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  1. I don’t see any benefit to pre-ordering? Does it let you, or will there be, preload (download early) so we can play as soon as it unlocks?

      • Well my point was that there’s no incentive to pre-order, there’s no discount for pre-ordering as Steam often has, and I haven’t heard anything about preload, so there’s no difference between pre-ordering and just buying it on the day it releases.

          • That would be pretty easy. You could allow people to download 99.999% of it. It wouldn’t be playable until you downloaded the initialization logic or whatever, which would be tiny compared to the size of the art assets.

          • Oh hey Arthmoor, I guess my thought was that they could preload the large BSA file and leave the considerably smaller ESM as the last bit to download when the DLC is released.

          • That or they could just encrypt it until official release. You know, the same way Steam does every other preload in the history of ever.

    • Preordering is useful for two things – first, judging demand for the game. This is how it’s decided how many copies of a game to send to store in any given location. The more preorders, the more people there appear to want to buy the game. If you can’t find a game in stock at your local store, it’s because they had low preorders. Of course, this is moot for digital sales.

      The second option is essentially a “layaway in advance”. Not all of us have the money to fork over 60+ bucks all at once. Sure, you could argue “Just save lol!”, but the problem with that is that not everyone shares the same fiscal discipline, and some people find it significantly easier to treat preodering as though it were a form of layaway, paying things off bit by bit. Of course, if you can’t make payments in installments, or if the preoder availability is too close to the release date (needs to be at least 2-3 months before the actual product comes out), then this is moot as well.

      Digital Copies, last second Preorders… yeah, I don’t see the point for this either.

    • Bethesda still hasn’t given PS3 users much confidence that any DLC content is coming, despite their claims of DLC in February. Honestly I hope it doesn’t come out I’m enjoying this train wreck and I want this company to go out of business. They’re certainly doing all the right things to do that down the road.

      • How nice of you. Each platform gets treated wrong by at least one company. Rockstar treats us PC players like crap, (Bioware gave us the middle finger and then went silent on us, and don’t even listen to us anymore) but I don’t want them to go out of business as they won’t have a job. I still play their games too. You PS3 players have exclusivity for some Ubisoft content and a lot of other content. At least you guys are getting those DLCs for the PS3. I still don’t get why Sony made the PS3 difficult to develop for, then again they have made tons of bad choices since the PS3 released. Even worse than what THQ has done, luckily Sony has other parts of the company to keep it afloat.

        Bethesda doesn’t hate the PS3 users. (If they did, no content would of been released, heck not even releasing the game would of been worse, and they have been trying to fix it.) They never promised a specific date for a DLC either. Anyways, they said early this year, now they said February. Many asked just for a release date, and now others are complaining about other things. I own a PS3, (All consoles) and each has its own perks. The PS3 doesn’t work well with certain games, and also the 360 doesn’t work well with certain games. (Dragon Dogma is horribly laggy and has horrible screen tearing on the 360) You guys will get the DLC, they did wanted Sony to help them for a reason. (Which also costs them money, I’m sure Bethesda called them in, because Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo has never stepped in on something like this.)

        Oh and Bethesda is working with Sony to get it finalized, the finalized part usually goes down to Sony to so yes or no, so it’s not Bethesda you are waiting on, it’s Sony. It’s been 7 months since Dawnguard’s 360 release, I’ve had to wait a year or two just for certain games or DLC to come out on other games.

        Finally, good luck, I hope you have fun playing the DLC when it comes out. I don’t hate you guys, but I do understand the delay and why it took so long. Just try to hang in there.

        • Yea Sony is really slow with the verification process of games, DLC and patches. This waiting time does not surprise me in the slightest. Also i must say I’m on Rockstars side with the whole forget PC players move (no offense). Too much pirating on PC and it will only hurt them to continue to develop for it.

          • That’s what many publisher studios says, but they’ve never actually backed it up. Like when Ubisoft claimed that PC games were being pirated at 95% (which is why they made their latest online FPS F2P), but that turned out to be complete bollocks with no background.

            Does pirating happen on PC? Certainly. It also happens on XBox360 for that matter, but that’s besides the point. The point is that piracy is definitively not as prevalent as many companies would like to make players think. If it was, I can assure you that a large majority of the PC games wouldn’t get made. Yet they’re still being made for PC and generating tons of sales every year.

            Finally, a research done by a US University on piracy (more precisely music) showed that piracy had a surprisingly positive effect where the singer would actually make more money through derivative products (merchandises, tickets for live shows, etc).

        • It’s not Sony PS3 users are waiting on. If that were the case then DLC’s for other games would be delayed as well. Gearbox can get DLC’s for Borderlands to PC, PS3, and Xbox simultaneously. The hold up IS Bethesda because they decided to stop working on the DLC’s just so their favored system(Xbox) could get Dragonborn in December. When it comes to PS3 Bethesda fails, and fails, and fails, and they lie, and lie, and lie, and make up excuse after excuse. Bethesda is solely to blame for this debacle, not Sony, and certainly not the PS3.

