Now on Steam: Skyrim 1.9 (Update)

Update (3/18): Beginning today, Steam users can download the Skyrim 1.9 title update – featuring Legendary new features (see below) and new bug fixes. For console players out there, we’re hoping to release 1.9 later this month — we’ll keep you updated when we have specific dates.

So what’s in the update? Check the changelog below…

Skyrim 1.9 


  • Legendary difficulty setting
  • Legendary Skills – Skills of 100 can be made Legendary. This will reset the skill to 15, return its Perks and allow the skill to affect leveling again. This effectively removes the overall level cap.

Bug fixes after the break…


  • General memory and stability improvements
  • Fixed issue with quest scripts that were not shutting down properly
  • Companions will equip better weapons and armor if given to them
  • Fixed rare issue where player is unable to learn the Clear Skies shout during “The Throat of the World”
  • Fixed rare instance where Alduin would become invincible during “Alduin’s Bane”
  • Fixed a rare issue where player could become stuck in Night Mother’s coffin during “Death Incarnate”
  • Fixed rare issue where protected companions could be killed from poison damage
  • Fixed rare issue with certain ash piles left from resurrected NPCs not clearing properly
  • Fixed rare issue with NPCs and creatures respawning improperly after player fast travels
  • Fixed rare crash when entering Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
  • Fixed rare crash when entering a player owned home
  • Random dragon attacks will no longer occur during “Battle for Whiterun”
  • Fixed a rare crash when attempting to save your game during “Waking Nightmare”
  • Fixed issue where “Glory of the Undead” would not start properly if player is in combat with Eorlund Gray-Mane
  • The white phial is no longer consumed if given to a follower
  • If player marries Aela, the “Totem of Hircine” quest will be available
  • Unused briar hearts can be dropped after finishing “The White Phial”
  • Fixed issue with paying off a crime against the Companions that prevented player from getting Companions quests properly
  • Thieves Guild caches are now properly enabled in the appropriate cities
  • The Dragon Infusion perk now works properly when taking Esbern’s Potion
  • Cragslane Cave properly resets if player receives a radiant quest to clear it out
  • Fixed rare issue with bounty quest objectives not properly clearing after completion
  • Gallus’ Encoded Journal is no longer a quest item after completing the Thieves Guild
  • In “No Stone Unturned” Vex will now accept Unusual Gems if you’ve collected them all before starting the quest
  • Vekel the Man now gives rewards for completing “Toying with The Dead”
  • Fixed rare issue with being unable to turn in stolen items in “The Litany of Larceny”
  • Fixed issue with followers becoming over-encumbered after being repeatedly rehired
  • Fixed rare issue with visiting Kynesgrove on horseback not progressing “A Blade in the Dark” properly
  • Fixed issue with receiving a duplicate radiant quest from a Jarl
  • Fixed conflict with clearing Driftshade Sanctuary before starting “Trouble in Skyrim”
  • Fixed issue with using shouts while in jail and having guards unlock the jail cell
  • Fixed rare issue with quest NPCs not properly moving to quest locations
  • Fixed issue with NPCs not selling master level spells
  • Fixed rare issue where player gets control locked outside the Thalmor Embassy at the start of “Diplomatic Immunity”
  • Fixed rare issue with disappearing containers after upgrades in player owned house
  • Fixed issue with being erroneously attacked while as a werewolf during “Ill Met By Moonlight”
  • The Ebony Blade is now only improved by two handed perks
  • Locked door to Proudspire Manor can now be unlocked by proper key
  • Fixed issue with merchants not receiving the proper additional gold with the Investor perk
  • Fixed a rare issue where the player would be unable to learn a word after leaving for several days during “The Way of The Voice”
  • The Nord Hero Bow can now be improved
  • The Purity perk no longer requires the Experimenter perk
  • Fixed rare instance where Lovers Comfort would not be applied properly
  • If you approach Frostmere Crypt from the north, “The Pale Lady” will start properly
  • Fixed rare issue where player could be prevented from speaking with Atub to start “The Cursed Tribe”
  • Fixed rare issue where a dragon could appear in the Mind of a Madman realm and kill the player
  • Fixed instance where player could get stuck in Japhet’s Folly
  • Fixed rare instances where Arngeir would not teach Whirlwind Sprint
  • Fixed issue with “Ill Met By Moonlight” if Sinding dies before the quest starts
  • Gharol can now properly train up to level 75
  • Fixed conflict with visiting The Karthspire before starting “Alduin’s Wall”
  • Reduced the instance of random dragon attacks after fast traveling post main quest
  • Recruited Blades now have appropriate dialogue while at Sky Haven Temple
  • Fixed rare issue where an incorrect dungeon could appear as a location during “Totems of Hircine”
  • Fixed rare instance in “Fetch me that Book” where books found before getting the quest would not be properly recognized
  • Fixed rare issue with traveling to Thalmor Embassy with companions during “Diplomatic Immunity”
  • Fixed issues with Matching Set perk not working properly with certain pieces of armor
  • Fixed issues with Custom Fit perk not working properly with certain pieces of armor
  • Fixed issue with NPC dying in a bear trap blocking progress in “Time of My Need”
  • Fixed rare issue with swinging door becoming stuck and blocking an entrance in Volunruud
  • Imperial Light Armor can now be crafted
  • Fixed issue with “Vald’s Debt” where Vald was not leveled properly
  • Fixed issue with Vilkas not giving proper greeting after completing “Battle for Whiterun”
  • Fixed issue with respawning actors that were raised by using the Ritual Stone power
  • Fixed issue with the Ancient Knowledge perk not calculating properly
  • The Palace of Kings now has patrolling guards on upper floors
  • Reduce percentage chance of getting a werewolf loading screen while player is a werewolf
  • Pantea’s flute is no longer a quest item after completing “Pantea’s Flute”
  • Placing an unread Oghma Infinium on a bookshelf in the player’s house no longer allows the book to be reused again
  • Adjusted dialogue priority to improve chances of hearing more combat dialogue from certain NPC enemies
  • Fixed issue with falling damage on high difficulty levels
  • Fixed bad collision on certain clutter objects
  • Fixed rare instance of couriers who would appear only dressed in a hat

