Reader Comments

  1. Why does both Sony and Microsoft sell digital copies of games for $60? It’s a digital copy, can’t they drop the price at all? Or is this Bethesda’s way of gouging the customers for an average game that has already been spoiled through this blog? I know both Sony and Microsoft have the final say in pricing but they also work with the developers on pricing.

  2. $60 is the same price as on PC/Steam.

    Yet the digital copy should be cheaper than the retail:
    * because you can’t sell your digital copy
    * because there is no cover/box/manual/shipping cost
    * because publishers should try to fight piracy, and make people buy more digital copies

    This is really wrong in the commercial point of view.
    I would never buy a digital copy if the retail price is the same.

    Hopefully on Steam, there are very frequent big sales, and this is not the case for Xbox Live games.