          • So u would rather have a Bethesda that has no exclusivity to any platform but is scrambling from station because the creators and programers for the specific platforms are have problems simultaneously and forget that their humans too and not robots which wont get so mentally exhausted? I personally don’t agree with bethesda’s decision to have an exclusivity to X-Box, but i go along with it because i understand that they to think of the company and determine in what direction they want to go in. At least Bethesda has not said that “Ok so PS3 users, we are not making anything Skyrim related for you anymore. Sorry.” At least they have tried to make it available to PS3. And has it occurred to you that maybe they made the decision to try and create a DLC from scratch for the PS3 and try work out the problems they were running up against while making it? Lets not forget that we are talking about a really powerful game and that the programing to try and make it available on a platform just might be a HUGE challenge.

          • Jonesy, the latest tweet from Bethesda proves you wrong, the PS3 users were waiting on Sony is pass the certification. And it just passed. Most likely this week, the release dates will be confirmed.

        • You seem to think it’s the excepted norm that all platforms and game devs have issues and so live with it and be patient. Well sorry bollocks to that, if i pay for a game for any platform i expect it to work and be able to play whole game through. Granted there will always be some bugs but worst ones should be fixed a.s.a.p. Also if extra content is promoted with game i expect to get it .
          If a dev doesn’t want to release a game on a certain platform for any reason then fine, just state that from the beginning so players can choose if they want to buy on another platform or not. We can’t tell them which platform to release their game on , its down to them if they want to lose sales.
          Whole industry needs regulating and lazy devs needs jumping on from great height as standards are slipping to low. But untill then, POWER TO THE PEOPLE WHO GET TREATED LIKE CRAP AND VOICE THEIR DISGUST LOUDLY ON SITES LIKE THIS.

        • Camonna Tong you must be a secret moderator/modder you are everywhere spounting off at the mouth claiming stuff one you dont know and two your claims are are based on hand me down rumors with little or no valadation in them .Beth is a great company but they are very secrective on there projects and share very little information .

          • Tong, you’d have a point if this nonsense isn’t the exact same thing that happened with fallout 3. Which also involved a shady backroom deal with microsoft. I wonder if their are connections. Pay $$$, delay rival PS3 releases for absurd lengths.

          • Seeing as the problem was in FO3 maybe they took the money from Microsoft knowing they couldn’t get it out in time. The PC delay though, that’s different.

      • Because a game that made approximately a $1,000,000,000 for Bethesda is going to put them out of business,you are pretty funny. On the other hand Sony themselves are in quite a mess…

      • If Bethesda gave a date and could not deliver then they would face legal action something their lawyers would not be able to defend against. This whole affair with no dates makes me suspicious.

        • Well a lot of games have delays, and they never got sued. There’s games on the PC that had so many lies from the developers and it got delayed and they didn’t get sued. Anyways, they are more aware of the dates until they finalize it. They did this last year with the CK and it was delayed a few times, and there’s other instances like this too. Long story short, they used to give dates that weren’t truly finalized, and it got delayed.

  2. the dlc’s should be 75% off or more because we waited for it for almost 1 whole year or maybe a year so i am buying dragonborn for sure because this would be its laid off release date but dg and hf im not so sure

    • Dawnguard come out in June, We PC users got it in August. The PS3 users have only waited 7 months for it. Because that is going by the release date of the DLC. You don’t include the release date of the game itself in the matter. Anyways, you guys get DB 50% off too which we PC player don’t get. If you would have 75% off on HF and DG it would be a total of $6.25 plus DB which might as well be full price, so $26.25. With 50% off of everything you pay a total of 22.25, so you get the DLC for $4 less.

      Anyways, 50% is reasonable, they did have problems with the PS3 version which that turns into long hours of work and a lot of money spending. Patches cost a lot of money too for the certifications.

      • It’s 50% off for a week only, and I the Bethesda strategically did this so the suckers who will buy it won’t have enough time to find out how severely it breaks the game, which it will. The DLC’s should be permanently 50% off and 75% off for a week.

        • They haven’t even told us price yet as far as i know for ps3, i wonder why? Looks like they from steam prices have almost doubled the price of dlc’s since new vegas . so not not bad money for them if can double price within 2 years and get away with it.
          But thats speculating till they say price so will vent my opinion of them when they do.
          Have asked twice if they can start to share some of the bug fixes done in patch 1.8 but usual silence . Will depend on the content of the patch if done enough to fix main game and price of dlc here in uk to if i buy any.

