Now Available on PSN: Dragonborn

We’re pleased to announce that the English version of Dragonborn is now available to PS3 users in North America and European territories. It can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store for 50% off ($9.99/£6.49) this week. We’re still awaiting release dates for France, Germany, Spain and Italy. A release date for those territories will be confirmed as soon as possible.

Have a great time in Solstheim.

Reader Comments

  1. Beth, about Dawnguard. If I already am on lvl 81 and I already used all my perks. Will I be able to level up Vampire / Werewolf skills? Or I’ll have to clear some perks?

  2. “Beth, about Dawnguard. If I already am on lvl 81 and I already used all my perks. Will I be able to level up Vampire / Werewolf skills? Or I’ll have to clear some perks?”

    Don’t know about wolf,but vampire lord’s skills can be upgrading only if you use ability of that vampire.And perk tree can be opened only when you in v.l. form.Original perks be in safe,don’t worry.

    • It’s separate, when you kill Alive things as a Vampire Lord with the Blood spell (Forget what it’s called) you gain progress to the next perk. As a Werewolf you gain perks by feeding off of people.

      • Heh, didn’t read properly, so I will add that you can see your perk progress by the bar, just like you can see skill progression.

  3. Funny how the comments stopped stacking up.guess that means folks r too busy playing.nice too see and I commend beth for making the dlc work well.where you will have problems is with dawnguard because it’s not in a separate playspace like solsthiem.the ram will be off the charts making it unplayable.the xbox version was very buggy and freezy.hope I’m wrong for the sake of ps3 players and beth gets d’guard right as well.hearthfire should be fine as its really only a construction kit.d’born was good just hoping for something more epic next time w/ an incredibly deep storyline.

    • You are not wrong. I get bad frames sometimes, is not stable.
      The new dlc uses a new space, but is not that fast.

      Is useless complain, after one year, almost a joke. But now is more “playable.”

  4. how much will heartfire cost cause i only bought a 20 dollar card so yeah i only have about 10 left and knowing that dg will likly cost 9.99 what will it cost

  5. If I am not mistaken, hearthfire will cost 2,5 US$ cause it was US$ 5 without the 50% off. I really hope that Dawnguard won’t destroy all the progress they achieved with PS3. But since it will be the last one I am afraid we WILL have a few issues. Lets hope the game is still playable after Dawnguard

  6. Hey Gstaff/Bethesda, Will it ever be possible to start adding “Hardcore Mode” in your games?? One of the best things about Fallout New Vegas was the hardcore mode where it made us eat, drink, and sleep. It actually makes it feel more like a role playing game.

    *Fingers Crossed for Fallout 4 and Fallout New Vegas sequel to have it*

  7. A hard core mode would a really cool thing to include in a future patch or content add-on. You guys at Bethesda should seriously consider it. Also whoopy for Hearthfire tomorrow.

  8. Now that the PS3 is finally getting caught up, can we focus on fixing the vampire baldness glitch? I want to be a vampire and wear thieves guild armor, please. I know me and everyone else could just remain in first person or not become a vampire, but it would be easier to just fix the problem.

    I’ve been waiting over a year for this.

  9. (spoilers maybe) I have run in to a few problems with quests i cant find the ebony warrior or he cant find me to fight me and i have completed the rielking quest and i cant get one as a follower i have no dog. Dont know whats going on 🙁

  10. Gstaff, there is more DLCs for the future? i am impressed with the island of Solstheim, is like a expansion. I am impressed with the size of TES 5 since 2011, good job.

  11. i mean no offense in what i am going to say in this message.

    you guys should make dawngaurd 75%off because the ps3 players had to wait a year for it and well we all suffered while those xbox peeps got it we watched it on youtube for them and pc it really sucked i this is just my opinion but i am putting this out here if you agree with what i am saying reply to my message thanks 🙂

  12. I just got to Solstheim and it’s SO AMAZING. Thanks guys, really, for reviving a piece of Morrowind including the atmosphere. Feels like coming home, somehow 😉

  13. when will DLC for Skyrim released in Turkey ?
    we are still waiting for Dragonborn.

    There are no wolfs and bears and giants left in Skyrim to fight with or challenge, so please hurry !!

  14. Help us !!!

    Its a huge bug on PS3 !

    I cannot kill Miraak , I absorb the dragonsouls in the battle instead him and he stay in the middle and its transparent and immortal.

    I saw a lot of forums and nothing solve this problem.
    HELP US BETHESDA with an update or something !!!