Now on iTunes: The Best Beats from Bethesda

We are pleased to announce that the official soundtracks for seven of our most popular games are now available for purchase on iTunes. Soundtracks include:

To purchase these soundtracks, just click on the album names above and you’ll be taken directly to iTunes.

Reader Comments

  1. Why just iTunes; I don’t use that service and I never will but I’d certainly want to have these soundtracks. Please be fair to gamers who aren’t Apple fanboys or girls…

  2. Is there any plans for these to be released on CD and be available in the UK? I’m aware of directsong but don’t fancy all the importing buisness…

  3. I hate you Bethesda. Seriously. I waited forever for iTunes to get this and when they still didn’t I bought the elsewhere. Now they are all dirt cheap and on iTunes. Screw you.

  4. Awww…. Damn.

    I already bought the Skyrim OST from America (signed by Jeremy Soule) which cost me lots of shipping to the UK and I got slapped with a very high customs charge. BUT… I got an awesome four disc set!

  5. Listening to it on Pandora now. It’s mixing in some great stuff. Great background music while I knock out some paperwork. Feeling triumphant!

  6. Great. iTunes. So screw all the people who use droids in other words? I am so sick of hearing about things being put up only on iTunes, as if the droid market share is nothing. The world does not revolve around the iPhone, contrary to what some would think. Get with the times.

  7. I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long! A million thanks!

    Jeremy Soule easily has the best game soundtracks out there in my humble opinion, I would listen to these all day long if I could.

  8. Why release the Skyrim score when Skyrim isn’t complete yet? What about any soundtracks included in the unreleased DLCs? We all know they are coming 😉

  9. Great news! Been waiting for digital releases of the awesome Elder Scrolls music.

    That said, Spotify, WiMP, Bandcamp or any other provider is infinitely more preferable over iTunes.

  10. And us Aussies get screwed over once again with the Australia Tax. $15.99 in the US, $29.99 in Australia. At the current exchange rate, it should be approx $15.40 AU. Even with 10% GST, it should not be almost double.

    Come on Bethesda, give us a break.

  11. Itunes keeps 30% of the total sales money. That leaves 70% for Bethesda and the composer and musicians that played on these tracks. How much of that 70% will Bethesda keep? 50%? 60%? Obviously Bethesda isn’t going to pay the composer and musicians more that what Bethesda takes in from this.

  12. Please release on CD, or release with an online music service that actually offers LOSSLESS download format.

    I don’t want crappy iTunes MP3s. If I wanted MP3, well, I play on PC, so the files are all there. It’s not a secret.

    Please release on a CD for lossless CD quality audio, not lossy, compressed 🙁