Reader Comments

  1. Hello , I wanted to ask if with this 1.9 Will the Construction Kit get the long waited Version control update that will allow to load and make Mod ESMs dependeable on more DLC esms beyond the basic Skyrim.esm and basic Update.esm …

    It’s a long waited feature for large mods to be operative with new DLC assets…

  2. Wow! That’s a lot of bugfixes!
    But isn’t it be easier to cooperate with creators of Unofficial Skyrim Patch? They did great work, and it’s not shame to ask fans of help.

  3. Oghma infinium glitch wont work anymore 🙁 u guys should leave the glitches u kno we’d like , jus like how u guys help modders on pc. Favoriting too much is what i think

  4. Oh my, you have been busy, G. I’m going to miss my friend, the “nekkid” courier…he always made me laugh. I ran into a number of those on the list and I might even give Legendary a try after I advance to Master. Thanks!

  5. I hate that after you complete the dawn guard, you can’t get rid of the 2 elder scrolls on you. That is an extra 40 pounds. Also, I have problems after doing the Markath city quest, the foreswarn conspericy. Guards keep trying to arrest me, even though i have no bounty, and after i send them away with a bribe of 0 gold, they walk away, and then turn around and attempt an arrest.

  6. Other than reasigning the perks somewhere else if you wanted, i don’t see a point to the legendary thing.. it gets knocked down to 15 and the perks are refunded? whats the point? what is ‘legendary’ about that?

