The Dragonborn Comes in February (and Dawnguard & Hearthfire, too)

PC and PS3 fans, prepare to cast off. Next month, you will travel to Solstheim, home of Skyrim’s latest add-on, Dragonborn. PS3 fans can expect an expanded itinerary – with stops at Fort Dawnguard and Castle Volkihar – before heading back to the home of your dreams. Details below:

PC: On Tuesday, February 5th, Dragonborn will be available on Steam, including the English, French, Italian, Spanish and German versions of the content.

PlayStation 3: Dragonborn will be the first add-on arriving on PSN in February. Hearthfire will release next, followed by Dawnguard, and all three should be out in February. The 1.8 update will also release, just prior to Dragonborn. We’ll keep you posted as release dates get finalized both on our end and with Sony for each and its various languages. Last but not least, each one will be 50% off during their launch week on PSN.

Over the last year, it’s been a treat for us to work on new content for Skyrim, and we’re excited that it will soon be available for everyone to explore. Thanks for all your support and sharing your adventures with us.

Reader Comments

  1. Not to mention the travel agency’s discount of HALF OFF…. Fenrat is very pleased… Free Skooma for everyone at Bethesda!

  2. sheesh and a few days after i borrowed a copy for xbox 360 from a friend and the hearthfire dlc just cause i wanted something new in skyrim. a few days later i find out about this miracle and thank god that hearthfire was only 5 bucks.

  3. And of course, it will be region locked and Cenega won’t publish it in Poland for another year or so because they have to do a fully voiced Polish localization that no one will use anyway (there’s no dub tradition for movies etc. in Poland, we’re used to subs). Also, the only way to get it will be a brick & store-bought DVD box containing a Steam code, for maximum inconvenience. Lovely.

    • Seems odd that you have to wait for a localized version of this if you don’t dub films. Why essentially dub the video games but not movies?

      • It’s the way it is, but this ONLY concerns the PC version, as the PS3 version is fully engilish (not even subtitles, which doesn’t bother me at all). So as far as i’m concerned the PS3 DLC’s will arrive on scheldue (hell yes)

      • It’s some kind of devil contract between Bethseda and Cenega. They block us from play under lame excuse that they will do translation. They don’t care that we want play it in english anyway.

        And guess what – even if thats true and we all are stupid uneducated morons unable to handle anything than our native language – there’s no czech localisation of Skyrim on steam yet. Yes, even year after it’s been published, we still are unable to buy on Steam.

        I’m form Czech republic and I will too be banned from play for same reason.

    • I don’t know but i would love to see more DLC. Something as big as Shivering Isles. Or maybe even bigger. I see no reason for them to stop making new Add-On’s. As long as there making money.

          • Or it could even be the name of TES:6. “Skyrim” was trademarked in 2006, the same year Oblivion was released.

            Far more likely that they’re going to offer a digital re-release of TES Adventures: Redguard though, like they did with Arena and Daggerfall.

        • Well they already made a expansion called Bloodmoon in which was located in the island of Solstheim. Solstheim is the same island in this new Add-On Dragonborn. Redgaurd was already made, but maybe they will use it again for something. Who knows. But it’s all just speculation now.

  4. i like the %50 off but really thats just markerting 3 DLC’s lets see the real value of it, lets say $10 each %50 off $5 bucks now thats a great deal is that the way is gona be I doubt. whatever the price i much rather had one for free , everyone like’s “free” markerting teams dont like the word “free” but is all about the consumer , at least i thought that how it is. They always like to get you somehow one way or another , im still going to get the DLC’s cause i got no other game to play.

  5. I’ve been getting pissed at Bethesda but because their releasing all 3 at the same time and at 50% of they earned alittle respect back.

