ESO Update

With our new trailer and beta sign up for The Elder Scrolls Online, there’s been plenty of excitement this week surrounding the game — including new interviews with key members of the development team at ZeniMax Online Studios.

In addition to our latest episode of The Bethesda Podcast (featuring Matt Firor, Jo Burba, and Paul Sage), be sure to check out these sites:

  • MMORPG –Following our Beta annoucement, creative director Paul Sage took to Skype for a live interview with Watch it here.
  • Curse — In a new video, the Curse Entertainment team shares five reasons you’ll want to play ESO
  • NBC News — Game Director Matt Firor discusses the significance of beta and the excitement of bringing the MMO genre to the Elder Scrolls’ fanbase.
  • — Firor discusses the game’s timeline in TES lore, storyline, and more.
  • TESOF — Read a new editorial on how gameplay mechanics in ESO will be successful
  • Game Informer — Ben Reeves discusses ESO lore with Paul Sage and Rich Lambert
  • PC Gamer — You’ve probably already watched our Alliances at War video, but we all got a kick out of their fantastic headline for Lead Loremaster, Lawrence Schick.

After all that, don’t forget to check out the latest on this week. Highlights include Part 2 of their Ask Us Anything for the Daggerfall Convenant, new Developer Questions of the Week, and new social media avatars and wallpapers.

Reader Comments

  1. this rolling train wreck of a game in coming .WOW like gameplay ,FORCED FACTIONS ,and the worst MOM.Man i just pray when this game fails it wont tarnish what is left of this great series history .Singleplayer,Epic campains that are creative and inspiring to the true blue TES fans like me.

      • Dovahkiin trolling much ………..?I have played this beloved series since Daggerfall and I can say ESO is a wasted effort .As far I see it your comments hold little to no intellgence in them just typical 13 spounting off at the mouth .Zeniax built this game just for you .so enjoy it while it may last .It is after all aWOW ,MMO ,mess with little or no creative ideas in it .Forced factions and TES lore will not mix .

        • WoW-like gameplay? That was way back in early 2012. Now it’s more of a TES and MMO Hybrid. Plus the mechanics in the regular TES (even though they change a lot) wouldn’t work on the MMO. I don’t mean combat, they pretty much have Skyrim combat, but instead of the spells being used with the mouse, it’s used with the hotkeys. (and abilities too) I’m an ES modder, and it is actually looking good for an ES MMO.

      • That’s extremely harsh. The guys making this game are clearly incredibly talented. It’s not their fault some higher-up back in 2007 thought that the MMO genre would be worthy of a hundred million plus dollar investment, and that WoW-inspired theme park gameplay would be a good idea.

        I feel so sorry for the guys at Zenimax Online. They’ve poured years of their lives into this game, and are watching the MMO genre crumble around them at exactly the wrong time.

        The game doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest (forced factions are a huge deal-breaker in a TES game) but I wouldn’t ever hope they lose their jobs over it. Fingers crossed it finds enough of an audience to keep them afloat, or at the very worst Zenimax finds them a new project to work on and the funds to carry them all over.

  2. I’m looking forward to it. But here is a good question; will there be an attempt to to support players who use a gamepad or xbox controller.

  3. We’ll see what happens but I think people will do what they did w/RIft.Curiousity will move some copies and if the gameplay is awesome folks will stick around.If not they’ll move on to something else.I like what I see so far but you never know until you play the game.

  4. Wow, some negative comments

    Firstly it seems like some people hate MMOs but love TES, well just so you understand, TESO is an MMO and as such is aimed at gamers who like MMOs so you have to expect this wont play exactly like skyrim.

    Also if your happy to sit in your room playing by yourself then go and do that, don’t come here bitching and making yourself look like an idiot.

    Another point, WOW is the most successful game ever created, it still holds 10million+ players who play every month so obviously some things will likely be similar, which is great for many gamers who play MMOs!

    I am excited for the game and hope they start to increase the rate at which they release images and videos, I need my weekly hit lol.