Elder Scrolls Online: Sign Up for Beta Today!

Big news for Elder Scrolls fans. You can now officially sign up for the Elder Scrolls Online beta program! Visit http://signup.elderscrollsonline.com/ to provide your information.

If selected, you will be one of the first people to embark upon the newest Elder Scrolls adventure, and help us beta test The Elder Scrolls Online. Please be aware that this is just beta sign-ups. The first beta test will begin soon—watch our official website, Facebook, and Twitter for an announcement about the first round of invites.

And in honor of opening beta sign-ups, we have released The Elder Scrolls Online – The Alliances Cinematic Trailer. Watch the trailer above.

Finally, Nick and I visited ZeniMax Online Studios to learn more about the beta program for our latest edition of The Bethesda Podcast. Featuring Matt Firor, Paul Sage, and Jo Burba, the podcast details specifics of the beta and includes questions submitted to @bethblog on Twitter.

Grab the podcast episode via any of the following methods:

Reader Comments

  1. Shouldn’t this be an alpha sign up? Zenimax/Bethesda releases games for $60 a pop when it’s in beta. Skyrim for example was released and still is a beta. So wouldn’t this be the alpha?

  2. Just a heads up that the “DxDiag” area of the sign up on Firefox does not seem to work (does work however on IE)and that completing the application leads to a page that says “We’re sorry, the page you’re looking for can not be found.”

  3. Amazing cinematic! But until you get rid of the awful forced factions system that doesn’t fit into TES lore at all, there’s no purchase from me, sorry.

    Tamriel is multi-cultural, where individuals group together based on political goals, morals, and ambitions. Not because “Hey, I’m a Redguard! I guess that means I share exactly the same beliefs as every other Redguard! Woo!”

    • Surely the creators of the MMO and the creators of the LORE, serving as a query to the MMO, are scratching their primitive skulls after reading this impressive information.

      • They know it’s a stretch. It takes 5 minutes of scanning timelines of the first and second eras to know how unlikely solid alliances between these races is. At best you’d get a loose coalition of forces rising against an Altmer-led army in fear of what they would bring upon Tamriel if they succeeded in securing Cyrodiil.

        Did you play Skyrim? Or Morrowind? The Nords and Dunmer have enough trouble agreeing amongst themselves, let alone with each other. Thousands of years of war and hatred doesn’t get swept unanimously under the rug like that, just as Argonians aren’t all going to agree to forget about the millenia of slavery forced upon their people by the Dunmer.

        No, I highly doubt the lore writers of TESO are scratching their heads. I think they’re crossing their fingers hoping this scrambled excuse as to why three perfectly balanced armies are fighting over a single location in Tamriel is going to be enough to keep players happy.

        Luckily for them, most players care more about fair and balanced gameplay than lore. That’s fine too. Good luck to them. They can enjoy the game, or complain about the tiniest balance issues when they crop up on the official forums. I’ll stick to the single player TES games that don’t murder lore in order to fit the world into a specific gameplay model.

        • Yeah, i have my time with Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim, to understand about script events does not impact on my gameplay. Next time, let´s support the dark elf lady in Windhelm, an incredible cultural impact during the game. With such small towns, even the city of Ysgramor, the last TES is a shame. Your cultural trip, is just a reload of Oblivion, using even more broken scripts.

          • Sure, and if we applied TESO rules then the only race you’d find in Skyrim is Nords, and if you rolled as a Breton, Redguard, Imperial, Bosmer, Altmer, Orc, or Khajiit, you’d be murdered before you could step off the prison cart. Just because you aren’t a Nord.

            Two can play at the over-simplification game.

  4. Man I was so exited when I saw the Beta, I got all the way through on my phone and was so let down when I saw I needed my system specs, haha hopefully my lil windows 7 hp can handle TESO

  5. Nice, but not interested in MMO, im just gonna play through Skyrim and the DLC’s, then wait upon the Next TES Game.

    How much will you bet TES6 is gonna be on Summerset Isle after the Dreary Winter Boring Land of Skyrim.

    Dont get me wrong, i Love the Game, but i want a place where its Warm and Sunny.

    • My dream is TESVI:Alinor/Aldmeri Dominion/Summerset Isles.

      You are a prisoner in a Thalmor jail ( Ah , tradition ) and you work your way to destroy the Thalmor from the inside , or launch an all out war on their own land.

      Elven setting , something that was in Morrowind ( a long time ago ).

      You can truly be who you want ( The Champion of Cyrodiil style ) , either be an Argonian or a Breton , you are participating in a war and there aren’t any “Dovahkiin , Nord” restrictions , the main story doesn’t shout out a specific race to play.

      If that’s what going to happen ( Likely and I hope ) , TESVI will be even greater. 🙂

      • Now the MMO needs space to shine. The consumer needs time to forget the problems, another elder scrolls SP without a break is bad. The Creation Engine needs update, so if a Fallout 4 is coming, the impact of the engine bad smell, is soft.

        For the programmers here, BGS are hiring! go minions, is time to work for the master!

      • Skyrim’s story doesn’t require you to play a Nord either.
        I have an Argonian Dovahkiin and it’s not broken 🙂

        I’d prefer to be a prisoner in Valenwood (as the Bosmer joined the Aldmeri Dominion), and slaughter my way to Summerset Isles. Makes more sense to have a starting point of the Dominion to be the final area in such a game.

        Knowing me I’d probably play an Altmer or a Bosmer just to give them the fingers.