  3. Hm…Oh,I understand.


    well then,dragonborn will only release on 2015 for ps3,thanks bethesda,and oh,No more buying games from you,sorry.

  4. It says that if you pre-purchase Skyrim-Dragonborn you can get skyrim, dawngaurd, and hearthfire 50% off. READ THE DESCRIPTION BELOW THE PICTURE!

  5. Its to late. Screw Bethesda. I loved this game so much but now it just upsets me that it took so long. I wont be buying this dlc and Im selling my copy of skyrim. I will never buy another Bethesda game again

  6. As per usual, I refuse to buy it due to you continuing to think of New Zealanders as second class citizens. Why is it US$19.99 in the US, and US$24.99 in New Zealand? We even pay in US dollars – what’s the extra five dollars for other than a big middle finger to people who like your product and would like to buy it?

    • Perhaps for the next content addition. I hope that’s the case, as it seems that although Rune has a story to find it’s a pity to not have it explored.

  7. When will the DLCs for this be actually available on Steam in Eastern Europe region? What the heck is with this crap called 1C and retail only copies? Not to mention they don’t even bother to provide any date on availability of it.

  8. Will you release some informations on future plans for this game? Or is it over with Dragonborn ? will we getting more DLCs and free content as promised ?

  9. dear Bethesda

    why Skyrim, dawnguard, hearthfire and dragonborn are blocked in Steam (in Ukraine)?

    dishonored and fallout aren`t blocked btw

    1c publisher says it is your fault and not theirs

  10. Is there any advantage to pre-ordering? Besides getting the transaction out of the way? I already did pre-order, I’m just curious.

    • Nope, no advantage. They gave 50% discount to PS3 (well deserved), they should give 25% discount to PC with pre-order, otherwise there’s no reason to pre-order, because let’s face it, Dawnguard certainly was not worth $19.99 and while I expect more from Dragonborn, is Dragonborn really going to have a third of the content of Skyrim? I don’t think so. $60 for a main game / $20 for a DLC means the DLC has 1/3 the content? Nope. Overpriced, and that means Dawnguard was WAY overpriced. $9.99 at most for Dawnguard. $14.99 for Dragonborn. You would sell more copies if you priced your DLC reasonably.

  11. Good to see this come to the pc audience.A very nice add on.Lots of open space for mods.This add on will probably cripple the ps3 version as the 360 version was a little freezy.Hopefully not though since the ram might function better in a separate playspace.
    A solid piece of content with more story& oh my god the stahlrim
    &nordic sets!!!! Have fun everybody!!!

    • Yep and if they are releasing all 3 dlcs in feb i would of expected each one a week apart . But then again they might release all on same day so many will buy all 3 to take advantage of this so called half price for a week deal. With no news on content of patch 1.8 its all looking very shady to say the least. I wont rush to buy any of them thats for sure, but hope with sony devs help they got it all working well now.

  12. “Beginning this weekend, you can now pre-order Skyrim’s latest add-on, Dragonborn”

    No, I can’t, because I live in Poland. Cenega shifts the blame to Bethesda and vice-versa. GET THIS SORTED OUT ALREADY.

  13. I don’t know about you, fellow PS3 users, but I can’t trust Bethesda anymore when it comes to Skyrim DLCs… I just hope they don’t fail us so miserably this time. By the way, I am still waiting for the PS3 DLC release dates…

      • I am sure to buy those DLCs as soon as they arrive and i have a lot of friends who will do the same! I love Skyrim and I have always admired Bethesda… but this waiting is making us mad, please do hurry and thank you for your quick reply!

    • You know they won’t be. The same bugs that existed on the Xbox DLC’s exist on PC even when the PC has come out a month or more later than Xbox. The same bugs will be in the PS3 version on top of making your game an unplayable mess.

      • Do you smell Fallout 4? The smell of bad writing, all focus for the visuals, unfinished mechanics, and another lazy game? TES 5 is the final testimonial about “content is irrelevant, just need an awesome effect.” Sorry! i forgot about the rich cultural side… just repeat few lines of random history for some fat user, playing this rotten concept of game for more then 500 hours, feeling “emotions” inside this joke.
        – im so sad with the guy in the execution. Lady? who is he?
        “come to bits in pieces”
        – ow, ok! i am the dragonborn, your champion! ow.. no marriage option. 🙁
        we are the same kind, you and i. i am glad to met you.
        – ow, ok! i like Morrowind and elves, yep! yep! ow.. no marriage option. 🙁
        – now yes! my new clothe with the support for an full alchemy lab, is all about adventure! where is my Pikachu horse?

        Is time to see some interviews with Tim Cain, to remember the time, when this industry worked with smart people.

