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This weekend we help you scour the web for cool stuff, including:

Finally, like many of you, everyone at Bethesda was eager to learn about the PlayStation 4 this week. Following the announcement, our own Pete Hines caught up with Geoff Keighley to discuss excitement. Watch the interview below.

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Reader Comments

  1. Oh I’m hoping the inclusion of some bits of Fallout related web content in this roundup is hinting at an upcoming Fallout 4 announcement.

  2. That would be better if developers would be interested in seeing the 700 Series and say how much better they are than even the new generation of consoles.

  3. Righ, beth. Would you kindly tell us what the hell s going on with this memospore thing? Kirkbride is hurting our heads again.

  4. I think a few positive conclusions can be deducted from the interview,first being Bethesda’s interest to the direction SONY is driving the PS4 to,and second their intention to make use of the new tech available as much as possible in future development titles.

    All in all it’s been a rather iteresting and informative watch.Thank you!

      • Or so we hope. If we’re lucky, the PS4 will be easier to develop for than the 720 – if that’s the case, then the PS4 would be the base platform, and it’d be ported to the 720. Of course, that all depends on Microsoft now. Supposedly, their announcement is gonna be around the time of GDC in March, so let’s keep an eye out.

        • Well if the leaked specs of the Xbox 720 devkits somewhat reflect the release version (partly from the ones posted for sale ebay that resulted in a police raid) then they’ll incredibly similar from a hardware standpoint.

          It looks, based on tha really early information, that they’ll both be using a similar CPU from the same model line (possibly even the same exactmodel at the same clock speed), both be using the same GPU, and both come with 8 gb of shared RAM (PS4’s GDDR5 though is MUCH faster). Whose system will be easier to develop for then is probably going to boil down more to the system software and the dev tools at launch then – with the PS4 likely having a performance edge from its faster memory if they can avoid bus congestion.