it

  10. I’m happy about the release date finally. I’ll be getting dragonborn for Pc and ps3 and hearth fire / dawnguard when they come out as well.

    To the guy talking about defective product and wanting the discount but wanting to wait as well. They don’t have to give you a discount. Take it or leave it, also I’d suggest quit worrying about the small amount they ask for because if you are that hard up for money I suggest not playin video games at all! 🙂 it can be an expensive hobby.

    • 20 bucks for pc in $USD. So it’s 20 on xbox, them having had it for 2 months, 20 on PC after a 63 day wait, and 10 on PS3 for having 63-70 day wait for it, and then the waiting on the other 2 addons which are also (and should be) half off for them.

    • £20 and it’s really not worth that, the main story is really short. I would just wait till March 29th for the steam easter sale and get it cheap. Bethesda have really over priced this one. :/

  11. @gstaff.
    I asked Pete Hines regaurding dragonborne coming it before dawngaurd. While I would like to play them in sequence Pete told me I would have to wait for dawngaurd then. I have made peace with that but my only concern is it being discounted for only a week. Because I would like to have my crossbow armor etc when I roll in solstenheim. (basically same experienceas xbox players). Thank you for update look forward to your reply.

    • Pete’s right. If you want to play Dawnguard first, you’ll need to wait for it’s release date. You can simply purchase Dragonborn at 50% off when it releases, and wait to download & install it until after Dawnguard releases. Make sense?

      While we released Dawnguard first on 360 and PC (it was developed first, after all) it was never the intention that it that any of them needed to be played in a particular — as is the case with side quests/faction quests in the original release of Skyrim.

      • When you say “developed first”, do you mean it was intentional that it took this long to release on PS3 or was it just that much more difficult to do so, because that answer really bugs a lot of people and should be answered.

        Did the company not allocate enough people to the project to have it done in a timely manner, was it simply the difficulty of porting it correctly to work on the PS3, or was it intentionally focused on Xbox and PC first because Microsoft pays the extra money?

        • No, I think you misunderstood my point. I was saying Dawnguard was “developed first” in reference to the other two DLCs, Hearthfire and Dragonborn.

          There isn’t an official order in which users are intended to play Dawnguard, Dragonborn, or Hearthfire. It just happens that many players on Xbox 360 and PC played it first, because it was the first DLC available to them.

          Hope that clears it up.

    • Yeah they aren’t meant to be played in any order, but if you still want to play it in order, just don’t start the quest, until Dawnguard is released. I hear that it may not be so easy to do that in Dragonborn, but you can always just start it go back and ignore it until you get Dawnguard right?

        • I would also like this to be shipped as an optional hard copy, in case my copy of Skyrim wipes itself again in the meantime.

          Beth, I went to install the CK not long ago, and when I go to start it up nowadays, I get this window informing me of “Steambot blahblahblah”. Seriously, Steam is using bots now? The last time I let it run, it wiped some essential Skyrim running files. WTF?

  12. You know what would be awsome? If Bethesda made a patch or ad-on that used the Vita’s crosscontroller feature, that (to me) would more then makeup for everything.

    • Oh, if Skyrim use cross-controler Vita features, for example, for inventory and skill tree, it would super-mega-unbelivable awesome! I mean Xbox has Kinect support, right? Some nice exclusive PS3/Vita features would be awesome.

  13. Yay, I’m so happy this is finally coming out, it has been a long wait. I don’t see why some pc users are so upset, they already have dawnguard and hearthfire and all those mods, and they will still be getting it before ps3, since there is yet to be an announced date. So quit whining, you haven’t had to wait 7 months like some of us

  14. Seriously thank you guys! Even though its pretty far away, knowing the date of the DLC is better than the paranoia and despair that had been slowly seeping into the forums throughout the several PC/PS3 release date posts.

  15. That comment at the end makes it sound like this will be the last of the Skyrim DLC. If so, that would be very disappointing. Any word either way on that?

  16. Yay! Finally!
    Now to just wait and see if the DLCs have lag issues on the PS3, if they do I’ll just wait for the GOTY edition of Skyrim.

  17. THANK YOU Bethesda, for continuing to work through the Skyrim PS3 issues and giving us access to the DLC that XBOX users have. It’s nice to know that you haven’t given up on us PS3 users and I’m kind of appalled at all the hate. Thanks again for giving us all the great adventures in Tamriel.

  18. Well done for getting it done, must admit i’m amazed dawnguard and hearthfire will be done same month. Doesn’t tie in time taken with reason given to release dragonborn 1st as didn’t want us to wait longer, very strange but is done now hopefully.
    questions, can you say what fixes done in patch yet or not? do you recommend starting new game after installing or will they work fine from save file?
    Nice to have all at half price but does feel a bit off as xbox has or had on sale at half price dawnguard and hearthfire already.

  19. I don’t understand why PC users keep getting shafted on these DLC releases. We are the main reason that this series is what it is. Do you think that Skyrim would be what it is if not for the modding community and artwork that these incredibly talented PC players created in Morrowind and Oblivion? Not likely. The hard truth is that the PC version of The Elder Scrolls games are the backbone of this fanbase, and aside from a glitchy texture pack that MODS were necessary to fix when they were released it just feels a little disappointing. This isn’t me being ungrateful. I will wait in line and deal with it like everyone else and I understand how this opinion might come across as a little entitled, but I honestly don’t mean it like that in the slightest. I just wish the people would remember who uplifted these games into what they are today and treat us accordingly.

  20. glad to see this so i take it the skyrim PS3 at the store was taking out to be reworked and i take it on realese it will run flawless on PS3 .

  21. I still don’t believe any DLC is coming to PS3… If it actually does it’s going to be Fallout: New Vegas all over again.

    • That would be an absolute disaster. Fallout is not the flagship of the house, TES is basically the DNA of BGS. Let’s try to be optimistic, credibility is a long lost point here. At least a good deal still in debate, discount.

      • I’m with Josh, Bethesda is trying to uphold a good reputation and take care of their players. I doubt they’d risk their reputation on such late DLCs that can’t even function properly.