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Just before the weekend, the ESO Community Team posted the latest answers in their continuing “Ask Us Anything” series. Here’s but one of the questions they tackle:

The Blades have been a central part of the character’s main storyline in Elder Scrolls games. To what extent, if any, will The Blades be involved in ESO? – By Christian McAllen

At the time of ESO, remnants of the Akaviri Dragonguard who protected the Emperors are still around, but they have not yet re-formed into the secretive Blades of later eras.

Head here for the remaining answers, and be sure to check out more highlights on the official site:

Reader Comments

  1. Will there be Another DLC for Skyrim that will bring the Blades back to their Former Glory, i mean its now just an Old Man with a Blonde Bitch pushing the Dragonborn around like a Dog.

    Yea go Kill Paarthurnax or Get Out, i mean who the Hell does she thinks she talking to.

  2. I really,really like all the latest info it’s been released lately on the ESO website,and the developer question of the week get more and more interesting.

    Personally,I am very interested in the game.and can not wait both to get the invite for the beta and to see the game succsefully running full speed.

    Thank you!