Skyrim 1.8 Update (English) Deploys on PSN

In preparation for tomorrow’s North American release of Dragonborn on PlayStation Store, the English 1.8 title update (listed as 1.08 in the US and 2.08 in Europe) has been deployed.

Insert your Skyrim game disc to begin downloading the update. Release notes below:

Skyrim Update 1.8


  • General memory and stability improvements
  • Fixed rare crash when using vampiric grip
  • Fixed issue where Arnleif and Sons Trading Company could become permanently locked
  • Fixed issue related to duplicate NPCs
  • Fixed rare issue where exterior door would not open properly

Reader Comments

  1. I feel ur pain guys im in the UK hope it comes out soon 4 u lot and when i finish work tommorow at 7pm it will be there to download

  2. I know this isn’t a post about the DLC but it is now 5:28 pm est on 2-12-2013 where the heck is my dlc? I was told it would be released today and surprise surprise it has not. Should’ve seen this one coming

      • Entra na PS Store, vai em busca digita as letras do Skyrim, ja vai aparecer em baixo dele o Dragonborn. Ai é só comprar, baixar instalar e correr pro abraço!

          • English rough Translation,

            Karkass: “what do I do? you made ​​the game?”

            Dovahkiin: “Enters the PS Store, vai type the letters in search of Skyrim, ja vai appear beneath him the Dragonborn. Then just purchase, download, install and run to hug!”

            Karkass: “Got it!!!!!!”

            Don’t blame me for the translation, blame the Google Translator.

          • For you, from portuguese to English:
            Karkass: “What did you do? Is it out?”
            DOvahkiin: “Enter the PS Store, go to Search and keep typing until you hit Skyrim. Dragonborn should appear to the left below Skyrim. Now its just about purchasing, downloading, installing and enjoying it!”
            Karkass: “Got it!!!!”
            Hope you guys enjoy the Add on!

  3. I noticed that with this update, Vilkas in the Companions was glitched cuz he won’t stop following me and whenever I’m near him, he’ll immediately talk to me. Took me 10 freaking minutes to get out of Jorrvaskr.

  4. I’m surprised so many people still have faith in bethesda. Even though they treat PS3 like the pure essence of shit from a hobo’s ass…

    I’m still disapointed in you bethesda.

  5. (ps3) Just wondering.. why does my character now do random things? For example.. walking through morthal.. all the sudden my character pulls out his weapon and starts looking towards the sky while still walking.. and continues walking without me touching my controller.. and it wouldn’t let me do anything..

  6. I was initially very pleased with 1.8+DLC on my PS3, at least after I’d deleted and reinstalled the game data to fix the freezes and glitches. But having played for a while now I’m not so happy 🙁 Something didn’t feel quite right, and I’ve just realised it’s the graphics – they definitely seem worse in a number of ways. Ok, there’s a little more jerkiness and frame-rate dropping at times, but I expected that and it’s not too bad. The real problem is in the graphics and rendering quality. One obvious thing is that the trees no longer sway in the wind – they’re just static. I can’t swear that they moved in 1.7, but I’ve just checked 1.0 from disk and they definitiely DO sway on that version. It really makes a difference – like a video of a still scene compared to a still picture of that scene – it’s subtle but you can instantly tell, and it makes it far more “real”. Likewise, there seems to be a lot more “popping in” of distant detail and textures now, and these seem much less prominent in 1.0 (I haven’t got any backups of 1.7 or earlier to be able to test them)

    So, my suspicion is that the “performance and stability improvements” in 1.8 were mainly a matter of cranking down the graphics quality, so the frame rate wouldn’t be too unbearable with DB/HF/DG installed 🙁

    Can anyone else (or Bethesda!) confirm this? Of course, I can understand why they would be reluctant to say “Reduced graphics quality, removed tree animation, etc.” in the release notes for 1.8, but it’s very dissappointing all the same, particularly as I can remove the DLC but have no way of reverting to 1.7

    Looks like I’ll have to get on with building my ultimate gaming PC…