PSN release dates for Dragonborn/Dawnguard/Hearthfire (Updated)

Update (2/19): We’re happy to announce that Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn will be releasing in FIGS territories next Tuesday, February 27th.

Update (2/4): We now have European release dates for the English versions of Dragonborn, Hearthfire, and Dawnguard. They are:

  • Dragonborn releases Wednesday, February 13
    • Regular Price: £12.99, € 16.99, AUS $24.95; First Week Pricing: £6.49, € 7.99, AUS $11.75
  • Hearthfire releases Wednesday, February 20
    • Regular Price: £3.99, € 4.99, AUS $7.35; First Week Pricing: £1.99, € 2.49, AUS $3.65
  • Dawnguard releases Wednesday, February 27
    • Regular Price: £12.99, € 16.99, AUS $24.95; First Week Pricing: £6.49, € 7.99, AUS $11.75

For folks with the French, Italian, German, or Spanish release of the game, we continue to work with Sony to finalize these dates. All three titles are with Sony certification and we anticipate their release by the end of the month. We will confirm dates as soon as we can.

Original Post: Let the official countdown to Dragonborn, Dawnguard, and Hearthfire on PS3 begin.

This week Dragonborn, Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and the 1.8 title update have all cleared certification with SCEA. As we speak, we’re working with Sony Europe to finalize certification for other territories.

What does this mean? It means we now have the official release dates for Skyrim add on content in North America. They are:

  • Dragonborn releases Tuesday, February, 12
  • Hearthfire releases Tuesday, February, 19
  • Dawnguard releases Tuesday, February, 26

Don’t forget: all three add-ons will be marked down to 50% during their first week of release. As soon as we have final dates for Europe, we will post an update here. Stay tuned.

Reader Comments

  1. its awesome that the dlc’s are finally arriving on PS3 but I do have a question regarding shadows. Will the shadows ever be fixed on the PS3 version? it has been a noticeable problem ever since the game launched. An example is that there are holes in the shadows and they flicker like crazy whenever I move.

  2. Jonesy,although I can understand your frustration about the delayed dlc I gotta say that atleast beth is getting the content to ps3 users.I’ve played through the content and it is worth every penny(even hearthfire)helps that its half of too.

    • How many times do I have to say I don’t now and never wanted the DLC, because I know what adding DLC to this shithouse game will do. All I want is for the vanilla Skyrim game to run like it’s suppose to which sadly it never will. Bethesda should have done the right thing after 11-11-11 which is biting the bullet and recalling the PS3 version or delayed the PS3 version from the start. Instead you had the brillaint minds(sarcasm) of Tool Howard and Tweet Hines lying through their teeth claiming that the PS3 version was on par with the Xbox, and that the issues from previous Bethesda PS3 titles were fixed for Skyrim because it runs on a “new engine.” Which is also a lie because the Creation Engine is new in name only and sports updated yet still outdated graphics. Skyrim was sold on a foundation of lies and Bethesda really shouldn’t be able to get away with it.

      • Skyrim, Rage, Fallout 3, Vegas, Oblivion, each one with a year to get a fixe, maybe some mod, nothing resolves in the end, you buy an ad. Each title full of problems, each title with lots of false results inside, with development by Bethesda or not, the real result in the end is about the consumer, they don´t care. They buy expensive products everywhere, with problems and waiting for problems, but they don´t care. The consumer today is an addict to buy at all costs, they say “passion” i say “delusive conduct” and this kind of believe without reason, is the today politics too. The consumer never learns, just wait the new consoles, just wait one year more after the final dlc, and the cicle starts again. The real update coming with a better ad, the real game is designed inside marketing reunions.

  3. Sorry about the misperception there and yeah I agree about them selling a faulty product.that’s why I didn’t buy it on the ps3 because of the problems oblivion had .the base game on ps3 is pretty bad even 7 patches later.I’m w/you on the fact that adding dlc will cripple the game because adding dawnguard on pc made for more freezing.I love bethesda games but I do believe they knew about the ps3 issues before release and were like”yeah we’ll patch it later”.shady business practices.don’t take my comment as an attack I just misunderstood your point of view on dlc. I didn’t play fallout on ps3 but I imagine the experiences were similar.its just not a good system for open world games.never has never will be.doesn’t have the ram to pull it off.even w/dlc being half off how much of a deal are you really getting if your game becomes unplayable?sucks that they don’t take care of ps3 fans.Love the creativity of beth games not their moral compass.hope they fix the ps3 version for you and again I’m sorry I misundersood your view on the game.

    • They knew about the problems on the PS3 before release Tool Howard admitted it to Kotaku in late January/early February 2012.

