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  1. I’m kind of disappointed to learn that there is no option for first person like there is in the main series Elder Scrolls games, but I’ll wait until I play it before I judge it.

    • I read somewhere that there will be 1st person, but in first person, you can’t see your own weapons (you can use them, though), although I’m not 100% sure. But If you’re playing MMO’s in first person, you’ve got a big disadvantage, since you can’t see around you, meaning that it’s easier for an enemy to surprise you with a dagger in the back.

  2. There is a first person mode, but its somewhat limited. Your hands and weapons at the moment don’t appear when your in first person mode. If you listen to the Elder Scrolls off the record podcast they talk about in a interview that the TESO dev’s are still working on it.

  3. God, I wish that my compy could handle this stuff. I’d love to try it out – who knows, it may be an MMO I actually enjoy. I certainly enjoy the TES games, and most of what I’ve heard about this I liked…

    …Hey, nobody would happen to have about $750 just lying around somewhere to help a little witch out with her PC problems, would ya? XD

        • Haha! Have you seen the screenshots? Pretty sure we’re being abandoned in favour of the wider audience with computers built for WoW.

          Run a Google search for images of Black Desert Online, if you want to see an MMO that will cater to decent computers.

  4. Sure am glad I still play Morrowind ,Oblivion.and Skyrim this isnt one of those great titles .This is a mess of a game and will be short lived.

  5. Sweet! Got an “above average” chance of receiving a beta key during the signup so hopefully I actually end up getting one. I was skeptical when I first heard of the game but recent news and articles have gotten me really excited! The gameplay and story sound great, but what’ll make it or break it for me Is how the payment is going to work. Idk how long I’ll be into it if I have to keep paying every month or year. I feel like the age of making monthly payments for a game has been well outdone with the rise of free to play games.

  6. I would Love to now what the actual Bethesda Studios is developing next… The next Fallout or TES? I would prefer the ES being Continued, although a New Fallout would make more Sense.. C’mon Gstaff!! Tease us!! Being it some picture of the next Beth Game, the next skyrim Addon or whatsoever, i want sth to speculate About 😀

  7. This is cool but will you guys still continue to create the single player games for consoles. Cause I know there are lots I fans that love the lore and series but can’t afford a super computer to play it online. I would love an elder scrolls based in the wood elfs place(amazing tree cities) or back to hammerfell .

    • You realize this isnt being made by the same bethesda team that does Elder Scrolls and Fallout right? LOL. This Online MMO is being made by the mother company Zenimax, and Bethesda employees are just helping them out Lore wise.

      Other than that, this is not going to effect Bethesda’s main games.