The Dragonborn Comes in February (and Dawnguard & Hearthfire, too)

PC and PS3 fans, prepare to cast off. Next month, you will travel to Solstheim, home of Skyrim’s latest add-on, Dragonborn. PS3 fans can expect an expanded itinerary – with stops at Fort Dawnguard and Castle Volkihar – before heading back to the home of your dreams. Details below:

PC: On Tuesday, February 5th, Dragonborn will be available on Steam, including the English, French, Italian, Spanish and German versions of the content.

PlayStation 3: Dragonborn will be the first add-on arriving on PSN in February. Hearthfire will release next, followed by Dawnguard, and all three should be out in February. The 1.8 update will also release, just prior to Dragonborn. We’ll keep you posted as release dates get finalized both on our end and with Sony for each and its various languages. Last but not least, each one will be 50% off during their launch week on PSN.

Over the last year, it’s been a treat for us to work on new content for Skyrim, and we’re excited that it will soon be available for everyone to explore. Thanks for all your support and sharing your adventures with us.

Reader Comments

  1. Well, I said that the only way Bethesda would truly redeem themselves was if they had a discount for PS3 users for the Skyrim DLCs.

    Are you reading my mind? O.o

    But, seriously, I appreciate the 50% off. It’s kinda like a “sorry guys, our bad” in the form of discounts. Bethesda has now just cemented its place in my ‘all time favorite companies’ list (not even video gaming companies, might I add)

    Good show, old bean! Good show!

  2. Jeez, has the thought crossed any of these critics’ minds that Bethesda has used this time to FIX the issues on the PS3? They’re releasing the (working) content at 50% off and you’re still not happy. Be grateful, will you? If they released it any sooner you would have complained about bugs.

    And PC players, like myself, we’re really not entitled to anything. Some have said that dragonborn should be half off because we had to wait a whole 63 days for it. Just relax. It’s coming. Besides, we have the best version of skyrim to begin with. We have the construction kit!

    • Your argument is not valid, for a team with more than 100 employees, creating a product for five years. The minimum before promoting something, is have a suitable product for the 3 platforms. No excuses about all ads and the final result.

  3. Will there be a game of the year edition? im a 360 player but I don’t have xbox live. I LOVE skyrim and I would like to be able to take advantage of the dlcs for any price really, but if it isn’t going to be on a disc i can’t spend my money on it.

    • The same as in dollars: €20,- for Dawnguard and Dragonborn, and €5,- for Hearthfire. For PS3, they will be half the price, so €10,- and €2,50

      • That makes no sense. The prices should be proportionate to current trade values. Australians had to pay $25 for it. Europeans have to pay €20 even though it worth more than the dollar.
        Why is this?

        • Because corporations are not people my friend, therefore they don’t really care about what’s fair or ethical (or sometimes even what’s legal; Australia price fixing?).

          Whatever makes the most money for whatever companies are involved is what they will do, ripping us off doesn’t bother them at all.

        • It differs per country. €1,- might be $1,33, but for $1,33 you can buy a little more in the USA than you can buy with €1,- in the EU

  4. It warms my heart to see Bethesda cutting the price of the DLC for the PS3 fans. At the same time, it bothers me that some of my fellow PC gamers have taken this opportunity to claim entitlement to a similar discount.

    If you people live your lives expecting the world to bend over backwards for you, you’re always going to be disappointed. Instead, try looking at it this way: Skyrim was a great game, well worth the initial $60 investment by anyone’s standards. Any DLC that comes (if or when it comes, irrespective of price) is just icing on the cake.

      • Then why are you here discussing DLC? I assume you’ve returned your copy and moved on to greener gaming pastures, right?

        • You’re part right. I quit playing Skyrim almost a year ago, I still held on to it hoping Bethesda could fix it, but obviously they can’t. Right now I’m enjoying watching this trainwreck as it happens.

        • You want people to stop criticizing Bethesda: I have a better idea – how about you stop blindly defending them degrading the quality/availability of their games for money?

    • It’s not about the world bending over backwards…it’s about a business making the right decisions, smart decisions. Something bethesda didn’t do. Having a twitter account has a source of PR is pretty pathetic and unprofessional. Not a lot of people get away with doing things ‘half assed’.