        Even though I’m not interested in ESO, I want it to succeed for the programmer’s sakes.

        • This. No Nord required. I’ve made several characters in Skyrim, only one of which is a Nord. I have a Khajiit, Argonian. High Elf, and finally Nord.

  6. Wow… This Trailer definetely is pure epicness… Great Job so Far….
    Is the Guy with the Hood daggerfall covenant? His style of fighting is definetely the One of an assassin, but that doesn’t really fit into One of the Classic Race scheme…
    But My Personal Opinion is that I’m afraid that this will spoil TES:6 Landscape and Cities Design… For example Elsweyr or Black marsh, which Both would be Great Locations for TES: 6, due to huge landscape and cultural Contrast to skyrim… And I got a Problem with the Khajiit joining the Aldmeri Dominion, Because I don’t want to Support High elves at all…
    So GStaff, can you Tell whether the landscape will differ from a Maybe 1200 years in the Future setted TES: 6?

      • so you mean the landscape could definetely have changed?
        and the city design and culture? because I don’t want to play TESO online if I know I’ll go to the “same” place in your next regular TES… That wouldn’t feel the same, exploring a completely new province like I did in oblivion and skyrim…

          • It would be extremely sad to neither play this game nor watch any gameplay vids and so on just because we want this unique feeling of the first visit of a new province

          • The good news there is that TESO doesn’t fill in every part of every province. There are only certain sections you can explore, and certain cities/towns available. So for example, of the 7 main cities of Elsweyr, only 2 or 3 are likely to be included in TESO.

            They may well expand on that through expansions and content patches, but it means that the core Bethesda Game Studios team still have a heck of a lot to create from scratch, and with the time span between the single player games and the MMO they could quite easily change a lot that Zenimax Online has already created.

  7. TES supposed to be a single player game!

    “I’m not really an MMO guy. I respect them, I look at them, but I don’t play them. It feels more real to me when I’m the hero and it’s crafted for that. A community aspect to it, I recognize a lot of people would want that in a game like this, but it changes the flavor for me.” ~ Todd Howard

    • *TES NEVER supposed to be a single player game! And don’t tell me that Zenimax is different than Bethesda as Bethesda promotes TES Online all over the place. Shame on you!

  8. When I sign up, after clicking the “Submit Beta Application” button, it takes me to a page where it says “Turn back adventurer” and “we’re sorry, the page you are looking for cannot be found.” Done that twice now and wondering if there is an issue.

  9. I am very excited about it,but like other people I am getting a 404 error when attempting to sign up.This with IE 9 32 or 64 under Windows 7 64 Ultimate.

    Please fix this!

    Thank you.

  10. Me and the Wife are both exited. Elder Scrolls has always been an innovative RPG series with unparalleled freedom. I hope the MMO team strive to make an exceptional game with some new ideas.

    ESO could be epic, until then I’m signed up for the beta!

  11. i tried placing the application in multiple times but after submission, it directs me to a page saying that the page i wanted cannot be found. Problem?

  12. Mannnn, do I wish I my uni didn’t block ports that most MMO’s need. I would LOVE to be able to sign up for the beta for this. =(

  13. I have to say this. There was nothing wrong with that trailer. Not really. But the problem was… it was pointless. Or it could fit equally well in so many other, non elder scrolls settings. It says nothing about who these people are (are we these people?) and doesn’t really make clear whats going on… And its not entirely clear what the various depicted races are.

    But again, its not that its bad.. .Its just that I can’t think of any good reason why this movie should exist.

    • Truth, is quite pathetic read the cultural arguments from some users. The original TES team probably work about the history background, as lore assurance.

      This is an MMO, real people, not a scripted NPC repeating the same lines forever.

  14. Hey Gstaff – dunno if you can comment on this, but just read a story that Zenimax came something like $300k short of buying the CoH and 40k rights from THQ? AFAIK Sega, who bid the highest, just got the rights to WH and maybe CoH…was 40k ever part of that deal?

    • Zenimax/Bethesda intentions “buy all RPG licenses” and create something huge with a lot of stuff, not necessarily well made, but stuff, data, stuff, badass, stuff… in the end kids like. Is the final quest about be the ruler of the universe, with cheap products and almost no chance of criticism. Maybe bankrupt in 10 years?

    • Remember, WarHammer is *not* owned by SEGA, but Games Workshop. Dunno how long the license has left to run that SEGA now has, but it is always possible Zenimax (or someone else) could acquire it in the future.

  15. Awesome trailer! Ever thought of making this into short films or movie? After what I have seen in this trailer and recent trailers, the idea may bring in more audience to the games.

  16. I signed up the other day, but I didn’t get a confirmation email. I read on the Skyrim Nexus that sometimes they get filtered into junk mail, but I have a tendency to clear my junk without checking it. So I’m not sure if I didn’t get one, or if I accidentally deleted it. Should I sign up again to be safe?

  17. Whenever I click “Complete Beta Application” button at the bottom of the page, the button goes unhighlighted and nothing happens. I’ve tried it on multiple browsers.

  18. When I complete the sign up and press “complete beta application” the button just goes black and nothing happens. Ive tried this several times now using firefox and got the same results each time.

  19. Can’t sign up solution(?):

    I couldn’t signup with chrome (and several extensions on it), but I managed to do it with Firefox (almost clean). Both in latest versions.

    Maybe some extension is blocking something. Try with a clean browser.

  20. When I click on “COMPLETE BETA APPLICATION”, the button just dims and nothing happens. This happens to me on both Chrome and Firefox.