PSN release dates for Dragonborn/Dawnguard/Hearthfire (Updated)

Update (2/19): We’re happy to announce that Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn will be releasing in FIGS territories next Tuesday, February 27th.

Update (2/4): We now have European release dates for the English versions of Dragonborn, Hearthfire, and Dawnguard. They are:

  • Dragonborn releases Wednesday, February 13
    • Regular Price: £12.99, € 16.99, AUS $24.95; First Week Pricing: £6.49, € 7.99, AUS $11.75
  • Hearthfire releases Wednesday, February 20
    • Regular Price: £3.99, € 4.99, AUS $7.35; First Week Pricing: £1.99, € 2.49, AUS $3.65
  • Dawnguard releases Wednesday, February 27
    • Regular Price: £12.99, € 16.99, AUS $24.95; First Week Pricing: £6.49, € 7.99, AUS $11.75

For folks with the French, Italian, German, or Spanish release of the game, we continue to work with Sony to finalize these dates. All three titles are with Sony certification and we anticipate their release by the end of the month. We will confirm dates as soon as we can.

Original Post: Let the official countdown to Dragonborn, Dawnguard, and Hearthfire on PS3 begin.

This week Dragonborn, Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and the 1.8 title update have all cleared certification with SCEA. As we speak, we’re working with Sony Europe to finalize certification for other territories.

What does this mean? It means we now have the official release dates for Skyrim add on content in North America. They are:

  • Dragonborn releases Tuesday, February, 12
  • Hearthfire releases Tuesday, February, 19
  • Dawnguard releases Tuesday, February, 26

Don’t forget: all three add-ons will be marked down to 50% during their first week of release. As soon as we have final dates for Europe, we will post an update here. Stay tuned.

Reader Comments

  1. i think all of us have done so much research and have seen all the utube vids…. idk if it’s even worth getting now… ive done everything in this game you can possibly think of waiting for the dlc. now i just don’t know

  2. i bought my ps3 and skyrim here in brazil, my psn account is brazillian too, so… can i buy the dlcs? am i going to have any problem?

  3. Still the waiting game (3PM east). Maaaaan, I even started a new Character just to start this off right. Please…before I cut off the fingers of orphan Llama’s..

  4. do you guy have any contact with PS to find out what is going on in a more specific manor than oh the PN has not updated i am to under stand they have it correct and are doing exactly what with it will this be an all day thing or do u guys not have access to that info i contacted them they say some time today in tecknical terms the day is over at 6pm its almost 5:30 no content to be seen am i to assume it will not be today or wait and try and be pacient this is urking me a bit as u can see PS gives us the oh it will proly be there today crap and its a bit late 4 a sever to update when its norm is at noon

  5. if i had the money, i should have got it for xbox… but i like the ps3. and i was the first out of all my friends to get the platinum… but if i gotta start over, so be it… ppl need to get there stuff straight. or fired… where’s trump when you need him

  6. Does anyone know what time it’s out at? I’m on psn looking for it and its not there. P.s. I live in the mystical land of Canada, so it should be out


  8. this all just too frustrating im just gunna call it a day and look 4 it tommaro dont see it coming very soon and waiting 4 it is annoying

  9. PSN Store is starting to display partial listings for some new content for other titles. (7PM EST) You may see the store become unavailable sometime within the next hour, but after that we should all have access to Dragonborn.

    • i do it is awesome get it now and i recommend you use heavy armor because there is like 3 sets of light and you get get them very quickly

  10. Am I the only one wanting to smack people for claiming “Western Standard Time”? I main… Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern – those are the four timezones in the Continental US. Western Standard Time is an Australian time zone… And this article covers the US release.

    It’s been long enough for waiting and it’s next week after drago born and its still9.99
    But no hearthfire!

  12. Hopefully soon, I don’t want to have to wait much longer than I did for Dragonborn, which wasn’t that long. Hopefully any second now

  13. bethesda has know idea whats going on and have been unable to talk with sony… as soon as they know whats going on they will let us know on the forum. Sony is looking into it, but there isn’t an ETA on when the Store will update

  14. I have a minor question. The newest update says that the three DLC will be released on Tuesday, Feb 27. Do you mean Tues, Feb 26 or Wed, Feb 27?

    • i have both Dragonborn and Hearthfire so far and have not experienced any lag or freezing so i would say all 3 should work fine, plus they are fun to play so go download them 🙂

  15. “Dawnguard releases Wednesday, February 27”

    “Dawnguard releases Tuesday, February, 26”

    “Tuesday, February 27th.”
    Lol uhh, wat

  16. thanks Bethesda Dragon Born was awesome however the dragon riding was a bit unsatisfying but still cool perhaps if you release a patch that allows for full control it would be better however i understand that due to the city’s being in separate cells this can lead to becoming stuck inside the walls. and Hearth Fire was actually a lot better than i expected, it was cheap served its purpose had multiple wing combinations and three houses so you can have all the wings. however i could see the saber-cat tooth becoming a slight problem. for me at least saber-cats are rare and it seems no merchant sells their teeth so if you can add those to shops that would be great although hunting for cats all day just to mount their heads on my wall was still fun. now i just have to wait for Dawn Guard which comes out today and kill me some vampires