    • I’ve cooled off and come to full understanding on the situation since my initial post. I think what some of the other PC people are upset about is, let’s set the other two addons aside for a moment (they should in my opinion be 50% off permanantly on PS3 with how bad they got treated) give or take a few days, PS3 has and will have waited about the same amount of time for Dragonborn as the PC users have, yet they’re getting it for half off if they buy it the week it comes out.

      Looking only at Dragonborn, if you buy it release week here’s the standing:
      On Xbox, you got it Dec 4, 2012 for $20.
      On PS3, I’ll throw out an estimate of Feb 12th, 2013 for $10
      On PC, Feb 5, 2012 for $20.

      In terms of looking at it like that, the PC had just about as much wait as the PS3 crowd for the latest DLC, but get no special on it. I know it goes more into the length it took the other DLCs to come and I understand that, but I can see why other PC people are so cheesed off at this.

      • There’s no reason to see every favor to one group as a slight to another. Ask yourself: do you think some of these PC people would be as “upset” if Bethesda had simply given no one a discount? Of course not.

        In either case they lost nothing relative to their baseline assumptions about how much the DLC was going to cost. So why bother getting upset about not getting something you had not expected to receive in the first place?

        It’s like having your day ruined if you see someone stumble upon a briefcase full of money. You didn’t wake up expecting to find such a briefcase, so why not just be happy for the guy who found it?

        • I’m glad that at least PS3 gets the discount, but that doesn’t mean that PC doesn’t deserve anything.

          Better yet: how about Bethesda stops selling out to Microsoft, and actually tries to make their games to the best of their ability – without being paid to not give their games to certain people?

          Hahaha oh wow what am I thinking, that would never happen!!

  5. Congratulation to all the team, I know you worked hard on these. Thanks for this. I hope you’ll still come up with new awesome content. 🙂

    • It should be more l ike €17.50, given the current trade values between the Euro and the Dollar, but they shouldn’t charge the Australians more. That ain’t right. nless it was priced in AUD.

  6. Great news… however, will dragonborn scripts be released too ? it was a real pain not having them for dwnguard (mainly on debug purpose…)

    thanks for your work ^^

  7. Thanks for the update.

    Glad to see you may have managed to get dlc to the ps3 players (hopefully without too much problems).

    February 5th is fine for me though. Means I can make the excuse of getting it for my birthday. xD

  8. Im a PC and Xbox user so I a buy for each format.
    so Thank you for getting and posting a release date for the PC, and thank you for giving the PS3 users a 50% discount for the first week first month would be more fitting though

    Any news if the CK will need updating for Dragonborn and if so
    will it be ready on the 5’th?


  9. The real question is, since your finally releasing it.. is it going to be ‘playable’???? I don’t want to play the DLC’s if it crashes my game every 5 minutes. So I hope to god that if it took you this long to finally release it, that it better be crash/bug free as possibl.e

  10. Why I don’t trust the PS3 release info.

    “and all three should be out in February”

    See that red flag right there. “Should” isn’t “will”

    No set street date, and your clever wording, makes me think something terrible will happen and it will have some reason to be delayed yet again. (Maybe a bit of rain, or mars is in the wrong alignment) You covered your bases yea, but you know “should” it not come out in February, that the hole you’ve all dug yourselves into will be deeper.

    Hopefully for everyone involved, both fans, and yourselves that they do come out in Feb. Maybe just maybe, after all this, you’ll have learned “exclusives” are a outdated and bad practice. But after oblvion, fallout 3, new vegas, skyrim…….

  11. i just want to say thank you for dont give up on us PS3 players. Im a big bg fan of this game/your work. Brasilians PS3 players LOVE BETHESDA \o/ \o/
    any idea how much will cost in dollars?

    • Fools… is not a favour or dedication, this is a already consumed product, the vanilla has bad root, needs attention on the PS3. The dlc is an small bonus for more cash, and problems sometimes. They have to fix this accident, in the worst case scenario, another wave of huge bugs… put Hearthfire and Dawnguard for a small price, like 5! one dlc is short and other is just.. horse armor. The Dragonborn shows more potential, if the entire tech, the game as a unity, have now a good update, i buy with no problems.

      • Heathfire is hardly horse armour. It takes a quite a lot of resources to build and fully outfit three houses a complete playthrough of this DLC content could take you a really long time and effort to get done on top of the collecting stuff aspect it includes more roleplay ability for those that like that kind of thing.

