Dragonborn statue available for pre-order

Today we’re excited to announce new (and very limited) Dragonborn statues available for purchase at GamingHeads.com. Here are the details…

Inspired by official artwork, Dragonborn stands powerfully upon his rock base, surrounded by the tail of a mighty dragon. At 1/6 scale, he measures approximately 16 inches tall, including the base – creating an extremely awe-inspiring presence for your collection.

Cast in high quality poly-stone, the statue is hand finished and hand painted. The Dragonborn comes dressed in incredibly detailed and authentic hand-tailored fabrics for unparalleled realism. Working with the official in-game assets has allowed Gaming Heads to accurately recreate the distinct armor style depicted in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The Dragonborn statue is available in two versions – a Standard Edition and the GamingHeads.com Exclusive Edition. The Standard Edition ($299.99, limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide) is perfect for any two-handed combat expert. Mages that want to show off their destruction skills will want to check out the Exclusive Edition ($329.99, limited to 500 pieces worldwide), as it adds an alternate arm that holds a fireball spell that illuminates and pulses like real fire. The collector can exchange the fireball for the short sword depending on preference.

Both editions include deluxe, full-color packaging, a hand numbered base (low numbers will be provided on a first come first served basis), and a certificate of authenticity which allows you to purchase the same model number in future releases in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim collection.

For more details and images, visit GamingHeads.com. The statues are expected to deliver in Q4 of this year (just in time for the holidays), but because of limited quantities, you’ll want to pre-order as soon as possible. Note: Prices are in US dollars, but the product is shipping worldwide.

Pre-Order the Exclusive Edition

Pre-Order the Standard Edition

Reader Comments

  1. That price is so wrong..actually the price doesn’t bug me but the product’s rarety!! I guess I have to settle with my Alduin statue 🙁 Dammit..

  2. Why can’t you (or everybody) make statues that are available and not limited??? I just don’t understand I’m very disapointed 🙁

  3. Oh my gosh, that thing looks INCREDIBLE! I totally want one, but there’s no way I can afford it. I’m stashing cash as fast as I can for the next-gen console releases. But, wow… this statue has really awesome details. I mean, optional fireball hand, and real fabrics? Really? That’s top-notch.

  4. Man, I never liked the generic dovahkiin. Wish there was something like figureprints or something for people’s own custom characters.

  5. Dudes at Beth.. you really need to consider some “deluxe” style action figures for Skyrim. Something at, say, the $20-30 price point. $300+ is waaaayyyy too much for an unarticulated statue of generic marketing materials Dragonborn.

    • According to the article, it weighs in at 16 inches tall…so desktop. I think the details are exquisite but that price point is ridiculous. I guess there’s a reason it’s such a limited edition; you couldn’t mass produce something like that at such a price and expect it to sell.

  6. I laugh when people say the price is ridiculous or say it should be $50. These kind of statues aren’t made from plastic or produced en-bulk on some assembly line like the cheap Alduin statue that shipped with Skyrim. The fact of the matter is, these figures cost a LOT to make. Once you take into account labor, material, and royalties, GamingHeads is making away with a few dollars per statue at best.

    These figures are made out of polystone, not PVC or ABS, a very expensive material. It’s used in high-end collectibles for its great attributes for retaining detail. Each statue is hand-cast in a mold and takes days to create. There’s no mass-production assembly line; First4Figures -GamingHead’s sister company- regularly shows production pictures on their facebook page. Even if you take into account that this figure is made in China, it still cost a LOT to make.

    Statues like this aren’t meant to be played with or even displayed on your desk at work. They’re meant to be put behind a display case safe from dust and curious hands (Which have oil on them that ruin the paint!) As strange you may think it is, there are successful people who collect these kind of things. I know a lawyer who has an entire room in his house dedicated to statues like this.

    • Depends on the girl, of course. 😉

      But hells yeah, this will definitely collect dust. All those hairy bits, plus all those little nooks and crannies…. let’s face it, the Dragonborn will be an utter bitch to clean.

  7. Got bills to pay & that figurine is way overpriced,guys.Moving 1100 pieces is gonna be difficult at that $$$.not exactly a deal.if there was a $50 pricepoint I might be a buyer.otherwise,I’ll pass.

  8. Very nice looking. Though since my dragonborn wasn’t even a human, let alone a nord male in that particular armour, it doesn’t really hold any appeal to me. I went and got the Alduin statue because that was something amazing and universal to the experience of the game.

    Something like World of Warcraft’s FigurePrints would be amazing. The ability to have a company take a digital copy of your character and make a model of them for you.

    On a somewhat related note: it seems this fixation on the nord male as dragonborn is rather counter productive. I’ve known and heard of a lot of people who were turned off from getting Skyrim because the promotional material focused on that one character idea, whereas a lot of people (primarily women I’ve known of) were not interested in playing a male character. They see the posters and images and assume that’s the character you have to play, like most other games which don’t give a choice.

    It just kind of hides one of the central points of appeal of the Elder Scrolls series: that everything is up to you, including the character you make.

  9. Wow that detail!!… Wow that price!!…
    Best detail I’ve seen in a statue figure like this though…

    If they make a sick looking female Khajiit thief or a sexy assassin wood elf, will I be able to withhold myself and my cash?

  10. A female thief khajiit with a hooded cape on with one hand holding the cape together under her face, the other hand tucked under her arm (the arm holding the cape) hiding a dagger. Her face is slightly tilted down but she’s looking forward. Her eyes can glow gold 😀

  11. It looks stunning, but $300 or more is several planes above my budget.
    Like I said earlier when the previous dragonborn statue was anounced (the cartoonlike one), it would be awesome if you could: Equip your character in-game with the armor and weapons of your choosing; Take a position like sneaking or fighting; export a digital image to Bethesda; have them 3d-print it and send it to you. You’d have to paint it yourself offcourse, but that’s half the fun.

  12. Future releases? Some statues of different kinds of dragons would be sweet, or some of the other races in the game, or even some of NPCs.

  13. This is HAPPINESS!!! AGGGHHHH!

    What detailed craftmanship! What epic expression of emotional impact! What mystical conjuration of artistry! What fearsome authenticity of dovinkiness!Oh how my brain quivers like a mass of jello experiancing a thunderous dragon shout!

    A priceless work which makes 300 smackeroos feel like 3 buckaroos to the drooling tides of fandom!

    • Maybe if everyone on planet earth signs a petition we will get a Dragonborn statue with interchangeable body parts. This way we can have a Dragonborn with a redguard head and a bosmer body. Just imagine the smiling big headedness of it all! Then again it might be fun playing DOCTOR BUTCHER MEDICAL DEVIANT the Elder Scrolls years.

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  15. OUTSTANDING! Yes it’s expensive to a point but its unique and not a mass produced toy. It’s a hand made statue and that’s why it bears the price from a toy. Would be nice to eventually bring out a female version for the ladies. Toys & action figures are in a completely different category from Statues and are generally one plastic mold with no hand made fabrics and Do not compare to the detail and quality of any statue in the world. Great job guys keep making new statues because there are plenty collectors out there for true real quality.