  6. “each one will be 50% off during their launch week on PSN”

    Isn’t that nice. How about you don’t make it MORE EXPENSIVE on PC for certain regions. Dawnguard was $25 in Australia vs $20 wherever else.
    It’s not like PC also has to wait over 2 months from release for Dragonborn, and has to put up with buggy products because of the excuse that “we get mods so who cares about PC”. Very nice how Bethesda just doesn’t bother fixing problems, like with the HD texture pack or the PC UI, because they know that someone will mod it.

    So sure why should we deserve any discount!

    But why actually care about your customers? Just take Microsoft’s money in exchange for lowering the quality or availability of your games.

    • Was that AUD$25 or USD$25? It doesn’t make sense, because in effect the Euro was charged at €20 as well, and it’s always traded higher than the dollar, really… even out the prices proportionately.

        • No, it doesn’t. There are no Australian import/export duties on digital games to be paid by anybody. That is a complete furphy. The regional pricing is a decision made by Beth and/or Steam. I don’t care who it is, I just want it to stop.

      • $25 USD I think, but I’m pretty sure that it was basically the same even after you convert it.

        They literally could make every price on Steam display/charge the same in every region, and in USD without causing problems (just add a little thing beneath to show what that exchanges to); but they wouldn’t do this because the publishers won’t be happy.

        They would rather make just a little more money, unfairly, than actually treat their customers well.

    • You are not alone, UK gets hammered with higher prices to. Am waiting to hear what price for ps3 will be in uk with interest. paid i think 7.99 pound for for each vegas good sized dlc so will go balistic if they double that and then say half price. Wont be much of an offer then will it , hope they don’t think we are that stupid to fall for that.
      although more content is great to get but really its all a big unregulated rip of with devs charging more and more for sometimes little content. Needs international regulation to make it fair but greedy governments will want bigger slice of the action to so we all will pay more anyway.

        • Ah ta, notei pela escrita e o seu nome.
          Sobre a pergunta do rumor de Redguard. Se você pergunta aqui o gstaff que normalmente reponde as perguntas da galera vai falar algo como:
          ”Nos não comentamos em especulações ou rumores.”
          Mas tem uma ”pequena” possibilidade que e uma nova DLC do Skyrim. Porque as ultimas duas DLCs Dawnguard e Dragonborn vazaram a noticia de que eles existiram antes de lançarem oficialmente. Então a mesma coisa pode com esse tal de Redguard.
          Mas tudo isso e so especulação não fato.

          • Mantenha o player.drop moveto player e outras coisas no PC, ok? maior fiasco do século o TES 5.

            Incrível alguém considerar perdoar ou apoiar o grupo, eles venderam algo sem terminar, mentiram sobre as melhoras, até o folclore perdeu produndidade. Tudo para os dragões ficaram dando respawns nos mesmos pontos depois de tanto “mundo dinâmico.” Sejam críticos, esta empresa não liga para o próprio legado, muito menos para vocês.

        • Caio, relaxa. Nenhum jogo da Bethesda termina resolvido, mas estão tentando melhorar a situação para o TES 5 ok? você fez bons comentários anteriormente, quanto a perda na narrativa e etc, mas agora ficar trolando é chato. Mude de jogo um pouco, espere a solução para breve, com certeza não vai rodar liso, mesmo aqui no PC tenho problemas, mas relaxe. Relax!

    • I’ve aleady said it, but I’ll say it again.
      The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard.
      Released 1998, PC-CD. They’d better NOT re-hash it.
      It was awful back then.

      • I hope they just make the next TES game in Hammerfell. The land is like anything seen in a TES game. The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard did it. But as you said, that game was not very good.

  7. Yeah, this is not good news, it should have been out early this month. And I understand why ps3 gets 50% off after you screwed them over multiple times, but pc should get at least 25% or something, they had to wait 2 extra months as well which is RIDICULOUS. Anyways I promised not to buy this DLC if it didn’t come out after a certain date, and it didn’t so you have lost yet another customer. If this is how bethesda treats their customers then I have no further interest in purchasing any future products from that label, and I was originally planning on getting ESO as well, but if this is the way you treat your customers, it’s not happening. Good day =).

