The Dragonborn Comes in February (and Dawnguard & Hearthfire, too)

PC and PS3 fans, prepare to cast off. Next month, you will travel to Solstheim, home of Skyrim’s latest add-on, Dragonborn. PS3 fans can expect an expanded itinerary – with stops at Fort Dawnguard and Castle Volkihar – before heading back to the home of your dreams. Details below:

PC: On Tuesday, February 5th, Dragonborn will be available on Steam, including the English, French, Italian, Spanish and German versions of the content.

PlayStation 3: Dragonborn will be the first add-on arriving on PSN in February. Hearthfire will release next, followed by Dawnguard, and all three should be out in February. The 1.8 update will also release, just prior to Dragonborn. We’ll keep you posted as release dates get finalized both on our end and with Sony for each and its various languages. Last but not least, each one will be 50% off during their launch week on PSN.

Over the last year, it’s been a treat for us to work on new content for Skyrim, and we’re excited that it will soon be available for everyone to explore. Thanks for all your support and sharing your adventures with us.

Reader Comments

  1. Good to see the day finally come, and hope all goes good for any future dlc that still may be on the way.

    For now let’s pray ps3 mistreatment will go away, maybe we’ll do it all again when Fallout 4 comes…

  2. Assuming by lack of response to expected issues we are to be prepared for nothing but more issues. Makes the choice to sale the $60 game to GameStop for $7 an easy choice. Feel sorry for ps3 gamers who purchase it just to be disappointed at a game that has delivered nothing but disappointments. Kind of happy to say goodbye to my Bethesda days. This was all handled poorly and I believe the reason we are limited to a week of 50% off is just to make them a few more dollars. Them after numerous complaints come due to the issues, ps3 users can be assured that nothing will improve and that the pr will go silent again. Nothing more than disappointments on the horizon for PS3 users, but hey, this time you can get it half off.

    • Good thing you get to choose if you want to play or not. I’m just happy that Dawnguard is definetly coming to the PS3, for a while the whispers were that it was not going to be on the PS3 at all.

      Also, I think it’s safe to say that you choosing not to buy anything else from Bethesda isn’t hurting them financially.

  3. Just one thing is bothering me about thsoe Microsoft exclusives.
    Xbox is their console, but PC also uses their OS? Da heck?

    • Microsoft exclusivity is for XBOX LIVE users, they pay for temporary exclusivity on DLCs and for security of their information. This is also something that might be implemented on the next Sony console due to the Playstation Network being hacked a while back.

  4. No more complaining from me, we PS3 users got what we wanted so far. A release date and a discount. Hope it’s properly coded for the PS3 this time. Thanks in advance, I’ll get all three the expansions.

  5. As a PC gamer (and an Xbox player secondarily), I am excited to see it coming soon.

    Unfortunately, I feel a little shafted since it has taken almost 2 months. Still, I look forward to it. I just don’t like feeling like I am the runner-up on the PC.

    • The PS3 console has waited since August to receive any DLC, that is why PS3 users are getting all 3 DLCs for 50% off, Bethesda’s way of apologizing for dropping the ball.

      Additionally, the PC can get mods, which basically is like having unlimited DLC.

    • Really? How many mods do you have on PC? Don’t starts that BS, PC is better in every aspect, while we PS3’ers are stuck with a busted vanilla, go cry “whoa is me” else where.

  6. Well, They did save the Best for last! Thanx Bethesda™ for ALL your hard work, dedication, working with Sony™ .
    I knew you and Sony™ would figure out a way. Did Todd or Dan look at my IDEA)? (Just curious)

    Thanx again guys. Can’t wait to get it on PSN™… VIDEO MADE! 😉

  7. Good work Bethesda. I know you guys had a tough job getting all the bugs out, but we’re all glad you stuck with it, despite all the hate. The 50% was an excellent gesture too. That will restore the faith of the ps3 fan base. Looking forward to it!

