Hearthfire Release & FIGS DLC Details (Updated)

Update: Hearthfire is now available PS3 to users in North America and European territories.

The English version of Hearthfire will be available for download on PSN later today in North America and will be available in English language European territories tomorrow. Like Dragonborn last week, it will be available for 50% off for one week.

Looking ahead to next week, we’re set to release the English version of Dawnguard for 50% off next week. Additionally we’ll be releasing Dragonborn, Hearthfire, and Dawnguard to French, Italian, German, and Spanish territories on Wednesday, February 27th. In preparation for release, we are releasing the 1.8 title update for these territories later today.

Reader Comments

  1. Beth, I married Aela the Huntress and she was living in proudspire manor. I built the hjaalmarch house from hearthfire and adopted two kids, but i can’t find the move to somewhere else option in my dialogues with Aela. Is this a glitch, and is there anyway i can tell her to move into my new hearthfire house?

  2. Bethesda, please put proper lighting into the Hearthfire homes.

    Or do something with it.
    What’s the point of having a lighting/shadow system if you’re not gonna incorporate it into new releases?

    Especially one where aesthetics is the name of the game.

  3. Hey Beth, is there any Teaser for us of your work on the next Gen? I was a Little bit sad to Not seeing any Epic announcement by you on the PlayStation 4 Event, although I Hope you nonetheless are going to Support the next-Gen Console with some Awesome stuff like Super-Epic TES VI, a Fallout 4, and Maybe your Friends at Arkane are going to work on a Dishonored 2 parallel to their work on the Dishonored DLCs? (By the way, haven’t Heard Anything about that anymore, Maybe some Update? )
    And by the way, the PS4 Looks like a Very PC-Like architecture, so it’s gonna be easier to Develope for 😉
    Personal Hoping for an elder scrolls six, definetely One of the best Series ever Played 😀
    And also a Big Thank you for putting so much Effet into the PS3 skyrim DLC 🙂

  4. Comes/Is there a patch that you can remove stuff in your house because i have a bug that a end table true a bench in leakview manor is there someone that have the same problem

  5. This is definitely going to keep my occupied by the way off topic question here has anyone had blurry textures because the Argonian with the sword on the loading screen didn’t have any scales on him not that it’s a major issue but it’s kinda annoying.

  6. I agree with kisum i hope to see the elder scrolls 6 on ps4
    And abut releasing of dlcs when it well be released for mid east and thanks

    • It’s the Trophy Room wing of the house. Could be any of the three, just depending how you build it. It’s the “north” room, I believe. Other options are storage and… I forget if it’s the enchanting or alchemy tower.

    • Do you guys know which house is the house on this pic and how can I put these dwarven automatons and frost troll inside? thanks!

      In Workbench near the house,choose to create an north wing-treasury room.Then you need troll fat and dwarven metals.Ah,of course also need to build an pedestal for trophy before…

    • That’s the Northern Wing Trophy Room.
      Any of Hearthfire’s houses can have that, but you’ll need some parts to mount them on the stands…

      • Yup, that’s the way it is. Sometimes they jump out of the case, and sometimes not.
        But when you go somewhere and return, you can still find them on the floor… or UNDER the floor.

        • agreed. Fall out on the return; what good are display cases that make you afraid to lose your stuff? and items won’t stay on shelves.

          • I places the Ebony Blade in a case because I can’t mount it on a weapon rack. It activates, but then immdiately unmounts itself and goes INTO the floor of the house.
            Stupid bugged Ebony Blade and it’s two CK instances.

  7. In hearthfire on the PS3 I can’t get raiyya to furnish the entryway which is 1000 coin and I have 2730. What gives? Also, the crafting intetfaces sometimes give me options to build stuff I’ve already built, and both the crafting and dialogue with characters is glitchy. Please fix, but despite the glitches I give it four stars.

  8. Also, the display cases don’t give an option to place, put ur bad items in them by dropping them and then picking them up and putting them in there. They seem to fit perfectly in the cases, but I’m not sure if this is the legitimate way to use your cases in hearthfire. Bethesda, please tell.