        • About patching:
          Do you people not know the programmer’s definition of a patch?
          “Old bugs out, new bugs in.”
          Nothing that needs patching will ever be completely fixed.

    • Que amor meu? aqui não Mauríco, fale por você! um ano de péssimo jogo, perdeu ainda mais narrativa, cheio de bugs e mecânicas repetitivas, só pra ver dragão voar!

      Brazil PS3 ARE FURIOUS! as the rest of the world. And the damn bluray in Brazil is expensive!

      • I’m from Brazil too, do you think this will be on Brazilian PSN? And I want it in English, I’m American so English feels a lot more natural.

        • I’m from Brazil to. All i know is that when Dawnguard came out it was R$ 39,99 reais. So i bet that will be the price for Dragonborn on the PC. As for the PSN money goes, i’m not sure how the prices work. But it might be around R$ 19,99 reais for PS3.

        • No, there is no Skyrim for the PSN Brazil. I bought the game in a store ( back in 2011. Is a expensive game, still R$174 to R$211 in Reais, i think $85 to $103 in American dollars right now. The major part of the games are in english, i prefer actually, the audio fits better.

          If you are from USA, use your PSN card for the american service.

  12. 50% off for a week? Try 50% off for a year, the same amount of time it took you clowns to discover how to make a ps3 game. You release a game you apparently did not even test play (how else do you fail to discover lag caused BY PLAYING THE GAME for long hours, hey its not like this is an rpg, we wouldn’t be playing it for long hours anyway or anything) and offer the DLC you were unable to provide for like a year for half off for ONE WEEK? What a joke. Ive been playing since Morrowind and would rank TES as one of my favourite gaming experiences, but this entire thing has been such a blatant slap to the face. You basically released a game you knew was faulty, and 50% off for a single week is supposed to get me to buy this? Why on earth would I get this on release week? What incentive do I have to even trust that it will work as you say it will, considering the game itself did not? If you are only giving a discount on this crap for a week only it should be like 70+% off. You had your chance, ill be waiting for the next game, and sure as hell wont be playing the mmo. I know Bethesda games need to be tweaked and patched, but this was a truly pathetic display by a long standing company. Shame on every last one of you.

  13. Finally releasing this DLC…you guys sure took your sweet time. Wasted $60 on a game that promised add on (content) on the case but favors one system over the other. Only 50% for the first week? Heartfire should be free.

    Last game I’m buying from you guys

    • Now that they’re fulfilling their promise, you’re jumping ship? Yeah. That makes LOADS of sense.
      Hearthfire should be free, as it hardly qualifies for DLC, except under the most literal interpretation of the phrase. (Content that gets Downloaded = DLC)
      My brother seems to have been right when he said “It doesn’t matter, they’ll just find something new to complain about.”

  14. Hey guys at bethesda. I have had dragonborn on the 360 since its release but have been experiencing the infamous miraak glitch in which i cant complete the storyline. As a result, I have been waiting for a patch but nothing came.
    Is a patch for this glitch in the works? Good job having a discount for ps3 users btw. Its only fair.

  15. YESSS! Bethesda, I love you. Even moreso for the discount, and for releasing all three DLC in the same month.

    Honningbrew all around, folks!

  16. Yes!!!! Can’t wait! Thank you Gstaff, Pete Hines, Todd Howard and everyone else behind this massive update! February is my new favourite month!! Can’t wait!

  17. Will all three be in a bundle in stores like you did with shimering isles and Knights of the Nice (I think that’s the title). My internet sucks nine was from sunday, so PSnetwork is unavailable.

  18. Hello Gstaff , Bethesda announced last time that this year would have been revelaled also news about future DLC plans and new Free content to be added to the base gaem …

    any news on the subject?

  19. I am 42. I *JUST* started playing Skyrim. I bought my PS3 SPECIFICALLY for Skyrim. I. Am. Hooked! (In a good way) Thank you for the Ps3 updates…

  20. Excellent and honorable move Bethesda and Microsoft 😀 Real happy to see the PS3 gamers being supported and shown how important they are to you. Am a pc user with mods to enjoy so i dont mind the full price. Keep up the great work and thanks for making me feel good about being a fan and customer. Cheers 🙂


    Will this be on the Brazilian PSN store? I’ve been having trouble with the American PSN and I get an error when I try to buy stuff, and if it is, will it be in English or Portugese? (I prefer English, portugese feels un-natural in SKyrim..)

