Skyrim 1.8 Update (English) Deploys on PSN

In preparation for tomorrow’s North American release of Dragonborn on PlayStation Store, the English 1.8 title update (listed as 1.08 in the US and 2.08 in Europe) has been deployed.

Insert your Skyrim game disc to begin downloading the update. Release notes below:

Skyrim Update 1.8


  • General memory and stability improvements
  • Fixed rare crash when using vampiric grip
  • Fixed issue where Arnleif and Sons Trading Company could become permanently locked
  • Fixed issue related to duplicate NPCs
  • Fixed rare issue where exterior door would not open properly

Reader Comments

  1. Ya… every release is out. Are you still waiting for Sony or just want to release them later?
    Nearly every german blog or gaming site says dragonborn comes Feb 13, hearthfire 20th, dawnguard 27th.
    Do they know something you don’t know?

    • I’ve seen the German sites that have reported these dates. They’re reporting on the UK dates we provided last week.

      The German, Spanish, French, and Italian releases are not releasing this week. These are still with Sony certification. As soon as we have the dates, we’ll share them with you guys.

  2. They are talking about german releases, but it’s ok. I know that couldn’t be right.
    And why is it so difficult to bring the FIGS releases, too?

    • Bethesda have (probably) finished the FIGS versions, and send them to Sony. Bethesda can’t do more than that. Now it comes to Sony. They have to give the certifications, and put the DLC online, there’s nothing Bethesda can do anymore

    • That’s is Sony’s fault it is taking awhile. They always have taken awhile, most companies have to give the certification a few months before the date because Sony takes awhile in Certification. I’m guessing it just means they are careful, but it shouldn’t take this long, many I know can test the game in a few days.

  3. Hey GTAFF, im having a erro 80022D0A since yesterday, its in skyrim trophy and when i go look online, is that a problem because the updates? thanks

  4. I am so excited! The next 3 weeks I will be getting the DLC, and today I downloaded the patch update! I have to admit, the game runs a lot more smoother than before. Thank you Bethesda and GStaff for hearing us out. 🙂

  5. It’s running so smoothly. I never though this would be possible. See what you guys can do when you actually try? Take what you’ve learned here and apply it to all future Playstation versions. Maybe the PS Bethesda curse can finally come to an end.

  6. Yay! Good to see that the 1.8 update is on the PS3 now, hopefully the DLC won’t run into any performance issues when it’s released. 🙂

  7. I already bought my $50 PSN card, can’t wait to finally get Dragonborn, Hearthfire and Dawnguard! Thanks Beth, you guys are the BEST!!!!

  8. Is there any idea as to which what time the DLCs are expected to hit? I just don’t want to sit around all day waiting for it to come, if it ends up going live in the evening(which, by the way, I would do).

    I have been waiting for these add-ons for more than 1/2 a year now… I can’t wait! Already have PSN Points ready, too!

  9. I would of been alot happier if Bethesda would of just fix the game itself , i have many side quest that i still cant not finish because of the bug problem so many side quest , now i guess do i really wanna star from scratch again ??? all over again fuck that shit !!!! thanks for nothing Bethesda what a waste. Defenetly not buying the DLC rather spend my hard earn cash on another game.

  10. Gstaff, is it reccommended that prior to installing the patch, we delete our game data utility and re-install? Also, in the patch description, where it talks about “Duplicated NPCS” was that regarding the duplicating louis lutrush issue or something different?

  11. So far this patch is running pretty well. I can only hope the DLC runs well as well after it’s been installed.

    So now that the PS3 will soon be caught up on both patches and DLC, can we get a patch that does a lot more bug fixes? It’d be nice to get rid of a lot of the issues that have been hanging around since day one.

    Thanks for the patch

    • I can’t download! Why?? I start the game but nothing happens!

      If you ‘Downloadable content’ in menu about,need download that content first ~_^ lol

    • I can’t speak for all regions of the globe, but North American PSN Updates generally happen later in the afternoon. In the past, we’ve seen content for RAGE, Dishonored, and Fallout go up between the hours of 5-7 PM EST.

      • In Europe, the PC version was released at 6:30 PM.
        Grand, everybody was home from work at that time anyway 😛
        But yeah. I knowabout region time differences, but a little more uniformity would be nice.

  12. cool patch…but when are you guys ever going to fix things like I don’t know…the weapon racks and display cases that never work? things that should have been fixed along time ago, probably before the game’s release?

    • Also fix the “Can’t place the Ebony Blade on the rack” bug.
      Also, in the CS, why are there two incarnations of it with different stats and abilities?

      • Gstaff, I been spreading the word on the elder scrolls facebook to the raging people. They are realizing we are waiting on psn to update the store. I heard they do it mid day and 7 so i’m gonna check at noon but thank you all for getting it on PS3 finally. I hope if there are any more add ons, we end up with them too.

      • I appreciate your concern Gstaff, but I live in Brazil and my clock is approximately 3 hours ahead of the US, my PSN account is from the USA, so is my PS3 and my Skyrim game! Thanks Beth. Still waiting for the PSN update.

  13. DLC will come,when store update will come,don’t be foolish!In evening,for sure.AND content will come in US only,what do you expecting now in Europe!?Wait 24 hours

  14. the amount of time we have to wait on patches and dlcs for a still broken game, bethesda should honestly be paying US to play their games. shame

    • What kind of problems did you experience with Skyrim? I have mine since its release and the only thing I have to complain about the game is the glitch it had in the quest The Mind of Madness (when you get the Wabbajack) that if you had a lot of weight in your inventory, the game would freeze. This glitch is now patched and the game is running smoothly. Why are you so angry about the game?

