Skyrim Roundup

Happy Inauguration Day! If you’re looking for a break from all the coverage on TV, there’s tons of Skyrim stories and videos worth checking out — beginning with fatawesomefilm’s spoof of inventory management in Skyrim. Watch in the embed above.

For more Skyrim highlights from around the web, visit these links:

Lastly, modders will want to check out Hritik Vaishnav’s mod, HD Enhanced Terrain, which was recently highlighted on Polygon. Check out the video below, and download the mod at Skyrim Nexus.

 That’s all the Skyrim news for this week. Later this week we’ll roundup all things Dishonored.

Reader Comments

  1. I miss these. It’s nice to know that they will show us more of Skyrim for us. Hope they keep supporting the game for as long as they can.

    • Once the last DLC is released whenever that may be, expect the “lights to go out” on Skyrim. As soon as the last DLC for Fallout: New Vegas dropped, they closed up shop and moved on. I expect the same will happen with skyrim.

      • Bethesda never released a complete product, in terms of stability. Skyrim is more one to the mod community decorate and put some glue. Three years later, there we go again! The next step for BGS? mod support for consoles, and the supposed “amazing support of the comunity” for sure… let´s extend free slavery to the next level.. is called “passion.”

        • I only played on PC, but Skyrim is incredibly stable compared to other open world RPGs. I’ve been playing since the game launched more than a year ago and the vanilla game has never crashed or frozen, not even once. The only time it ever crashed was if I tried to install conflicting mods.

        • I got some few problems on PC after Dawnguard and Hearthfire, is a question of do not use this or that. But with my huge number of hours, this is the most stable game developed by Bethesda.

          • On the stability subject, while it runs fine, Fallout 3 routinely crashes for no reason. Straight CTD with the “Stopped Working” error box.

            Once in a blue moon I get CTD with Skyrim. But only once. And sometime the mouse stops responding in the main game window.

            I liked Oblivion (though it looked like somebody copy-pasted grassy plains until it was the size of Yorkshire) because it hardly ever crashed.

            Bah, resource intensive graphisc mods. I’ll stick with ini tweaks and my 3Ghz Core 2 Duo, thanks.

  2. Oh goody– we get to see yet another highlight of an improvement on the vanilla game that some of us can’t use on our systems. It’s beautiful & I wouldn’t have gotten to use it unless Bethesda had done it. Which they didn’t. & probably won’t. Yay. -_-

    • Since its a graphics improvement mod that comes with somewhat steepish system requirements, you wouldn’t be able to use it no matter who made it due to your system limitations.

  3. Hope they make full length feature film of skyrim one day, special effects would have a field day keeping in with the game.
    Good to see more skyrim blogs on here now but still can’t fathom why you took the silent treatment instead of keeping us all informed.
    Any chance you can start to give evan part info on patch 1.8 on bug fixes or is it a big trade secrete still?

      • Ha Ha yes a spoof film after with all bugs and glitches would be funny.
        Guess patch 1.8 content is all hush hush. Back to mushroom treatment while they get stores resupplied in their underground vault.
        No news on uk ps3 prices either for dlc? that should of been decided when you 1st released dawnguard on xbox last year. All seems very suspicious and got bad feeling you will double the price we paid on vegas dlc. Can assure you i will throw all my toys out the pram if you do that.