Now Available on PSN: Dragonborn

We’re pleased to announce that the English version of Dragonborn is now available to PS3 users in North America and European territories. It can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store for 50% off ($9.99/£6.49) this week. We’re still awaiting release dates for France, Germany, Spain and Italy. A release date for those territories will be confirmed as soon as possible.

Have a great time in Solstheim.

Reader Comments

  1. Playing Dragonborn finally! If you want to start it all up, go to Windhelm docks and speak to Gjalund Salt-Sage. For a price, he will take you to Solstheim!

  2. It’s easier to go to new add-ons and use the filter “Role Playing” There’s only 2, one is Dragonborn. I don’t get why they didn’t put it on the main page, the PSN is hard to navigate, I like the old one from a year ago the best.

  3. Thanks Bethesda for this! Downloading 56% \o/ \o/ \o/ thanks again and please keep making DLCs because WE WILL BUY ALL!

  4. XBOX 750 mb and ps3 900+mb very cool =) i think you guys had a looot of problems!
    im already playing! thanks again!
    ohh and GSTAFF, do you think later, maybe in this year, you guys can make a updates for more TROPHIES? I think we can have many more and not easy ones (like get all priest masks)

  5. Yesterday was watching your shop in 22.00 ,nothing.Now there is a,and even at the $4 same remains to wait until the evening,and a night i war hero! with eyes on the forehead. P.S. that,now all are happy,yes?and another in November as I remember wanted to kill developers,and begin to protest.

  6. Why can’t I smith nordic arrows?

    Anser:you need Dawnguard DLC for smithing bolts and arrows,and also Dragonbone weapons.But you can craft Stalhrim now.

  7. yeah..well..just dl’d the game. When i died game froze. Didn’t do that before…tried again and died on purpose…game froze. My game never froze (after the frigin last patch..which took forever) until I dl’d I say what the Fuck?! Waited all this time to only to have my machine freeze again. This is seriously fucking annoying. I was so excited for Fall out New Vegas only to have to wait for a while to be able to play it…same for my copy of Skyrim. Now I paid more money just to have to have my machine fuck up. This is complete bullshit…the worst part is that this company really won’t give a shit. I’m the asshole who just wasted money (again)right? Why the hell would you care as long as the cash come rolling in? I actually recommended Skyrim to people so I guess I’m the idiot right..i was actually looking forward to all the DLC’s coming…after this one…nah! I’ll just frag it from my drive and play something else. Thanks for nothing guys, seriously. Waste of time for me. Hope everyone elses’ games worked out..I truely do.

    • Did you try deleting the game data and patch?
      I deleted all data(not saves) and reinstalled the game data.
      After that it downloaded the 1.8 update.
      Then I installed the Dragonborn DLC and it’s running quite smoothly.
      Only big hiccup was when arriving in Solstheim with the boat it froze for a few seconds.

      I’m very happy Bethesda took the huge amount of time and effort to get this content to us PS3 users!

      • It does that on all versions, even High End PCs have the problem. Mine did, and my friend whose computer can reboot in 25 seconds, 4k textures, and a lot more had the same problem.

    • Oh, right, just after I asked about that in a comment I saw you posted that. 😛
      Well that’s great. Did you start a new game or continue an old save? Just curious about the effects that might have in how smooth it runs.

      • I am playing on my lvl 37 character. The game was slow for less then a second when I first met the cultists. Since then, everything is more than Great!

  8. The important question here: Is it running well?

    And Bethesda: I want you to misunderstand me in the right way here, I know I have posted angry and disrespectful comments here.
    But I really love the The Elder Scrolls series, I can’t deny that, and I most likely will support you in the way I can by buying these DLCs.
    But the thing that really made me angry and made you look unprofessional (and I think many saw it the same way as me) was that you promised and promised again a release “soon” when you could have given us a date much further into the future than you thought you needed, much like Rockstar Games with GTA V (not saying they’re perfect either, nor that they didn’t get negative responses from their choice, just that it looks more professional).

    Keep it up!

  9. Come on, it will pe put online 18.00-20.00, like 20 others also say. They will release it later today! NO GO DO SOMETHING ELSE AND DON’T KEEP ON ASKING IT

    • Whining? its more like legit complaining dude.
      When the game has a level cap somewhere in the 50-80s and your game becomes unplayable somewhere around level 40 for a majority of players

      Thats pretty bad.. then on top of it, they refused to give us the 1.8 patch for the longest time, making us play on old bad patches which made a few things worse.

      So to finally have the game work the way its suppose to work? Yes were happy and im sure you would to if you had to deal with this shit.

      • They didn’t give us patch 1.8 because it mostly contained Dragonborn files. There were issues with Dragonborn – presumably those files included – and they held it back so that the big issues could be fixed.

        • 1.8 wasn’t released until this week because we’ve continued to work on the title update for PS3… not just for Dragonborn, but taking into consideration all three DLCs.

          • And we thank you for that, just alot of frustration leading up to this date. I hope you guys at Bethesda learn from this and can do better with your future games. I will continue buying as long as you continue supporting long after the release.

  10. Quite happy that I live in the Netherlands. If I would’ve lived in Germany/France/Spain/Italy etc I would still have to wait for around 2 weeks

  11. So I live in Germany and I’ve got the German version of the game. Any news on when the German version of DB will be out? Maybe an estimate? Anything? :/ I know it depends on Sony Europe, but if they’ve okayed the English version it can’t be that hard to say yes to the other versions, as well….. :///

    On a side note, would it be possible for me to just download the European English version and play it with my German base game? (Don’t really care about the language; I’d actually prefer it in English…)

  12. Kind of suprised to hear that its running so well for people.solstheim is a separate playspace so the fact that the dlc is smooth makes question is if you sold your ps3 copy would dragonborn running smoothly make you pick it up again?Anway,glad playstatiom fans r finally getting some love and I really think you guys will enjoy dawnguard as well.fingers crossed on that one too.

  13. What the.. I’ve searched the PSN store yesterday evening (GTM +1) and in the morning today, yet I’m unable to find Dragonborn. What’s up with that?

    • If you have the German, Italian, Spanish or French version of the game, you’ll have to wait (I think for about 2 weeks). The English versions are released already, but those for languages not yet. If you live in a country that doesn’t speak one of those languages, you should look better.

  14. A good but not great.better not play,as I have on the easy difficulty,and it will be easy,and,therefore,you quickly walk game, and it will be boring.It is sad yet,that create the Stаlhrim you can only if you know how to create ebоny armour.But that is the,that was opened before me after death Mirааk i clearly enjoyed it.i Thank you for your long flour with the development,developers.

  15. It is not a google translate,but too funny.But is is better,then if i’m will be talk on russian language?Пожалуйста.Вы что нибудь поняли?

  16. a little late but i don’t care too much great job on the DLC Beth im glad to see it hit PS3 and im having tons of fun with it and with no major issues either only the odd freeze up after reading certain books but that only lasts a second anyways so im not complaining. and damn im happy to be back in solstheim its been 200 years but it brings back lots of memories

  17. just finished everything today. 82% trophy completion now just wait for hearthfire and dawnguard and get 100% again, hell yeah. It’s running very smoothly I haven’t any problems with bugs.

  18. My game was frozen just 2 times.But it was and before DLC,so all good.No,not all,i m sorry-wery clouded map.But ignoring that,all nice.)))Hope,Redguard will be next new DLC.

  19. Great DLC, a bit short if you are lvl 79.
    Can’t wait for the other two DLC’s. Only thing the fly a dragon could be better. Tried it out, but the stupid animal kept flying over the place where I shouted it down for the ride.