Hearthfire Release & FIGS DLC Details (Updated)

Update: Hearthfire is now available PS3 to users in North America and European territories.

The English version of Hearthfire will be available for download on PSN later today in North America and will be available in English language European territories tomorrow. Like Dragonborn last week, it will be available for 50% off for one week.

Looking ahead to next week, we’re set to release the English version of Dawnguard for 50% off next week. Additionally we’ll be releasing Dragonborn, Hearthfire, and Dawnguard to French, Italian, German, and Spanish territories on Wednesday, February 27th. In preparation for release, we are releasing the 1.8 title update for these territories later today.

Reader Comments

    • Having issues with Hearthfire, so far the bottom shelf in the trophy room ate the wooden mask and essence extractor, the display cases are not storing items, in fact one of them ate vlads lucky dagger and mirraks sword will not stay in a display case (maybe the tentacle animation?) And in all 3 houses workbenches are repopulating options to build items that have already been built, this continues to occur regardless of how ms

  1. okay is there any reason why German Player like me have to wait until 27 for the dlcs?
    And will there ever by a fix to switch the Language to English & not to france when switching the System Language? works with almost every Game on Ps3

  2. 10 minutes into the game… I go to Morthal to finish becoming thane for a house, and the game freezes up right after talking to the jarl…. I thought you guys had the bugs all worked out?

  3. By the way Bethesda, thanks for saying you’re going to release it 2/19, and releasing it at night, extremely early morning for some people, and pissing a bunch of people off waiting all day. Good Job! 😀

  4. @gstaff does other countrieS in asia gotten any dlc’s? i have friends from the philippines who has the game and they said no dlc for them?

  5. You mean that Europeans won’t have the opportunity to purchase Hearthfire before tomorrow?
    You could have told a little before, spend all night checking the PSN….

  6. Anybody else getting the bug where when you fast travel to places you fall out of the sky an die

    I no.But sinse i walked in Blackreach,all my map in damn clouds.Rift not in clouds,only.Some times clouds are there,some times no clouds at all.But Solstheim map norm…No matter.

  7. Guys it is worth downloading? Its not about the money, but I am afraid it may glitch and freeze my game. And even if it is impossible not to glitch, is the DLC worth the problem?

    • If you have doubts just buy it now but don’t install it yet. You have it at a nice price and no freeze problems.

      Only problem is that you have to have the willpower not to play it.

      Still nothing in the Benelux store 🙁

      • I ll download it today, but I cannot stop myself from playing it. Lets just hope for the best. As soon as I play my game I’ll share my experience with you.

        • It will probably not be Hearthfire that will bring “melt-downs” but Dawnguard will. For Benelux stores and other European’s know that you always have to wait till 6pm (18.00h) before the dlc is available.

        • I had a few glitches that occurred but when I looked them up online, they were just normal Skyrim glitches and had nothing to do with the DLC. The only thing I don’t care much for is the first loading screen after starting up the game usually takes a bit longer with both dlc. All loading screens afterwards were not as long and not a problem.

          • I had only one glitch where when I picked the blue prints to make the house and it would disappear when I wouldn’t build it for 5 minutes.

  8. The bugs don’t seem to be worked out unless I’m doing something wrong. There is no option to buy land from any of the three locations, and I’m a thane in all the holds. Talking to the Jarl and the Jarl’s steward doesn’t even give the dialogue option. The only thing I got was a letter for adoption.

  9. have experienced allot of issue’s with the dragonborn DLC for PS3. in a few dungeons in solstheim when i go inside a falmer tent i am not able to get out anymore. so im stuck inside the tent. this os very annoying because all i can do then is load from a previous quick-safe and start over the dungeon. also my screen is lagging like the Fps rate is 1. i got this right after defeating Miraak. i tried to restart my console in hope it would dissapear. but its still here.

  10. Isto ja mais parece uma ditadura,os comentarios k nao agradam sao apagados tou espantado e desiludido com esta companhia! Nos a dar-lhes os euros e nem assim podemos comentar o k pensamos?

  11. Gstaff can you help me with this?

    I tried to buy a plot land in Falkreath but the option won’t appear. I search for an answer and I found that if I ended the Dark Brotherhood questline I cannot buy the plot. I found too that I need to be in favour for the Jarl and I’m already Thane, I’ve done all the quest he gaves me, but still not capable of buying the plot land. Any help?

  12. I have it and for 5 bucks its not bad.I just think they need to do something like the sh.isles.I beat d’born in less than a week.sh.isles took me months.kind of over skyrim by now.very watered down in terms of storyline &difficulty.

  13. I have bought my two Skyrim DLC’s today and 50% off.
    Thanks for this. I have now even more things to do in Skyrim, i had already lots to do in this game and yeah, it’s fun. BTW i’m happy that i have not sold my copy and that i had waited for these DLC’s to come out. The DLC’s are awesome again Thanks.

    Greetings: Dragonborn (scareface)

  14. Hey Beth, the game is awesome and no glithces, even with Hearthfire. When Dawnguard arrives, I shall have all houses and a have adopted a kid too! Thanks again @Gstaff

  15. Has any one else had the bug were you get the guards after you and then you run from them and now you can’t fast travel becuz it’s says there still chasing you?

  16. hello guys, if anyone want add me on PS3 friends MauricioGamerr and compare trophies =) GSTAFF can add me =) hehe and only waiting for dawnguard and otherSSS dlcSSS
    bye and thanks

  17. Thought this was a new DLC for a second. One that adds figs, along with a presumably a range of delicious fig-based recipes. Fig pie. Fig wine. Fig cake.

    The possibilities are endless.

  18. Hearthfire is good,no doubt,but sinse i build a big house,and adopt a childs,all forest becoming BIG carton buggy…Well,you know.Game now,how been when was released-loading on every step.I hope will be some cure patch soon…