      The PS3 is a good system for open world games. Kingdoms of Amalur runs great on PS3 and so does Dragon’s Dogma. Bethesda games don’t run well on PS3 because 1. The engine Bethesda uses is a shithouse engine and 2. Bethesda clearly never learned how to fully develop on the PS3. They must have learned the bare minimum when Sony sent them their PS3 dev kit.

      • Jonesy is right on with this. Bethesda learned a long time ago that Elder Scrolls was a title that fans are okay buying with bugs galore. I have a life outside of my house so the only gaming system I own is PS3. Oblivion was the maximum amount of bugs and crashes I will tolerate. Dragons Dogma and Amalur never crashed, great gameplay, and some actual quests worth doing. I haven’t missed these DLCs and the fact they aren’t free to the PS3 player is a slap in the face. I wasn’t impressed with Skyrim to start with and those that are impressed with it – you’ve set your bar really low. If Bethesda can’t even give us a game with more than four voices, what makes you think they’ll give you a game without crashes?!

  4. I just have one more thing to say for now.
    The use of .xwm format sound I do not appreciate. Yes, it greatly reduces the file size, but it also greatly reduces the volume, meaning I have to turn up my speakers to hear it. Then Olfrid walks by and blasts his pompous arrogance straight into my ear, forcing me to turn it back down.

    Go back to using MP3 format sound, at least, please.

  5. Any Idea how long it’ll take to get the FIGS version up to PSN? just whether it will be around one or two days later, or one or two weeks… Remember, they’re probably more customers at all than in the UK 🙂

    • I fear that it will take longer. Oh and btw, I think more people in Europe have got the English version, because people in other countries, like the Netherlands, Belgium Russia, Greece, Bosnia, Poland, will probably buy the English version. But back to the point, it happens more often that the non-English versions get delayed. Although I’ve got the English version (I live in the NL), I hope that it’ll come soon, because everyone hates waiting, and all PS3 owners (including you and me) have waited long enough for these DLCs.

  6. 😀 Thanks to Bethesda for keeping your promises and thanks to Sony Europe for uploading the DLC so fast after the North American release 😀

  7. PC games are having to wait super long for Dragonborn, we should get the discount too!
    By being kind to PS3 fans you are kind of screwing your othe customers.

      • No, but we have had to wait months longer than Xbox.
        But the main thing is we are still loyal customers and it just feels a little unfair for us.

        • @Marcus
          PS3 users had to wait super long for Dawnguard and Hearthfire as well on top of having to wait for Dragonborn and on top of the main game’s technical issues though.

          I agree that it’s unfair though, I thought the 30-day 360 exclusivity agreement was only for DG and HF, but it seems to have applied for Dragonborn as well. 🙁

  8. So… question. How substantial is the 1.8 patch for PS3? I imagine that it’d have to be quite notable in order to bring enough stability for the DLC. As happy as I am that I’m getting the DLC, I still worry about having to reboot my PS3 every 30 minutes to an hour. 1.7 really messed up my game…

    • Our team has put significant effort into general memory and stability improvements in the 1.8 update for PS3.

      You’ll definitely want to be running the update whether you grab the DLC or not.

      • Then by all means get 1.8 out asap. I wanna see what all this hard work will do. The lag has been reduced alot as is so this patch sounds great.

      • GStaff is this an ironclad promise that the main game will be significantly improved by the 1.8 patch (solid frame rate and no crashing) and the release of the DLC isn’t going to cause the performance to tank the way it did with Fallout 3?

        If so, then Bethesda should, as a show of faith, make review copies of all three DLCs available ahead of their release dates so we aren’t buying blind as we were with the main game.

        • That’s not their call, hun. Much of these dates likely have more to do on Sony’s end than on Bathesda’s – probably an issue of quality control.

      • So not quite the same as pc/360 release notes as you indicated earlier? Clear as mud to what been fixed but glad to see you stated you have done more to fix stability.
        So can we expect our old save files to work better after patch instalations or is it best to start fresh game as to corrupted

      • I see. Thank you very much, I look forward to being able to play again. I never really had many problems personally until 1.7 (then I got everything people complained about all at once), so I eagerly await this fix.

  9. Hey Bethesda! Great news. I got one quick question tho. I bought a north american copy of the game. I now live in eu and have an eu account. My question is if i can buy the dlc from the eu ps store and use it on my north american copy? Thanks in advance. =)

  10. It’s crazy to me to hear people talk about how broken ps3 version is lol,I have never exsperienced the bugs on ps3 that I have on Xbox.and no my game ain’t broken at all it actually runs WAY smoother than my Xbox version so thanks for the great news bethesda and ps3 all the way.

  11. Hi Bethesda, it´s already the 5th of February… still waiting for my Preorder copy of Dragonborn… is this coming today as expected?