  7. Right, this update looks sweet, but they still forgot to add one thing that most people wanted, to be able to marry serana

  8. I am very glad to see some bug fixes as I have come across many of these: naked couriers, retrieve a book before the quest and can’t do the quest, quest items getting stuck in the inventory, etc. I actually started a whole new game in order to avoid some of these bugs and to reassign a lot of my perks.

    I am still baffled as to why Proudspire Manor has not been completely fixed. The cooking pot has been removed with Hearthfire, the Housecarl’s room doesn’t activate to show the new furniture, and items keep falling through the floors. Since I use this house, these issues are problems with me. Can they be fixed?

  9. All of these fixes and I still cannot buy the land from the steward in Falkreath because of a previous Dark Brotherhood quest that required me to kill the former steward before Hearthfire was even released. You’d think this issue might appear on someone’s radar.

  10. If I understand correctly this would allow infinite leveling? If so will leveling after you’ve made skills legendary make them more effective? and does it allow you to add more health/magicka/stamina each level, if so that may be game breaking.

    Either way solid update, looking forward to 2.0

  11. Now this is the patch I’ve been waiting for. I’m glad to see that the Dragon Infusion perk will be working on the PS3 soon. Well I hope it will be released soon for the PS3.

  12. Please accept my warmest THANK YOU from the heart for the thorough update on the title.

    My Beth,I love you always.

    Thank you!

  13. have one question about this cap level thing when it hits 100 on a skill and we reset it will we get the points back or will it just reset and we have to earn the points back because if we got them back plus more it will make it easier for me to be able to do blocking and one handed and two hand and heavy and light armor and archer I think are the worrier skills by what the guild book says I might be wrong on some of them but yea will we get them back or lose them and earn them all over again

      • You say level up infinitely, but you are talking about the overall level not the skill level. Skill level still has a cap of 100, and I take it you can only reset this one time to be Legendary correct? If this is the case, all that remains is the sacrifice of invested skill points of 100 for the potential of more perks to 100 again, getting to 100 again in the skill level does not increase anymore than the person before resetting from 100 as you said your skill goes down at former max level. All that remains different is the extra amount of perks available. You say infinitely, and this confuses me because that would suggest you can continue to reset from 100. If not, and its just one time like I am assuming then the overall level will be capped at some point possibly with maxed perks?

      • Making your skill legendary is actually gameplay wise a handicap. How about adding like a 20% skill multiplier to every legendary skill.
        That way it would be something useful for more than just the few people who are obsessed with leveling for the sake of leveling.

  14. You should look into this glitches before releasing the official version:

    *Dark Brotherhood Initiate might randomly suffer an inventory reset.
    *Some items placed in Severin Manon labeled as “stolen” after removing them from shield and weapon racks, even after having acquired the house.

    Other than that, great bug-fixing!

  15. Thankyou very much for this update! I’m really liking the Legendary difficulty setting and feel Skyrim has now become the challenge it should have been all along, really great stuff!

  16. Are there some local differences about the availability of this beta (I’m from Germany, but playing the English version)?

    I can only opt into 3 different beta programs, including one called beta1. But they all require a password.

  17. I’m having trouble understanding the logic behind the design of Legendary Levels. Why reset and re-grind skill levels instead of simply raising or removing the skill level cap of 100? I can’t see any role-playing aspect of it – did I hit my head and forget how to use a bow? I suppose giving back the perks adds perk respecing to the base game without requiring Dragonborn. Still, it seems a contrived game mechanic.

  18. Just wanted to say you guys are the best. Being a ps3 owner I have had some frustrations 🙁 While playing several hundred hours =) but I can honestly say that If you keep doing what your doing (awesome updates & dlc) I’ll be playing skyrim till the next TES game comes out.

  19. A most magnificent mixture fixture of patchy fixes one step closer to picture perfect gaming glory no human mind has ever immersed itself in. Oh how the mental juices flow in the flawless imaginations vat.

