PSN release dates for Dragonborn/Dawnguard/Hearthfire (Updated)

Update (2/19): We’re happy to announce that Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn will be releasing in FIGS territories next Tuesday, February 27th.

Update (2/4): We now have European release dates for the English versions of Dragonborn, Hearthfire, and Dawnguard. They are:

  • Dragonborn releases Wednesday, February 13
    • Regular Price: £12.99, € 16.99, AUS $24.95; First Week Pricing: £6.49, € 7.99, AUS $11.75
  • Hearthfire releases Wednesday, February 20
    • Regular Price: £3.99, € 4.99, AUS $7.35; First Week Pricing: £1.99, € 2.49, AUS $3.65
  • Dawnguard releases Wednesday, February 27
    • Regular Price: £12.99, € 16.99, AUS $24.95; First Week Pricing: £6.49, € 7.99, AUS $11.75

For folks with the French, Italian, German, or Spanish release of the game, we continue to work with Sony to finalize these dates. All three titles are with Sony certification and we anticipate their release by the end of the month. We will confirm dates as soon as we can.

Original Post: Let the official countdown to Dragonborn, Dawnguard, and Hearthfire on PS3 begin.

This week Dragonborn, Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and the 1.8 title update have all cleared certification with SCEA. As we speak, we’re working with Sony Europe to finalize certification for other territories.

What does this mean? It means we now have the official release dates for Skyrim add on content in North America. They are:

  • Dragonborn releases Tuesday, February, 12
  • Hearthfire releases Tuesday, February, 19
  • Dawnguard releases Tuesday, February, 26

Don’t forget: all three add-ons will be marked down to 50% during their first week of release. As soon as we have final dates for Europe, we will post an update here. Stay tuned.

Reader Comments

    • Seeing as they still couldn’t get it to release the same day as PC a week earlier, it still proves PS3 will be F’ed over on any remaining dlcs. Passed cert, so why push it back yet again? Til they treat all 3 platforms the same, you’re going to get anger.

        • All could be avoided if things were released on all platforms at the same date. A radical concept, I know. You’d avoid the anger, complaining, and bethesda wouldn’t have had to slash the prices, because more people would have paid $20 last june, instead of the fewer people, who will get it for $10 (or your currency of choice) The only complaints would be the who has the best control set up, as well as PC has modz!! Which is pretty much every other game argument.

          • All of this could have been avoided if Bethesda actually developed the vanilla Skyrim game on PS3 properly without such poor performance. They then chose to lie to customers about it’s performance before release, and also covered up it’s performance by not sending out review copies to reviewers. Now they want to add DLC to a broken foundation and expect it to work LMAO. The PS3 was the cash grab console, and they’re still up to their cash grabbing tricks. The foolish, and overly optimisitc will be happy to pay not to play, because you won’t be playing this DLC once your game is broken.

          • The PS3 takes longer to develop for. So the PS4 would of been out most likely by the time Skyrim was done being developed on the PS3. Anyways, Jonesy are you never satisfied. Before it was released you were complaining about it not ever coming out as well as many others, and now you are complaining about the bugs? Wow, I stopped being on the PS3 complainers side after I seen so many death threats and immaturity on the forums. We PC players get screwed over too,(More than the consoles do) but whenever we complain about it a lot of people tell us to be quiet. So what are you going to complain about next?

  1. Just one thing I’m curious about, if the European release is a couple of days behind the American release, will we still get the full one week discount for each?

    • I would assume so since when they say “American”, they really mean North America which is the U.S. and Canada (I know Mexico is too, but that’s more considered Central and I’m not sure if they’re considered the same region as us).

    • Its a few bug fixes but it adds in things like finishing moves and mounted combat which is so useful on PC so hopefully you’ll all get more enjoyable features 🙂

  2. When can we expect the 1.8 update? I hope it is several days before the release date of Dragonborn because I want to see how stable my system is with it and the overall performance. 1.6 degraded the performance of my system and thankfully no DLC was associated with it at the time. Obviously 1.8 will have all the preps in it for DG, HF, and DB plus all the other fixes that gets tied into it.

    I mainly just want to make sure that the latest patch does not degrade performance even farther so I do not waste my money on a DLC that won’t work to satisfaction on my system.

  3. until march, fellow trolls! to complain about how BUG the dlcs are. there is a lesson here, from the last 10 years, and we still not learn.

  4. I am happy thank you Bethesda!!!
    Gstaff, when will the DLC’s be released in Europe?
    Looking forward to all the new material.

  5. I’m wondering if we could get a real, truthful answer about the performance of the DLC? Will this be the Fallout games all over again in which the DLC’s completely broke the games and degraded them to an unplayable state, or has Bethesda learned something?
    Let’s remember, the base game is still broken, and unless patch 1.8 is an amazing bug killing silver bullet, the DLC will most likely just add to the problems.

