Hearthfire Release & FIGS DLC Details (Updated)

Update: Hearthfire is now available PS3 to users in North America and European territories.

The English version of Hearthfire will be available for download on PSN later today in North America and will be available in English language European territories tomorrow. Like Dragonborn last week, it will be available for 50% off for one week.

Looking ahead to next week, we’re set to release the English version of Dawnguard for 50% off next week. Additionally we’ll be releasing Dragonborn, Hearthfire, and Dawnguard to French, Italian, German, and Spanish territories on Wednesday, February 27th. In preparation for release, we are releasing the 1.8 title update for these territories later today.

Reader Comments

  1. Good ole gstaff just saying the some ole stuff over and over. I know it’s not gstaff problem but its our only lead for the info

        • The benelux store is usual around 15u00h
          Although last week the online store, via internet had it a bit sooner updated. They even put it out free. Little mistake, when you added it to you card you had to pay the discount price!

          Can’t wait for Hearthfire… but I have to 🙁

        • My first few were like that – thought I’d been banned for being cheeky 🙁 But they eventually appeared a few days later, and now they come up straight away. When you clear your browser cookies the site doesn’t “know” they’re yours, so they vanish until they’ve been approved by the moderator. I guess I’ve been “approved” for immediate posting, since mine come up straight away now 🙂

  2. Lol seriously. This is rediculous. Why can’t ps3 just get their shit together and do things in a timely fashion.

    Oh, right. Haha silly me. That would be much too easy.

  3. I work too. I gotta get up at 4 tomorrow. I’m going to bed. I’ll check back in the morning. Release dates for ps3 content…what a joke. It should be downloadable by 12am ON 02/19/2013!

  4. for it being my least anticipated dlc drop for this game i am extremely anxious at this point to play it we should all visit sony and take der jerrrbbbsss!!!!!

  5. @gstaff I appreciate it, but I’ve waited for the dlc to come and the release date is here and it’s still not here. So hopefully you can see where we are all coming from, nothing against you just we’re tired of the bs

    • Right, we really love you guys… but we are very excited. Then the time comes and nothing. We hope that you are trying your best to help us. We hope to see the dlc soon, thank you gstaff.

  6. You’d expect after this incident Sony would have all their stuff together and get this out, but I guess not. They have a very poor system of updating the store, very poor. Too bad, I was really looking forward to this today…

  7. bethesda has know idea whats going on and have been unable to talk with sony… as soon as they know whats going on they will let us know on the forum. Sony is looking into it, but there isn’t an ETA on when the Store will update

  8. Next week 4 Dawnguard 4get tuesday more like wednesday!! I hate da fakt of xbox user throwing da same bs! We all know P3 is better dan xgarbage!! Sony need 2 keep they updates at 12am 4 real gamers. Mad kuz i work in da morning and won’t have time alone wit my add-on. Still a fan of sony just disappointed wit dis matter. >=\

    • PS3 is to good. That is the problem for the Dev’s. there used to xgarbage and when they have something to powerfull they don’t know how to write for it.

  9. Sweet mother sweet mother send your child down to me for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear, night mother go get Sony to put out all the skyrim dlc’s.

  10. just bought it! only 84mb wth o.0 its very cool, i’m just waiting for Dawnguard and new ones like REDGUARD, maybe GSTAFF?
    just bought the 2/3 DLC gogogo keep doing and we keep buying =)