    Hail Bethesda! They make me scream! I think in joy 😀

  20. Great fixes and additions overall. So happy to see a company care about a game as much as its fans still do.

    Just to clarify, will we be losing all perks as well as skill points when we go to Legendary status or just losing the skill points? Still not entirely clear.

    Thanks again for all the support!

    • I think Bethesda clarified with the last poster.

      So we get our perk points BACK to re-spend however we choose in addition to being able to level our skills again from 15, correct?

  21. The main problem is, the frame rate issue will be there. I can’t walk in Skyrim because my save file is too large, and it’s worse since I downloaded Dawnguard DLC to PS3. Fixing frame rate issue would be a good thing, Bethesda.

    But, I have to say, this 1.9 update is a great thing.

  22. What are the other benefits to making a skill Legendary? Do you earn any achievements for doing so?

    Also, as there is no longer a level cap, can you still obtain more Health/Magicka/Fatigue after level 81?

    And this Legendary difficulty – does it cut out fast travel? Or does it mean harder enemies (More Health, even harder Hits)? (Master is already pretty hard at the beginning – Bleak Fall Barrows with an Iron Sword, rofl!)

    Cheers! 😀

  23. hey bethesda. great to hear about the update. still not clear exactly on legendary skills

    is it, you get to level 81, with all various perks picked and maxed out. then you are presented with the option of clicking legendary, which drops your skill points to 15, but you retain the previous perks? so you can fully complete all the trees?

    or is basically just giving you the opportunity to change your character into a different type of fighter after levelling up that much (perks don’t carry over you just use them differently)?

  24. After i get the dawnbreaker n talk to meirdia she let me fall n i die n die everytime I can’t get out of it what can I do.

  25. Oh boy, I can’t wait to level up more and increase the effectiveness of illusion spells to work on targets up to level 40.

  26. Impressive list, glad I won’t need to put a point into Experiment to get purity. The one thing missing for me is bug where “Lost to the Ages” won’t trigger was really hoping to do a full play-through on this character.

    • Remembered the other 2 bugs I have encountered, the Spouse kidnapping walking bug, and the Vampire Lord Drain Life debuff when followed by Serana. I really like her as a follower, but it sucks how weak she makes the attack.

  27. Does this fix the issue with unusual Gems not actually spawning?

    I would also love it if dead traders were properly replaced, because those idiots seem to think they can take on dragons and vampires with no weapons or armour. Hint: They can’t.
    Even if it was just a generic trader, it would be so handy.

  28. So does this reset the cost of skill trainers back to the lower levels as well or will they still be exorbitantly priced?

    • You get a to select a new perk each level you advance (as you do now). Just know that to be able to continue leveling up, you’ll need to make skills Legendary. At this time, you can reassign perks to other skills, but it also means your skill that is now Legendary will reset to 15. To attain perks for that skill again, you’ll once again need to reach the skill level required.

  29. I do like the idea of a Legendary difficulty, but the tree being reset and the perks being refunded seems kind of pointless. Being able to level indefinitely does sound fun, and does give you a better incentive to keep exploring on the same character, but do you continue to gain perks and stats as you level? In my humble opinion it would have been much cooler if you were limited in the number of skill trees you could make legendary, say 4 or 5, but when you converted the tree it opened up a new set of legendary perks. Just a thought.

  30. congratulation BETHESDA for keep making this game always better and bigger.
    Any idea what ll be the MAX LVL?
    thanks and congratulation again

  31. So since there’s no level cap now, does that mean we will be gaining more perk points along with points we get back from making a skill Legendary?

  32. What about the glitch with drain vitality and marked for death then there’s the bug where you can’t adopt because the child’s beds are owned and then there’s the atronach forge making daedric boots you can’t use

  33. Don’t get ride of the oghma infinium cheat its awesome and a great way to see more of the game. Keep that cheat and everything is ok

  34. “Companions will equip better weapons and armor if given to them”

    Does this refer only to the Companions (from Jorrvaskr) or all followers?

    Great patch!