    • Only thing thats different this time is that sony devs were called in to help fix. If that gives any extra hope of sorting main issues is debatable .
      Usual silence from gstaff to all questions makes me think they are worried and all is not well with the game still.
      Hope it’s not going to be like fallout games but with little or no info to go on, all we can do is speculate and get angry with lack of PR from this company.
      I doubt you will get any answer not to mention truthful ones. patch 1.8 is passed and ready to go so why wont they post on here the bugs it will fix?

  6. lol. I like how they separated them all by a week so that they can try to milk every dollar out of them. Here’s hoping the DLC actually works on PS3. *crosses fingers*

    • It’s also clever that the DLC’s are only 50% off for a week. The suckers who will buy them, won’t have enough time to see how broken it makes the game. Cash grab!

  7. History is about to repeat itself for the third time. Be prepared for broken unplayable games, and complaints. Bethesda will once again put up their wall of silence and do nothing to remedy the situation. I know a lot of people are foolish wantng to buy the DLC, but if you haven’t learned from past Bethesda titles I hope you will learn from this one.

  8. Im just assuming that 1.8 (or 1.7 as it will be called on the prompt for patch) is going to come out for NA on Tuesday. Thats normally when psn is updated and stuff 😛 Then the Tuesday after that is when the DLC’s start to come out 😀 I do find it odd though how they said they were going to countinue work on DG and HF after DB to make it work, then out of no where they say there all coming out in February. Also I wish they would have released the DLC’s in order to but oh well xD

  9. Hey Gstaff, Since you now finally solved the Problem with the skyrim DLC, I think some Dynamic whather enhancement would be cool as a implemented in a small Addon, or even as a free Feature in some Future Patch 🙂
    Not only this sometimes-it-Rains-wheather, in skyrim there is Need for Snowstorms and Blizzards. And do something like the Snow being half a Meter or so high, and covering wide Ranges Like the Whiterun Lands for like three days and then slowly smelting, and also the Snow lying on Roofs and trees 🙂
    I’m Sure this would enhance skyrim a Lot and make it a Lot more Epic!

  10. How about releasing Skyrim the full game on PSN too? I bought Oblivion for PC and have yet to purchase Skyrim. I got a PS3 December of 2012 and hope Skyrim releases on PSN for it since I dislike buying retail games nowadays. Maybe include all the recent patches in the PSN version. 😀

  11. @Commna Tong. I’ve made it abundantly clear I don’t want the DLC, never have, never will. I want vanilla Skyrim to work as intended but it doesn’t and never will. So claiming I’ve been complaining for the DLC is a complete fallacy. I complain because honestly I really do hate Bethesda, and I want them to fail.

    • How nice of you. They all have jobs and you want them to go unemployed in this economy? Wow. Besides Bethesda isn’t even near as bad as some other Publishers and Developers even with the PS3 stuff. Anyways, most people have Skyrim work fine, a few don’t. Over 90% of the bugs are rare.

      • Yep. Ive seen both sides of the fence on this one. My first profile (made in Dec 2011) is 16MB..yea 16 and the lag there is unstoppable. Where as my second two are newer profiles both around 8-11MB and the lag is very minimal on them. The patches did work and I am convinced Bethesda is learning how to treat the PS3. None of this really matters any more with the next gen around the corner though. The PS4 is supposed to built more like the Xbox so it’s easier to develop for so thats fantastic news for Bethesda and PS Beth game fans. It wasn’t all Bethesda fault with the PS3 seeing that Sony only gave it half the RAM the 360 had for games. With the Bethesda games being as cache reliant as they are I’m amazed they’ve got Skyrim to run as well as it does on the PS3 post-patches.

        • John its the same for fallout 3 and new vegas and now skyrim on ps3. Once you get around the 10mb the lag and freezing gets worse and worse. Granted i saw slight improvement with last patch but still not solved by a long way. It does still matter even with ps4 out sometime next 18 months as we paid good money for a game they said no lag problem with new engine. You have obviously complained about other games before so what do you expect us to do here? roll over and take it and let them get away with it? skyrim is a huge game and this fiasco is in the public eye like no other and beth needs to do something to get things right or will suffer badly in future sales.
          Not seen any reports about PS4 built like xbox for easier game development or any spec of either machine yet. Hope its not as will get hacked to death in minutes ha ha.
          As for the really tired argument about the ram think about this and use skyrim for example as you say it runs quite well on your ps3.. PS3 needs 250mb ram, xbox needs 500mb ram thats double or X2. PC i’m told needs 2gig ram thats X8 more. Taking price and size of ram available back then into account , how much more ram could they put in that was needed before average pc owners couldn’t upgrade any more to play the games?Will be interesting how much they shove in new consoles to future proof them wont it and can hear alot of pc wallets groaning to keep up when new games come out for them.

      • I mostly want to see Tool Howard Tweet Hines and Gstaff out of a job. The developers could find work elsewhere, but Tweet Hines especially needs to be black balled from the gaming industry entirely. He takes incompetence, arrogance, and rudeness to an entirely new level.

        • I’ve seen worse. You should see the way the CoD devs treat PS3 players. They don’t respond to ANYTHING unlike Hines. I know i used CoD devs as an example even though everyone hates the game.. just trying to make a point.