  8. Well this got 388 comments in two days.
    It really seems like people care much more for TES and Skyrim than for TES:O or anything else haha..
    Thanks for the release date , it’s a relief to see that we WILL get the DLC. ( On PC of course )

    • Yes what you said is true. TES and Fallout are Bethesda’s best games. And about TESO, they got to prove to us that it will be a good game. And yes i know TESO is made by ZeniMax Online Studios and not Bethesda. But they are using Bethesda’s game. So they got to please the TES fans and make a good game as well.

  9. I’m happy that this is finally going to be released, and at 50% off, thank you Bethesda.

    Just make sure that future Skyrim DLC is released on time for the PS3 and you’ll hear no more complaints out of me. 🙂

  10. What a joke. Ps3 fans are this excited for something that will be nothing more than a waste of money, much like the initial purchase of this game. Strange to see so many excited for a week of half off a half effort product. Someday all of those who claimed to never download this due to the hosing we received will realize their initial plans were the right plans. Don’t download this and be happy when you read how those that did fall for the money making ploy complain about how poorly it works and how bad it affects the poorly produced game they already have. Save yourself the time and money and avoid more let downs. Anyone continuing to support this on the ps3 console are ignorant and will find that out in February. Then again, if the past is any indication of the future, it may be another year before we get the “add ons” that were promised on the back of the case. This game, the company, and the pr are a complete joke. Except this fact and move on to something worth your money that delivers what it claims to produce in a timely manner. Bethesda=joke/scam. Enjoy another dose of the fo series.

  11. @Gstaff: multiple inquiries about what to expect from ps3 dlcs. Maybe answer honestly on how we can expect garbage. More likely, ignore these questions and keep answering the ones that require little to no actual information. Congratulations. Must be Pete “you’ll know when I never know” Hines working this forum. One week of discounts mean one week for them to gather more money and forget about the ps3 community and the issues sure to follow. Great job Beth. Keep up the lack luster products. Keep making more fans abandon a once great franchise. Continue to fein great deals for what is truly another money making ploy. Why can’t people look back at the last year and realize that they should make a stand and boycott the utter garbage that you continue to distribute to your once ps3 fans. You people are pathetic.

  12. Beth sucks. Save your money and pick another company that delivers on what they advertise. Otherwise you may as well star complaining about how these dlcs are much like fo3s, game breakers for a game that already didn’t perform anywhere near correctly.

  13. @Gstaff..So the three Dlc will be avaiable in the Brazilian Playstation Store?But the Language in the dlc itself will be english,ok,glad to know,You guys made me so happy in so little time.

  14. glad to hear the news for ps3 users,it was frustrating that all dlc came out for Xbox so long ago but the bottom line is that bethesda are a company that have to make money,therefore,if a product is ready it hits the market.

  15. I honestly can’t think of any publisher that has treated their fans with such disregard. Of course the money from Micro$oft is probably the real culprit, though we won’t know because there is still no explanation for the PC delay. Guess it doesn’t really matter though because the modding community has produced far better content and done a far better job at patching the game, which is just plain pitiful.

    • I haven’t even decided if I’m interested in ESO, to be honest. I haven’t seen enough to decide if it’s interesting yet. I’m an Elder Scrolls fan but the Elder Scrolls name is not enough. Once we start seeing gameplay, I’ll be able to judge whether I want to play it. I love a lot of what I’ve seen, but I’m also not a huge multiplayer gamer. Are many Bethesda fans (at least those who visit this blog) more interested in single player gaming experiences? I am, but I’m probably not a typical gamer. Example – I haven’t played The Secret World yet. I’m a fan of Ragnar from TLJ and Dreamfall, and based on what I’ve seen, if TSW had been a single player game, I would have bought it at launch.

  16. So how much will the DLC’s actually be at 50% off in Australia? i just need to know how much money to spend on PSN vouchers

  17. Grateful that the expression “better late than never” is now true for Dragonborn but especially for all the Skyrim fans on PS3 who have been waiting for the other DLCs as well. I’ll be looking forward to February 5th and picking this up for PC when it’s available!