  12. All I can say is OMGWTFICANNOTBELIEVEITSNOTBUTTER!!! FINALLY something definitive as to a release date for PS3 Vs. a speculative date. Guess i’ll be getting that 500GB classic white PS3 bundle instead of the XBOX ReFixMe… ypou REALLY impressed the HELL out of me Bethesda… is this a sign that your track record is about to take a u-turn? I sure hope so… i mean… yall make GREAT games (been with you since PC Morrowind (pre-tribunal)) and this actually makes me real happy to see this post. Hopefully… hext gen consoles have more solid hardware and are easier to script for… from what i’ve heard they WILL be packing a crapload of ram next gen… (8GB system RAM for PS4, 16 GB System RAM for XBOX 720), and hoipefully we don’t see developmental issues like we’ve seen this gen… also maybe they can have some PC based MMOs ported over to consoles… who knows… BUT GREAT JOB BETHESDA!!!

  13. I’m looking forward to the 1.8 update, especially the memory and stability improvements, I’m hoping they iron out the stuttering and low framerate (in areas like Riften and the swamp around Morthal)

    Is there any news on a release date for the 1.8 patch just yet? I’m happy to wait if it’s being released before Dragonborn but knowing the date would be nice. 🙂

  14. Credits ADDED \o/. Now i just need wait for this 3 DLCs, $10 each (i hope)then wait for REDGUARD and please, pretty please, don’t stop making DLCs!!!!
    i’m 24 years old and the game SKYRIM from BETHESDA is the best game i ever played!

    • Redguard? Seriously? Is that their next DLC? It had better not be.
      Redguard was part of “The Elder Scrolls Adventures” spin-off series, and it was AWFUL.
      If they do go about it, all I can say is “I hope it’s not just a rehash”.

  15. Skyrim…. That sounds familure…. Sounds like an old game I haven’t touched in a year….

    Oh what is this? The DLCs are finally comeing out for my prefured system? hummm that’s nice….

    *goes back to playing deadSpace 3 well anxiously awating the release of Colonial Mariens*

    Better luck buying me back next year Bethy

    • My thoughts exactly…I’ve moved on to Dead Space 3 and Boderlands 2…

      ABOUT TIME BETHESDA! Glad to see you finally paused sleeping with Microsoft and found time for us PS3 users.

  16. @gstaff. Guys I live in Brazil but my Skyrim was bought in the USA and so was my PS3. My Psn account is also from the USA. I won’t have any problems by downloading the DLCs for my Skyrim, right?

    • Australia belongs to the European PSN, and since it mostly updates around 18.00-19.00 here in the Netherlands (GMT +1), it’ll probably Dragonborn will probably be online Thursday the 14th early in the morning (might be a little later or earlier, though). But I’m not 100% sure

  17. Bethesda does the Xbox 360 exclusivity deal end with Dragonborn or did the work a new deal for all of the future dlc? I am just wondering since I heard that it was supposed to end with Hearthfire but it apparently continued to apply to Dragonborn for PC. I have not had to worry about this yet because I use PS3 so I want to know now that DLC is coming out. Thanks for sticking with us.

  18. It’ll take them 2 patches to stabilize this dlc.To many Ram problems.I don’t care how much they optomize the can change the software not the hardware.why do you think ps3 got oblivion a year later.I hope its not screwed for ps3 users and I hope it has minimal issues because it really is fantastic content.

      • can you please tell me when the dragon born will be out its says feb 12 and its feb 12. is it going to be released tomorrow or today if its today what time

  19. hey GSTAFF, im having a error 8022D0A when im trying to see my SKYRIM trophies online, its ps3 error or game error? thanks for ur support ^^

  20. hey when are the dlcs bein realsed what time its 1:05 for me AM waiting really wantin this dlc please put it out there for ps3 thanks

  21. anyone now im in B.C really want to know when badly cause i want to start playing really soon please reply as soon as possible

  22. woo hoo here we go cant wait. waited so long went and bought everything on xbox. then went to pc for better graphics no it is time for ps3 to kick in so i can have my level 80 guy back.

  23. if im not mistaken they said the 12th correct well i still see nothing and its 10:09 est in the U.S knowing our luck they will postpone it again …

  24. this is probably the last bethesda game i will buy. i have fall out 3, fall out new vegas, oblivion and skyrim. every one of them are cool but do not operate correctly. bethesda sucks

  25. haha this is just great is it bad that a PS representative dont even know when their own servers update their PSN lol is some classic load of crap right there the good news is and this not coming from me but a playstion representative themself this dlc will be out by the end of the day … srry to second guess u bethesesda but not second guessing u can get everyones hopes up and then crush em too so i go to the top every time oh and tyvm for finaly geting these dlcs out all up to playstion now -_-