  9. Hearthfire is great still no lag with both dlcs installed. But I have one problem theirs no way for me to buy the Falkreath property. Is there going to be a patch for that? Because I can’t get all the trophies without it and. I know there is no fix Ivery searched everywhere I tried every solution mentioned and did see anything. But aside from that it great can’t wait till Dawnguard. 😀

  10. Beth, I married Aela the Huntress and she was living in proudspire manor. I built the hjaalmarch house from hearthfire and adopted two kids, but i can’t find the move to somewhere else option in my dialogues with Aela. Is this a glitch, and is there anyway i can tell her to move into my new hearthfire house?

    In that sort of problem can be only two variant
    1-wait patch
    2-dance on your head with accompany of classic music,AND need some smiling cabbage!
    Your choise)

  11. I guess not only do you guys block negative comments, but you actively ban people who have made negative comments from posting anything at all, even benign questions.

  12. Just wanted to say Thank You for not giving up with the PS3 version. I know you guy’s had a lot of bad press ( really quite shocked at some of the opinions from so-called game experts/reviewers ).

    To a gamer that loves Skyrim, Thank You for seeing it through, I am Loving Hearthfire right now and will start DG today.

    Great Stuff

  13. Love the Hearthfire DLC. At first i thought it was just a plain old build your house addon but when i saw all the extra cool things it adds to the gameworld it is definitely like a surprise gift of unexpected delights. For the price it really is a major bargain and a gem that screams quality work from Bethesda.

    Hail Bethesda! The house of SURPRISE!

  14. Thanks for taking even the time to fix the dlc problems on ps3.
    If I where constantly acused and insulted each and every day for the past year by the ps3 gaming population I would not even bother to try fixing it.I am a ps3 gamer and also a big bethesda fan,you guys made the best games that i ever played on my ps3….so thank you for 100`s of hours I enjoyed playing fallout 3,nv,oblivion and skyrim

  15. I have a problem with Hearthfire. I killed a Dragon on my way to start building my house. Now everytime I come out of my house this dragon is there. Tried to save and restart but its always there. Have any ideas that may help get rid of if. Dead person is one thing but a dead dragon is another. Cant even see the front of my house he is so big. Please help.

  16. Just downloaded both Dragon born and Heathfire and look forward to playing but ran into an immediate glitch when I went to the Jarl in Falkreath to get the land nothing happened. Help

  17. Hey Gstaff, when I recruited Sven as a follower he said what Neloths apprentice said, “Sure, I guess I can leave. After all, Master Neloth is always telling me to get out of his way.” Or something like that.

    • If you’re looking to get the Spanish release, I would not recommend purchasing the English version. If you’ve already purchased in English, you might want to reach out to Sony PlayStation support.

      • Ok… Thanks for the quick response… And yes, I already have the english version… It has Spanish subs but English audio… ¬_¬

  18. There is a minor problem in the hearthfire DLC for the ps3 but when I adopted kids and then I gave them close there other close were token off and so the were walking around without any close on.

  19. I’m a a PC owner, but I’m really glad the DLC has finally released for the PS3. It’s nice to see the increase of optimism in all these comments! For all you PS3 users jut getting Hearthfire, careful about building a green house. You’ll get a bee infestation and idk about you but I don’t want that Sh** around my kids!

    • i know for Whiterun you have to talk to the Jarls steward about changing the alchemy lab into a childs room but i don’t know about the other houses i assume you do the same

  20. I did changed from lab to child’s room, but cannot get homeless/adoption kids to my old house. It’s got bugged after you done built all 3 new houses.

    • wow that’s strange it works for me. but i didn’t furnish all the new houses yet just one so maybe that could affect it either way i only adopted to get the trophy and didn’t save. i barely visit my wife so i felt like i would be a horrible dad XD

  21. i recently found a glitch in dawnguard that cuases marked for death shout to become unuseable and renamed to drain vitality when you learn the drain vitality shout. i was wondering if this will be fixed in the future