  15. Has anyone else glitched in the quest Arniel’s Endeavor? I can’t finish it because I can’t seem to heat up the warped soul gem. Thanks for the time. Im looking forward to play Dragonborn.

    • Can’t remember the exact details, but I definitely completed Arniel’s Endeavor on PS3 (1.7 or before) with my last character. I think you need to take the warped gem to at least three convectors, and you have to use Arniel’s special warming spell on them.

  16. Still think it’d make more sense to get dawnguard first…you guys should have dropped them all the same day i mean come on, all the months of tweets from Peter “i’ll get more info when i have it” and you expect us to be that patient, when no other company would do this bullcrap

  17. I have both systems and when skyrim was released I chose to buy it on ps3. I have a lvl. 50 thief/archer/nightingale imperial and have put 400+ hours into the game never had a glitch besides common weapon/dragur freezing midair a few times in huge battles. People need to know how amazingly massive this game is a few glitches are forgivable given the size of the game IMO. However…around august September during the dawnguard/hearthfire ps3 silence dilemna I got upset with Bethesda. Only added fuel to my fire when I found out i wouldn’t get to play dragon born with ps3 character either. I will not be buying anymore Bethesda games on ps3 if I’m not playing the next two dlcs the same time as my fellow 360 gamers…I prefer my ps3 and had to waste precious $ and time rebuying the game on my 360 building a new character (khajiit/necromage/vampire) to play dlcs cuz I really wasn’t sure when they were coming to ps3 Bethesda had better get it together or they’ll lose their ps3 fanbase and I know they don’t want that!

  18. Ok I play Skyrim on Playstation 3 and it will not let me download the new Update Data Version 1.08. Am I the only one having this issue or is there someone else having the same problem downloading the new version 1.08 data. Help I do not want to start all over 🙂

  19. Super excited to get home from work! Can’t wait to journey to Solstheim. Looking forward to Bethesda’s future success on my platform of choice. 😀

  20. its noon O’clock here in Arkansas and no Dragonborn. I think when they set a release date it should be at midnight not in the afternoon, just a suggestion.

  21. I seem to be getting the “first time” info messages again, after this 1.8 update, e.g. how to use the tanning rack. Not a big deal, but I don’t remember getting them after the previous updates. I didn’t delete the game data this time – maybe that’s why.
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s release here in Europe!

  22. Those of you with intense frustration and anger, well, could you please tell me of the other games that are so much better than Skyrim? Please? I find this to be a very impressive game and if Bethesda is at fault for anything it is setting our standards so high that after all this time we expect them to advance even more so. Give them a chance to catch up to their innovation, otherwise buzz off and play a different game.
    I keep seeing glitches, long load screens and get frustrated but that doesn’t take away from the awesomeness of this game!

  23. My game save is at 11mb, will it shrink over time or will I have to start over, I did download 1.8 update….what should I do….

  24. I recently played through Skyrim a couple of months before this patch. The remaining inconviences on PS3 v1.7(or v2.05) are:

    Obtaining the “Left Eye of the Falmer” does not activate the misc. objective to hand it into Delvin Mallory.

    After completing the Bards College questline Viarmo will permanently have a torch equipped.

    After passing the Augur of Dunlain’s test for the Restoration ritual spell quest Colette Marence will not sell the Spell Tome: Guardian Circle. It is possible that she will sell it afterwards, but I found out that you have to spend a prolonged time surviving the Ghost attacks since the Augur occasionally doesn’t return and the only way to get him to spawn again is to bring the game menu up or the favourites menu and wait til you see him load, then resume the game. If you were surviving in there for serveral minutes(overtime! lol) when pausing and resuming afterwards the Augur will repeat the same dialogue and you’ll see the quest spamming completion on screen. The quest completion spam usually, but not always, will make it so that Colette has several Spell Tome: Guardian Circle to sell.

    During The Companions questline after finding Skjor dead and starting the side missions for Aela “Retrieval”, “Stealing Plans” or “Striking the Heart”. I’m not sure if it’s intended that these quests should be done in this order to work properly, but I found that if you first do “Retrieval” then “Stealing Plans” on completion she will not give you the third quest “Striking the Heart” and will become unable to talk to for more quests, aswell as the rest of the Companions.
    Another time I had the quest “Retrieval” then “Striking the Heart” and after completion of these two quests it would move on to “Blood’s Honor” and you wouldn’t have a 3rd quest from Aela. I’m not sure if these quests should be random like this, occasionally I’d get “Striking the Heart” as the first quest from her also.

    After completing the quest “The Blessings of Nature” the previous dead version of the Gildergreen remains and is hiding the majority of the new smaller tree.

    All these were found after starting a new save from v1.7(v2.05 on PS3 EU). No clue if these have been resolved in v1.8(v2.08) patch, I just didn’t see them listed in this patch or previous patches as a fixed bug. Keep up the good work though!

    • follower’s inventory and weapon racks can still be bugged

      npcs repeat themselves too often (now even more and less time between then before)

      Delvin’s side quest wrap-up dialog has been broken since 1.6/1.7 patch

      enemy camps leaders cant die after civil war

      and who knows what will happen once the DLCs hit ps3

  25. Beth, it is clear to everyone that this delay isn’t your fault. But honestly, do you guys trully believe that Dragonborn is still coming to North American PS Store today?

    • Guys, I’m in Arizona and PSN always updates on Tuesdays, sometime after 2pm MST. Sometimes the updates hit at 3pm MST, sometimes 4 or 5. Heck, I saw PSN update at around 6pm MST one time. So nothing is late. It’s right on time. We’re just a bit impatient is all. It’ll be here soon.