          • There’s more examples than that. Bioware gave PC players the middle finger along with a whole bunch of lies. That was a little before DA2. Oh, and I am surprised that no one remembers when FFXIII broke the PS3, both Sony and Square Enix were pointing fingers at each other. Also, with the lag, at least most don’t get it. Most I know get the horrendous lag on ME1 with the Mako and other areas. The game was barely playable.

        • So you want to see Gstaff out of a job for doing what he is told by the company. Wow Jonesy, what a nice person you are. Either that or you don’t live in the real world where people who work for a company have to do what their bosses tell them. But hey, I guess it’s better that he be on the unemployment line and unable to support his family(if he has one) because you had to wait for DLC for a video game. Good to know what’s truly important in life.

      • He has every right to complain so long as it’s based on facts and not fiction like some do. i’ve read many of his posts and granted some are a little over the top but always backed with facts to what has and is happening here.

        Your statement ….. Anyways , most people have skyrim work fine, a few don’t…. Where did you get this fact? I have skyrim and never seen or been asked to enter a poll anywhere for that info to exist.Same applies to your claim over 90% of bugs are rare? I get the same bugs everytime i play, hardly rare then.

        • What kind of bugs are we talking about here?
          Everybody knows that there are bugs everywhere in this game on all three platforms, but I don’t see any examples in your post.

          • You answered it yourself, do you really need me to write here all the bugs i get that everyone already knows about. So you agree then 90% of bugs are not rare?

          • Indeed. I can constantly reproduce a couple just by skipping a seemingly unimportant step.
            The Strange Amulet is one that comes to mind readily, and some of the bounty quests don’t remove themselves from the journal.
            On top of that, I belive it was the intention for Missing In Action is still broken, too.

  12. Thank you guys!!!! I was pretty optimistic about the release dates being announced at february the first, but could you please tell me when is update 1.8 coming? Thanks again .
    P.s sorry for my bad english

  13. Oh well being last in line to get it gives us a chance to see what happens with north americans customers . Still complete silence to any questions asked on here so guess we wait for release day. Pathetic PR .

  14. I am more interested in more content shown in the GameJam, why not release a DLC with everything that includes stuff such as Seasonal Foliage, Flow Based Water Shader, Screen Space Ambien Occlusion, Snow Footprints, and Velvet Sourfaces for Non Rigid Objects… DAAAMN i would pay another 10-20 USD just to get all that!

  15. Thanks Bethesda :). Been recently playing Skyrim on my PS3 again (a lot) in anticipation of the DLC’s release. I appreciate you sticking with us on this.

  16. i think bethesda is trying real hard to get dlc out then trying to fix the game, the last 2 patches shows there not really trying at all.

  17. I have yet to have half the buggs people complain about. The worse bug I ever suffered was the starting sequence not moving on into character creating, back on I think it was like… DAY 1. Seriously, am I the only PS3er who doesn’t hate Bethesda or Skyrim?

    • That’s most of us. Only times I really get game breaking bugs is when I am using mods. There are a few I get, but they are fixable. Most PS3 players don’t have problems. I have seen PC players complain about bugs that don’t even exist unless you are using mods too.

      • Camonna Tong..oh i see, you have talked to all ps3 players have you ? Your search engine can’t find the major gaming sites and forums listing all issues on ps3? So if game has no problems why has it taken over 7 months to fix including calling in sony devs ?

        Jesse. You are lucky if played game all way through with no lag and game freezing issues. I would be amazed if you have done all side quests as well with no issues. Fallout 3 ,new vegas and skyrim game freezing issues start around 10mb save file size on mine every time. i have to make loads of different save files often so i can go back and try again to complete a quest it wont let me complete. Played game 5 times as far as i could different ways to eventually get all trophys.

        • Seems like save file bloating and better cache management should be on Beth’s agenda.
          And I’ve said this before, but the game needs a core redesign and a more involved Civil War questline.
          At the moment, it’s basically this:
          “Join up, do that, get that, come back, go wipe a fort, come back, repeat, march on the opposing city hold.”
          I’ve deliberately left out the subterfuge mission (get co-operation) as it’s only one in a long litany of fort wiping.

          • yep, same problems gone on long enough and needs to end now and not next game promises.
            Agree plenty of scope to better core design and hopeful they will with new gen consoles. Should be a huge step forward once games for them roll out.

  18. @Gstaff. Fallout 3 is seriously bugged. Dr Li will not move from her position and keeps saying we need to get to the tunnel. What can be done?

    • Hey Adama

      Try loading a save prior to that locked door opening and make sure the Doc is closer to your character when approaching the locked door. To be safe, go ahead and let Dr. Li open the door.

  19. I have not had a prob with skyrim ever since my game would freeze every time i stepped in the water that was a real piss off but i love the game i could play it forever and never get bored i cant wait for the dlc yee haw thank you for sticking with it guys i have been waiting to long for this thank you

  20. And suddenly everyone goes back to groveling at Bethesdas feet, the balance is restored.

    Now we can all direct our fury at how terribad ESO is turning out.