        • I smell Fallout 4 coming late this year or early next year. Despite the fact that after Skyrim released, Tool Howard said there would be no more Fallout or Full TES games in this console generation. It wouldn’t be the first time Bethesda said something definitely wasn’t going to happen, only to turn around and release it. Falout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition for example. Jason Bergman said numerous times, that there would be no GOTY edition type of bundle for New Vegas, only to turn around a handful of months later and release the Ultimate Edition.

          • E3 show is expected to end speculation when next gen consoles will be launched . I think new xbox will be out this year for sure so they may if ready just release fallout on that and pc, sound familiar. ps4 may not be out till mid 2014 but who knows , it’s all speculation.
            Really looking forward to seeing specs of new consoles and playing next installment of fallout on ps4.

          • A good engine is the way for other developers. Few companies have big toys, stable toys, for this matter. Epic and Crytek have two giant engines with amazing tools, and both are very good inside PC and consoles, the point is the kind of game. In terms of freedom and portability, mods and multiplayer, Minecraft is the model for the future, an open world with the more important element for a multiplayer game, total customization of structures, terrain and so on. The user starts to create quests and locations, inside a world who responds in real time, is a better future after years inside repetitive worlds present in the todays MMOs. I cant see a better future for this open world, based in heavy polygons and just “eye candy mods.” Of course, Minecraft is not an visual masterpiece, but inside that huge world of cubes, a new age for RPGs, MMOs starts to born, with the possibility of better visuals, organic worlds, real freedom, with mods shared in real time, with tools and ideas in comunity, bring gameplay and creativity, your story in singular or shared with a world of possibility.

            Sad is see the big ones, Epic and Crytek keep the visual effects for lame shooters.. superior engines close to idtech 5.. i hate that shit, but for the same weak end. And the RPG and MMO from this big guys, are lost in translation, completely, just the same repetitive formula from the last 10 or more years, with more effects.

        • With this industry each year more expensive to keep, the reality today’s is about selling engines and tools, much more healthy than a franchise, and i doubt the TES series, with the problematic history of bugs and offline only, get scores close to COD, Halo, Gears, huge franchises, with values in the house of the billions in the final balance.

          They need something relevant, Doom 4 is not relevant as the possibility of a new Fallout, for sure. After Rage… bad taste.. id software is beyond a good idea those days, and Bethesda need to launch something new, fast, Skyrim is old now, FarCry 3 shows a open world so much better, with animations, colors and game mechanics, years ahead.. and shines on my PS3, and if you have an PC or Xbox360, get the game, is a real multiplataform result. No excuses about “we have a complex world” this is bullshit, a decade of bullshit, feeded for fanboys.

          Dishonored is the best new IP inside the house, have less complains about be an shit shooter with outdated look or an game of glitches.

          But buy a PS4, to play BGS games? you mad?

          • Not just for BGS games is it. like you say with expenses going up each year sony is the best option for me to keep outlay to minimal as things stand at the moment. May change my mind when see new specs but doubt it.
            Have said several times this industry needs regulating to stop all this lazy porting and lashed together games. The sooner the better so we all get a decent standard on all platforms. i’m sure there must be huge advances with software and technology to making games easier for devs as well. The devs will continue to cut corners , and keep pushing prices up till they are stoped by a regulatory body.

  14. Matt, can we expect the release dates for PS3 to be revealed in this week?? And can we still expect ALL THREE DLC’s to be released in February?? I think most people that have Skyrim on their PS3, also want to know this, so that we won’t get unexpected disappointments. Thanks in advance. PS: Sorry for my bad English 😛

    • Given that you said that on Wednesday, I wouldn’t think so. Maybe around Wednesday 6th or Thursday 7th is my guess for the PS3 release dates.

      Perhaps when all three platforms have the same DLC they’ll start fixing stuff permanently.

    • Sorry to double, but I forgot something.
      February has yet to begin, and GStaff said they’re close to finalising the dates for the PS3. And they’re still on course for the next four weeks or so.

  15. Geez people, Bethesda said they would release all the DLC for the PS3 in February. I’m holding them to their word. If we don’t see anything by March, then I’m pretty sure “someone” will set up a petition. I’m a huge fan of Skyrim and I’m not wasting money for another system just to play the DLC.

    Besides, I used to check on the Playstation Network for Skyrim to come up in the search engine, and yesterday it was up, just no DLC yet. So I think they are taking the steps to bring the DLC to the PS3, no doubt about it. I’m very excited and can’t wait to spend my money on that stuff! Let us as fans hold them to their word! They say it will be out in February, so let’s wait and see. 🙂

  16. I would consider for 19.99 USD but 24.99 USD for the exact same thing delivered in the exact same way for the exact same cost is disgusting. I’m sick of the rorting companies try and get away with. Guess I will wait till it is on sale since I refuse to be ripped off again even if it is only $5. The game itself was twice as much for the collectors edition here than in the US