  18. It’s not the first time that Bethesda “delay” the game (or content) on PC platform due to that “EVIL EXCLUSIVE money making” scheme! It made me feel like I’m not a customer to Bethesda that bought your game. Some more PS3 having a discounted price while third grade PC customer have zero! I might just wait until next Steam sale to pickup your so call “Exclusive” Skyrim DLC.

      • Both PS3 and PC had to wait approximately the same amount of time for Dragonborn.

        Regardless, who cares about all this “HaHa you got it before me!!”?
        PC and PS3 have both been fucked by Microsoft’s bribery so let’s not just turn this into a contest like 4 year olds shall we?

        I personally would rather they just stop lowering the quality/availability of their games for money, more than I want a discount – but we all know that won’t happen.

        • PC got Dawnguard and Hearthfire though. PS3 gamers deserve the the price cut. We’ve been mistreated by Bethesda for many, many years. Oblivion, Fallout 3, New Vegas and now Skyrim. It’s time we get special treatment.

        • PC users did not get fucked. PC users had to wait a little longer for DB…If any one got fucked it was the PS3 users, who got nothing in the way of dlc until feb. What the PS3 users went through was…horrible. Kudos to they who stuck with the company and believed in their promise to deliver!

          • You’re forgetting the broken vanilla game. Everyone has forgotten that because of this stupid DLC debable, the main game is still broken so what do you think DLC is going to do? I’ll tell you it’s not going to miraculously make your game work, like a lot of the Bethbots are thinking. Be prepared for more disappointment and frustration.

  19. Vale, let’s see:
    XBox players: have/had exclusivity that caused an outrage in the rest of the community.

    PC players: got both DLCs after plus or minus a month and i’m 90% sure, will be getting Dragonborn before PS3 AND to mention that PC has the console, community support, and workshop, the possibilities are endless to them.

    PS3: Got zip, zilch, and jack-squat ever since Dawnguard was first released to the XBox. We have no community support, no god-like functions of the PC, and we got our patches late. The only thing we had in terms of ANY DLC was the dramatic arrow hit-or-miss and a few more hand-to-hand kill cams.

    Find out which one you are and behave accordingly, child.

  20. I have been visiting the bethblog almost every day since the release of Dawnguard. Looking for news about the dlc’s. This truly made my day. Thank you Bethesda, greetings from Sweden!


  21. Are they releasing on the Tuesdays???

    2/12- Dragonborn?
    2/22- Hearthfire?
    2/28- Dawnguard?

    or is there a chance we may luck out and get two within the same week?

    • more like PS3 will definitely see dragonborn in feb… maybe see hearthfire in feb… and most likely see some lameass post from Bethesda anywhere between 3/1 and 3/15 as to why they’re further delaying dawnguard… when they won’t simply admit that MS has unlimited exclusivity on dawnguard… seriously… don’t be disappointed when beth fails to deliver AGAIN… they’re nothing but a bunch of dicks… hence their slogan: the more you play with us, the bigger we get… people may think i’m crazy… but see what yall think when you see that “We deeply regret to inform you that the Dawnguard DLC for PS3 is still not performing up to our standards *blah-blah-blah*” post anywhere between early to mid march… I made 250 dollars the last time people bet against my predictions of a PS3 release delay… strangely… noone on my FL wants to bet me that PS3 will actually get dawnguard by end of march… maybe i should hedge the bet by saying we won’t get it by end of 2013… I’ll probably still winknowing how bethesda sold out to microsoft… little tip Bethesda… MICROSOFT EMPLOYEES DON’T CARE ABOUT NDA’S IN CONTRACTS…

  22. Will the bugs that the ps3 version of the game has had from launch be fixed with the 1.8 patch or do we have to battle our way through the programming just to battle our way through the dlc content? I am very relieved that we are finally getting the first 2 dlc’s but even half price is too much for a broken product that can’t be played. Any news on this front would be appreciated and thank you for getting the dlc to the ps3. Is there a spot to report the glitches that I have come across. Thanks for your time.

