Hearthfire Release & FIGS DLC Details (Updated)

Update: Hearthfire is now available PS3 to users in North America and European territories.

The English version of Hearthfire will be available for download on PSN later today in North America and will be available in English language European territories tomorrow. Like Dragonborn last week, it will be available for 50% off for one week.

Looking ahead to next week, we’re set to release the English version of Dawnguard for 50% off next week. Additionally we’ll be releasing Dragonborn, Hearthfire, and Dawnguard to French, Italian, German, and Spanish territories on Wednesday, February 27th. In preparation for release, we are releasing the 1.8 title update for these territories later today.

Reader Comments

      • Lol I got Black Market, I enchanted my necklace to give me a 5 trillion carry limit, I just need a place to finally move all my stuff cause it’s making my menus lag >.<
        When I clear out rooms, I LITERALLY clear out everything, even the baskets haha

        • Haha… my game file takes up 13 Mb of data now… makes my 40 GB PS3 take forever to load an area, or autosave, or pretty much anything else… plus each Autosave is also 13 Mb and takes up room in my very cramped memory… (A 40 GB PS3 actually has 37 GB worth of memory, by the way) :/

  1. With any luck it will be online on The internet store a bit sooner, with the last DLC it was also like that.

    Damn english is hard when you are Drunk.

  2. Yay! Looking forward to tomorrow, I hope the performance holds up, exploring a nearly lag-free Solstheim was great and I’m looking forward to Hearthfire and especially Dawnguard. 🙂

  3. My menu now has MAJOR lag, I know it’s cause of all the stuff my character is lugging around(try playing the ENTIRE DLC and not returning once to your home in Solitude to drop stuff off.) Hopefully it comes out in the next half hour so I can FINALLY put all this stuff somewhere else…

  4. I’m really losing my patience, it is not after 7 est and I thought it was updating since it wouldn’t let me access it but it hasn’t put it up yet. Any ideas would be lovely

  5. I want my DLC already…damn you sony for taking your sweet time….damn you….lol…but really i can’t wait for hearthfire I also hope to see more feature like hearthfire in skyrim or future elder scroll game’s…i hope next time i’ll able to rule a kingdom or be able to actually mange my own guild and recruit member’s and finally become a true vampire in dawnguard next week 🙂

    • I miss the days of Morrowind, when you could eliminate any NPC you wanted. Heck, one of the best battles I ever had was going toe-to-toe with the living god Vivec himself. Was it messy being able to kill any NPC? Yes, but also immensely awesome!

      It saddens me when I can’t headbutt a Jarl in Skyrim and take his place.

  6. Waiting for the Playstation Store to update is like waiting for a cable TV installer to arrive.

    Cable TV Installer: “Yeah, you know, I’ll be at your house between… Tuesday and, uh… Christmas! How’s dat sound?”

    • You never know, man. There could have been a skeever infestation in the server room. And right now, those poor Sony tech-guys are fighting for their lives, quaffing healing potions like cups of morning joe, and doing their best to get Hearthfire in our hands.

      When you think about it, we should write them a song or something. Like a poem. Something classy.

      • Sure. They can enjoy the sweet sound of our money falling into their pockets when they update the damn store… but they get nothing until then.

  7. If you married your housecarl (for me, Lydia) will you guys give the option to make clothing as their default? I perform the glitch to make her wear clothes but when I get in the house shes half naked looking through books, making potions, or cooking. I fixed it but would still like her to stay in the standard clothing when I enter the house. Gstaff? Will there be a possible feature to allow this in future patches?

  8. So maybe we’ll see Hearthfire by 9pm if we’re lucky? I really wish Sony was consistent and updated their PSN Store at the same time, every time.

  9. I have a code for this DLC and I put it in, thinking the DLC was ready… Is my code now void? That’d really suck… Anywho, hope you get this resolved before bedtime!