Answering ESO Combat Questions

Today’s update to includes an ‘Ask Us Anything’ focusing on the game’s combat. Keyboard controls, soft targeting, and whether or not dedicated tanks and healers are required for an raids are discussed.

Below is but a sampling of the extensive Q&A:

In the introduction video you say that you can start with PvP at an early level. Will you be able to level up through PvP? – By Jan Schuh

Yes, currently you can start leveling via PvP in Cyrodiil at level 10.

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Reader Comments

  1. Sounds like it’s not going to be truly first-person action combat.

    That sucks, I’ll probably pass on this because of that. Was really looking forward to ESO but man it just keeps sounding more and more like a boring typical MMO than an MMO worthy of the Elder Scrolls franchise.

    That makes me sad.

    • Hey! You never know what they may add. The isn’t finished yet and I thought I heard somewhere that they’re trying to add it into the game? I dunno, but even so, you have to think of the bug picture. It’ll be difficult to do first person while having a battle with loads of other people.

      • It’s not difficult in other MMOs…and either way it should always be an option. And no, I’m not talking about zooming the camera into your head, I mean real first-person with arms and weapons and animations and all that.

        Ya know…like um…what’s that game? Oh yeah Elder Scrolls.

        • Never heard of it. Unless your talking about those crappy morrowind and oblivion that skyrim blew out of the water. < FYI sarcasm

          • Give a break Morrowind,Oblivion paved the way for Skyrim.Ill agree Fallout3 style was in grained inthe making of Skyrim .But these games maybe crap in your book but they are some of the best and imagitive games of there generation .They are freaking alwsome and I will always love These games .As far as what epic mess ESO is the buyers will tell the tale of what the communtythinks within ES .thank you .

      • If FPS MMO games like PlanetSide 2 are possible then it is possible to do a MMO game worthy of calling The Elder Scrolls, unfortunately, from what i’ve seen, the gameplay will be like other MMORPG games (point and click) but if the good old TES exploration system is in it, maybe it will be worthy calling a TES game.

        • Look at indie games like Darkfall Unholy Wars or Mortal Online, they do first-person fantasy combat that’s totally real time. Aim your bow, aim your spells, time your swings, etc. Darkfall is more fast-paced and arcadey while mortal is more slow-paced and deliberate (kinda like Mount and Blade).

          Check these out:

 (keep in mind you can do any of this from first person, too, if you want)

 (this game is first person ONLY)

          if little indie teams can make MMORPGs like this why can’t this massive company with a huge team of 200 people and hundreds of millions of dollars pull it off?

          They are either lazy and just don’t care, or they are literally the bottom of the barrel when it comes to developer skill…