          • Hey Gstaff, you think someday we can get a update to translate the game from English to Portuguese? not that it matters for me because i understand english a bit =) and other thing, it’s true that we will have other DLC called REDGUARD?

          • Regarding the “Redguard” DLC rumour, I think it’s far more likely that Bethesda will soon be re-releasing the old TES Adventures game titled Redguard as a free digital download, as they did with Arena and Daggerfall.

            Any Skyrim DLC is likely to take place in and around Skyrim. Though there’s always the potential of exploring Dragonstar on the Skyrim/Hammerfell I suppose.

  22. I have to give a ton of credit to game developers… they stoically endure a ridiculous amount of irrational QQing.

    Instead of complaining that Dragonborn wasn’t released in January, I have been taking advantage of the gap and have been playing Morrowind in the meantime, taking advantage of the sweet Morrowind Overhaul 3.0. I never really gave the game much of a chance when it came out (I was busy with college stuff at the time), and with the graphic boosts provided by the Overhaul, it holds up quite well. Although alchemy is a tad rough.

  23. I knew we would get it, it was sad to watch the commuity during this but noe we can raise out bottles of blackbriar mead and celebrate

  24. This is great Bethesda! Really appreciate your dedication, you could have gave up a long time ago. Can’t wait till Febuary.

  25. I’m super happy about this news. I think ps3 definatly deserves 50% off and i will be getting all of these asap. To all of you who think pc also deserves 50% off on dragonborn… STFU. You have dawnguard. You have hearthfire. You have the construction set. I mean seriously. You have all the FREE add on content that you could want. You don’t see ps3 users running around with lightsabers summoning giants and fighting zoidberg crabs and randy savage dragons. You know what we’ve been doing? Sitting around hoping that some day we’ll have something new to do. And to all of you who have been saying “well look at FO:NV. Hopefully the dlc doesn’t screw up skyrim like it did to new vegas.” you seem to forget that bethesda didn’t develop new vegas. In fact, they only got involved in the dlc in order to FIX the problems. So quit whining, and just be happy that we’re finally getting new content. And pc players, be happy that you have the most add on content of anyone. Don’t whine about something that you shouldn’t (and didn’t) expect in the first places.

  26. Release week… My… My… My birthday is in March… Not fair, I’ll probably have to pay £400 for how overpriced it’ll be… All this and we’re still being ripped off.

  27. Give them one of the greatest video games of all time and they’ll complain that the DLC took too long. Can’t win with these guys. Thank you for giving the world this awesome game that has enriched hundreds of hours of my life. Thank you for discounting this upcoming DLC that I’m sure will enrich thousands more. Bethesda, you’ve set the standard for excellence with Skyrim. Other developers dream of making games that can even contend with this instant classic.

  28. Yeah! Can’t wait for the dlc on February and for the 50% discount much appreciated. At least we know we won’t wait much more longer.

  29. Will you ever respond to the questions about how the dlcs will perform on the PS3? It would be great to know if we are to expect another glitchy add on that will leave the rest of the game near unplayable. After the FO disasters, I would rather not spend my money on a dlc that will ruin a game that has already been a disappointment due to the lag and multiple other issues associated to quests and general game play. Glad to hear they are actually being released even after a year, but find it hard to expect much after the product I’ve had for the last year still being loaded with issues that seem to never be considered or fixed.

  30. Finally. I have lost some enthusiasm for Bethesda, but 50% is fair compensation, and with any hope this pattern of lack-of committment to PS3 gamers will come to an end.

    • It has nothing to do with a lack of commitment from Bethesda that it’s taken so long for the add-ons to be released onto the PSN. It is due to a lot of programming the languages and a PS3 itself operates very differently than a PC or the XBOX360. I’m thankful they’ve taken all this time to perfect any problems and get the game up to their standards of excellence. Bethesda rocks, and I am a devote fan of Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls. The 50% off is just a bonus to having the games I love.

    • I`ll wait and see. I`ve not played then game in months, lost all my faith in Bethesda.
      50% off is fair i think, but i`ll wait to see.