    • And yes I realize that ps3 got it worse than pc. But can you honestly say that it is fair that pc players have to pay the same amount as xbox players after waiting two months for this dlc that will have the same glitches and bugs that it did on Xbox? No it isn’t fair at all.(Not to mention the fact that they had to wait an additional month for both Dawnguard AND Hearthfire). Also, not being biased I actually play on ps3.

      • Well i’m a PC player. And the truth is that PS3 players never got any DLC. PC players on the other hand did. There making it 50% off during their launch week because they want to do something special for the PS3 players who got no DLC.
        And if you play on the PS3 what are you murmuring about? Your going to get it half price.

        • “There making it 50% off during their launch week because they want to do something special for the PS3 players who got no DLC.”

          No, they’re doing it because they have (rightfully) gotten really bad PR for all of this shit with the DLC. They just want to make a little extra money (on top of the bribes from Microsoft) by getting back some of the customers that they lost.

          Of course they aren’t trying to “do something special for PS3 players”, how can you honestly believe that? Do you understand that companies don’t care about your feelings? Big companies like this only care about you as much as they can take your money.

  8. I can’t believe I’m seeing pc players complain because they had to wait….. Seriously at least you got dawnguard and hearthfire on top of all of the mods you can download. It’s right that ps3 players should get the discount, 50% off is fine with me. I plan on getting dragonborn and dawnguard but not hearthfire even with the discount to me it’s not worth $10 more like $5 but oh well.

  9. Gstaff, there’s something that bothers me ever since I read your blog. At the time I dismissed the impression but it’s coming back whatever I do.
    It’s about your last sentence: “Over the last year, it’s been a treat for us to work on new content for Skyrim, and we’re excited that it will soon be available for everyone to explore. Thanks for all your support and sharing your adventures with us.” You sound like there won’t be any new content for Skyrim, that the team is done with this game. Is my impression ill or well founded?

  10. Wait till they go through the Dragonborn Files and the Patch 1.9, then we will see whats next.

    Everytime we see a Patch come out, people find hidden Text in the Patch on a Future DLC, then it comes true. :woot:

    Now heres a Link on 2 Possible DLC’s for Skyrim leaked. :ermm: [spoiler]A few specific things that were mentioned is a few follower enhancements, including a vendor that sells special gear for your followers, and a special April 1 content update that reaches back to one of their previous games and proves that they aren’t above making fun of themselves.

    Here’s the thing – spears can’t be added yet. At least not in the way they want to, which is to add an entirely new perk tree. Adding a perk tree means screwing over people with level 81 characters. So, they added the skill reset function in Dragonborn so that they can add spears in their next big DLC (Spears will make more sense in the context of that DLC anyway).

    Here are 2 more paid DLC expansions planned – both of them true expansions like Dragonborn (one is a bit smaller, one is larger). Without giving a lot away, the next DLC will explore the beginnings of the Nords and Skyrim’s culture, as well as the Snow Elves and yes, even the Dwarves. The last DLC will involve the choosing of a new King of Skyrim and the war against the elves.[/spoiler]
    So is this Real or Fake, since everytime someone finds some Info about Skyrim and a Possible DLC, it comes True. :happy:

  11. Its about Damn time P.S your a month late this had better be the last delay otherwise this will be the last DLC game i ever by from your company

  12. I hope in Dragonborn we can be a Bard aswell, i mean whats the point of joining the Bards Collage and all we do is Play Fetch like a Dog like so many other Quests.

    Plus, whats the point with the Aetherium Forge if all we can do is 1 thing, but we cant tell anyone else about it and theres no way to make more Aetherium, i mean have you guys seen the Aetherium Armor and Weapon Mods.

