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  1. How come Steam is not downloading it on PC?? i had it as Preorder since a week ago and steam is not downloading it… what is wrong?

  2. I’d buy it straight away if you weren’t trying to screw me for an extra $5. In New Zealand, Steam bills in USD, so why is it $24.99? Do we get extra content?

    • The US price does not include any sales tax or VAT which may come on top, depending on where you live.

      I assume the Australian price does includes GST?

      In most parts of Europe Dragonborn costs 19.99 Euros which includes VAT. With the current exchange rate 20 Euros are 27 USD so our price is even higher…

  3. Hello great to finally have DB dlc… Is it coming with Dragonborn any Update that allows mod.esm created in version control to be able to load multiple DLC as resorces for modding?

  4. @gstaff some of your spells/abilities are way too overpowering. aetherial crow/ritual exploit etc. you guys should have some sort of opinion only.

  5. Hey Gstaff, any chance that a HD texture pack will get released at some point in time for Dragonborn? The textures are great so far in the vanilla dlc, but I feel that a lot of things that DB introduces (armors and weapons, among others) could really benefit from higher-res textures.

    Regardless of whether or not that’s in the works, it’s awesome to be able to play DB on my pc now. Thanks for the PC release, and congrats on getting the dlc packs out to PS3 users!

      • Wow, ask and ye shall receive! LOL… I wasn’t expecting them to release one soon, but silly me. I guess they’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback regarding the high-res textures, and have been working on this all along.

        Having this out of the way, as well as getting all of the DLC packs out to PS3 users must feel nice. Hopefully that will mean that they are going to be able to focus 100% on whatever they’ve got coming next. Good on them, and good for us!

  6. Any chance of fixing the massive gamebreaking bugs that came with Dragonborn? I mean shoddy would be an understatement. Spoilers ahead for anyone who hasn’t done the story. So far I have encountered many small issues (as expected until the Unofficial Dragonborn Patch fixes it), but there are massive glaring issues which ends up meaning the DLC cannot be completed or even begun.

    -Dragon souls cannot be absorbed, I have tried without any mods at all on a brand new save, the dragon dies and doesn’t disintegrate, this means not being able to reach the stage of the main quest which is apparently required to start the DLC main quest.

    -Miraak doesn’t die, a number of different ways this can happen, being that he is just about to then just disappears (under the world apparently), or he goes ethereal and just doesn’t do anything after the first dragon is killed.

    -Mounting the first dragon (in the Deadric realm just before the fight with Miraak) again numerous ways this can happen but the two I have experienced are that the player doesn’t manage to climb onto the dragon, and the dragon leaves but the player stays in place in the default pose.

    I’d be happy to reel off another dozen or so bugs like the lift in Tel Mithryn not doing anything (character just stands there with controls disabled). But I’m sure you know about these already, for some people it seems to be mods, but for me and many others it seems to just be the DLC. I’ve stuck up for you as a company in the past but I won’t continue to do so, the more half baked DLC comes out the more I regret paying for it.

      • Yeah I’m sure you will. Anything more specific than that though? Like if there is any intention on fixing those bugs? I mainly want to know if I should be looking for a refund or not considering I still haven’t been able to complete the DLC main quest properly and cannot get the achievements through Steam as the only way I can complete it is by using the console.

        • I don’t details on future updates right now, but will share when I do.

          Specific to the dragon soul part you mentioned, I would see what happens if you roll back to the beginning of the content without any mods installed to ensure that the things. For further help with Dragonborn, be sure to check

          • I always run through from the beginning to the point of the bug without any mods to check and see a mod isn’t causing it first. I’m certainly not the only one having the problem either, I know you are just saying what you can but this is beyond a joke how bad some of the bugs are, it really feels like Bethesda have turned into a money hungry developer, not caring about the product the moment it’s out the door and the money is rolling in. There are workarounds to most of the problems but we shouldn’t have to be using workarounds at all.

    • Dragon souls not absorbing may be releated to Unofficial Skyrim Patch. It was ascertained that there was a collision between a fixed version of DragonActorScript.pex by USKP and a modified one for Dragonborn DLC that handles (presumably) Miraak killstealing your dragon souls. It resulted in no dragon souls being absorbed at *ALL*, much wailing and gnashing of teeth, and more gray hairs for Arthmoor when he unfairly bore the brunt of the wrath.

      The fixes by USKP involved reducing script logger clutter and fixing the “can’t absorb respawned dragons at word walls” bugs, and those fixes are temporarily regressed by the new Unofficial Dragonborn Patch until Dragonborn DLC papyrus source files are released.

      On that note… GStaff, any word on the release date for those?

      • I tried with and without the UDBP and in both attempts (on a clean save with no mods blah blah blah) it still wasn’t absorbing souls.

        The absorbing souls bug isn’t what’s been bugging me though, it’s more the avalanche of things broken in the DLC. To be honest I’m disappointed more than anything, after two months extra on top of how long it took to get ready for Xbox it still wasn’t really ready to be shipped. Bugs aren’t so bad for PC gamers but I feel sorry for console gamers as they can’t do a thing about it when they reach something blocking their progress.

      • Isn’t Arthmoor constantly saying that dragon souls not being absorbed has nothing to do with the Unofficial Dragonborn Patch? He was insisting repeatedly on Skyrim Nexus that it ‘must’ be another mod causing the problem.

  7. How I Almost Died to a Bunch of Netch

    So there I was, Milos Dan’Za, an Argonian Dragonborn at the top of my game. I had conquered Alduin the World Eater, destroyed the Dawnguard and put an end to a corrupt Vampire Lord’s schemes, risen to Harbinger of the Companions and Archmage of the College, Listener to the Dark Brotherhood and near on my path towards being Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild, when I get attacked by a bunch of strange masked people. “Okay,” I think. They were easy. I find a note on them and decide to follow up on it the next time I’m in Windhelm.

    One round-trip around Skyrim and about five dragons later, I arrive at Windhelm. I do some quick business there before dismissing my recently recruited follower Kharjo, deciding I wanted to follow up on this lead alone. So I convince the boat captain to take me to Solstheim. I arrive, I get off the boat.

    I walk into the town and find a Dunmer woman working an Alchemy table. I talk to her. She’s running low on “Netch Jelly” and needs more. I offer to help.

    “Don’t underestimate the Netch,” she said. I laughed. They’re just animals. So I went down the shore and found a small group of them. How hard could this be?

    Oh, how wrong I was. I summoned two Flame Thralls and flung some fireballs and instantly knew I was in for more than anticipated. A few frantic flees for life, Ultimate Healing Potions, and several laughs from guards later, I took down the last of the three Netch, having come close to losing my life several times.

    Never again will I underestimate the Netch.

    ((I can’t help feeling that this is exactly what happened the first time I messed with Netch in Morrowind as well.))

  8. Guys, who tells you the prices to charge for your DLC?
    If it costs USD$19.99, that’s fine.
    But the Australian and Canadian dollars do not trade as a 1:1 ratio, and neither does the Euro.
    As it currently stands, the Euro is is about $1.32:€1 so, um…

    If there’s to be more DLC, check the international trade markets when you’re fixing a price, and change accordingly for the regions, and if the prices are correct at the time of printing, then nobody wil have a reason to rage over the “Pure Profit” flag.