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  1. I can see my house from there! 😉

    Truly breathtaking concept art. In times like these, you wish there was a remake of Morrowind! Thanks for posting Gstaff.

  2. Its Shameful how the TESO can look like that, yet Bethesda for TES cant fix a Simple Shadow problem, TES6 Better look like that People, i mean Seriously wheres your Talent coming from.

    • Well if you can develop a game of such a magnitude and still pay attention to tiny things like shadows then by all means…

    • First of all, that’s not TESO. It’s fan art.

      Secondly, download ENB (it’s free) to fix the shadows in Skyrim. It also overhauls lighting, adds plenty of other graphical features like depth of field and SSAO, and is heavily customizable. There are hundreds of presets available on the Nexus for easy install.

      Finally, if you can’t use ENB because you play on a console, then I have no idea why you’re asking for better shadows. Your console would melt, and you’d be back here whining that Bethesda broke your hardware.

  3. Beautiful. And nostalgic…

    On a totally unrelated topic, I miss the modder interviews. There are quite a few decent mods out for Skyrim, maybe it’s time to catch up? The people who did the “Interesting NPC’s” mod are a worthy example, it has excellent voice acting and impeccable writing.

  4. Inspiring. Makes me want to go play some SKYRIM. Funny it should have made me say it makes me want to be a professional art. Oh the inner guilt..

    Thanks for the fantastic view 😀

  5. Looks lovely although much larger than I remember. Of course, that doesn’t matter now with The Red Year pretty much obliterating everything on Vvardenfell (Vivec, Balmora, Tear, Ald’ruhn, etc.). Even Mournhold is shattered since the capital of Morrowind was moved to Blacklight. Aside from little pockets of settlement here and there, the Morrowind we all loved is doing its impression of Pompeii.

  6. A really sweet piece of art! I just wish cities were that size in the actual game. I was kind of upset with the size of cities in Skyrim but I understand that anything bigger would probably melt the game. still, maybe something for TES6?