Around the web: Dragonborn PS3 Countdown Edition (Updated)

Updated: Wait is over! If you visit PSN and search “Skyrim” you’ll be able to find Dragonborn!

As you wait for the North American PlayStation Store update, here’s some fun links to check out from around the web.

In a recent fan poll at Gametrailers, Skyrim and Fallout 3 were named the #1 and #2 fan favorite RPGs of this generation. See the full list here, and let us know how it stacks up with your top five.


  • Pixar animator Austin Madison recaps this year’s NFL season with some hilarious drawings that tie-in pop culture. We all got a kick out of the Vikings-Rams imagery posted above.
  • AnimBowz popular Dovahbear video has inspired an in-game Skyrim mod.
  • Kotaku shares a Skyrim performance by the legendary creator of Chocolate Rain.
  • The popular Christopher Walkenthrough Machinima series explores the Super Skyrim Bros. mod.
  • PC Gamer previews Enderal: The Shards of Order — a total conversion mod from the makers of Nehrim.

And in quick Dishonored news, the 2012 BAFTA Award nominees were announced earlier today and we’re pleased to share news that Dishonored received three nominations: Best Game Design, Best Story, and Best Game. Read the full nominee list at Guardian UK. Congrats to the team at Arkane Studios!

And now back to the countdown…

Reader Comments

  1. Does anyone know what time it’s out at? I’m on psn looking for it and its not there. P.s. I live in the mystical land of Canada, so it should be out

  2. Hey guys I was intentionally on black out for all dlc since ps3 was not part of that untill now. Does any of the dlc have new music? From the same composer or oldies but goodies like morrowind ost? Thank you for your response.

  3. Dont take time off thinking you’ll play Dragonborn all day tomorrow Europe. It hasen’t even released here yet today, know for sure it wont be out for you guys till late tomorrow, if that.

  4. Thanks for this countdown! It really took my mind off of waiting for dragonborn. By the time I noticed, it was already on the psn store.