  13. Dragonborn was too short.How bout a 15/20 hr. questline next time.Also the stahlrim weapons and armor are garbage.Same as ebony.The carved nordic sets are cool though .Very stylized,nice damage and a great fit for the look of the game.

  14. Too little too late, PC gamer here and you won’t be getting a penny from me, not for this DLC and not for any others you release for Skyrim. Supported you since Morrowind as my favorite developer, Horse Armour for Oblivion shook my loyalty slightly but this crap has thrown me out of the wagon and off a cliff.

    • I agree. Morrowind was the best TES game. Oblivion was too candyish and Skyrim is too consolish. Not to even mention 1 – 2 months wait time for the PC DLCs which I find pathetic.

  15. @gstaff just an idea probaly been thrown at u before but there shud be some ultimate smithing perk or ultimate smith which lets u design your own armour with different items like a golden dragon bone armour with stalhrim detialing i can imagine the final picture (and stats) it would be the best armour on the game.

  16. So, @gstaff, methinks the new Bonemold armor is bulkier and uglier than what it used to be; makes characters look a little too, well, bulky in the torso. Oh, and why not bring back the unisex dresses as well? They gave a certain, I don’t know, warrior/battle-ready look to the already fully armored, as opposed to just bare armor.

    p.s I miss being able to equip certain armor pieces (like left or right pauldrons and greaves) individually.

  17. Only half off for ps3??? i’d day give us hearthfire and dawnguard for free as an apology for leaving us in the dust for so long…. i’d pay for dragonborn, but not the other two at this point… and that’s only “if” it actually happens…. :/

    • 50% off on 3 DLC is almost getting 2 of the DLC for free.

      Example: Regular priced DLC would cost $20 for DG & DB and $5 for HF which would equal $45.

      During the sale they’re 50% off, if you choose to buy them at that time. So the discounted price total would be $22.5 which is just over the cost of buying DB at the regular cost.

      So, when you say PS3 users should get the other 2 for free…it’s very close to that, lol.

  18. Apology for the delay? Explanation for the delay?

    Also what is the performance like? The base game is running like legged pig with an inner ear infection as it is, adding bolting on these DLCs without the required optimisations is gong to make things even worse. So have those optimisations been done or is this a copy paste port stapled to a copy paste port?

    It’s not that PS3 owners are ungrateful, merely that we have nothing be grateful for and after the 15 month long disaster that is Skyrim we have trust issues. So please, give some assurances that these much belated DLCs will be up to scratch or at least extend the discounts to allow those who wait for reviews to be able to receive this peace offering.

  19. Bethesda better make Dragonborn 50% off for the PC too, it has been 2 months after the release. We all know the content of it. Why should we pay full price for something we know about? Not to even mention endless waiting.

    • Well, personally, I’ve been living in a purposeful information blackout. I have not watched playthroughs, seen any content, spoilers, weapons, armors. Nothing. I haven’t been exposed to dragonborn content and I will stay in this information vacuum as long as the content isn’t out for PC.

  20. So will there be an actual disk release like a game of the year addition or something, or is it just gonna be down loads me content on psn?

      • Speaking of no DVD release, any comment on why Skyrim DLC in Poland is only available as a download code IN A DVD BOX from Cenega rather than just via Steam? Because that’s the most idiotic distribution method I have ever seen.

  21. I’m personally EXCITED about this. It’s been so long, and finally the PS3 users are getting the DLC’s. It’s gonna make my bank account a bit empty with all three, but 50% off helps!

    I actually bought an Xbox console, and Skyrim, just so i could play them (-geek-) But still my highest profile is on PS3 and i’m still gonna buy them!



  22. Please reply gstaff, and am planning on getting the DLC’s on release for PS3, just one question, how much will it cost? (Preferably in British pounds)

  23. Oh! An additional question —

    The 1.8 patch being released … will this fix the bug for some of the quests not working. Like the one with the Butcher in Windhelm. I want to buy Hjerim, dammit! The stupid quest won’t start no matter what i do.