  23. At first I thought that, sorry, you screwed it up, but it seems I was bloody wrong. You really seem to be sorry for half a year postpone, guys, to give us 50% discount. With help from Sony fix the loading screen freeze bug, and I will shut my mouth up for good. “We will learn as we play” is your saying, I guess.

  24. Last ESO post – 14 comments
    Last Dishonored post – 26 comments
    Last Skyrim post – 418 comments
    It’s pretty clear where people put their interest. Keep ’em DLCs coming Bethesda.

  25. Hey moderator, there is some new podcast? priceless organic discussion. All TES podcasts are amazing. The TESO podcast is on the way? is a good way to learn without all exagerations from the press. For example, when one of the artists explains about the mountains in Skyrim. Two years of work (art/code) for a stable result between visual and climbing ability, games are colossal challenges everywhere.

  26. i have been playing skyrim sence the day it came out for the PS3 and have been playing strong for two years waiting for them to put the dlc’s out for PS3. THanks Bethesda!!!!

  27. I just wanted to say thank you to the staff that continued working toward getting the DLC done for us PS3 users. The company didn’t have to do this, and it’s a really nice gesture to offer us the discount as well. I was so excited for hearthfire and I can’t wait to get to play it!

  28. 50% off doesn’t mean a nice gesture towards ps3. 50% off means make more money for Bethesda before the ps3 community completely gives up. They will completely give up after playing the sure to be poor products that the dlcs undoubtedly will be. After that they know they will be losing an entire console’s support. So, why wouldn’t they give a discount for the first week. This will lead to many purchasing all of them in hopes that they actually work, which anyone who has played any of their games on the ps3 should know will not happen. These dlcs will ruin what little playability the game ever had for ps3 owners. Ps3 owners need to realize and consider the product we’ve had for over a year now. Why would you expect anything different? Have they fixed many of the issues that have been a problem since the release? No. Do they answer questions or give us any information that is accurate on our product? No. Do they make promises that they continuously fail to deliver? Yes. Expect more of the same and you won’t be disappointed. Expect something that is even half playable and be prepared to return to the forums to complain and beg for a fix or compensation. Then continue to wait with no answer or results. If you forget the past so easily and continue to feed them your money you are only prolonging the poor treatment that we’ve endured for far too long, for far too many games, with no compensation. Getting 50% off of these dlcs are like contracting herpes from a street walker and then them giving you Valtrex for 50% off. It may sound good, but the end result still sucks. Stand your ground and remember what you received for your $60. Don’t waste more money on something that you should have given up on this summer when they were leading us to believe we would receive a dlc soon. Let them continue to serve Microsoft, but don’t give them the satisfaction of receiving more of your money on a game that wasn’t worth half of the asking price when released. Bethesda is a complete joke and should never receive anymore money from any PS3 owner again. If you do waste your money, at least keep your complaints about all of the issues and problems it causes to yourself. You should know better.

  29. PC people please remember that the ps3 still has no official launch date and you do. If the past is to judge the future, ps3 could still miss this February release date and who knows what then. Maybe no game, maybe a Fallout repeat, maybe it gets shelved till the goty edition. Because ps3 user’s have seen this before, Bethesda has decided to give ps3 user’s an incentive to buy because of the past problems they have faced with their products. Yes there are rabid Skyrim fans and they would by it at any cost at any length of wait, but there are also those that have played the majority of the first release and shelved it. And with the glitches that were in that game from the day it released till today deem it not worth another $45 to play any longer. That’s why the incentive and it is only for a week not a permanent price reduction other thing is yours is basically glitch free or significantly less likely to be a buggy pos than what is handed to the ps3 users and I hope and pray that the ps3 version is completely operational because that is where I have already devoted Weeks worth of play because I am one of the rabid fans of this series