Now Open: The Official Bethesda Store

Today we’ve launched — the official merchandise shop for Bethesda Softworks – featuring clothing, accessories, collectibles and more for games like The Elder Scrolls, DOOM, Fallout, Dishonored, Wolfenstein, and QUAKE. Below is a sampling of some of the site’s launch gear, including Official Vault 101 Gear, the id Legacy Collection, the Official Skyrim Collection, Dishonored gear, and your very own Elder Scrolls Online tshirt.

Look for regular updates to the store, and be sure to share your feedback in the Bethesda Store forum.

Reader Comments

      • While you are at it, write a Handbook for survival in the Wasteland, much like Max Brooks’ acclaimed book ‘The Zombie Survival Guide’. (One of Max Brooks’ other books, ‘World War Z’, is being made into a movie) This, of course, is the Wasteland Survival Guide by Moira Brown.

        That would definitely get a spot on my bookshelf.

  1. Thanks! Been having to buy this stuff from other sites. Plus if I remember right, wasn’t there another Bethesda Store? It closed down awhile back though.

  2. Great news.I have been waiting for this move from my Beth for a long time ago.Well,I only have one thing to say:pimp me up Todd!(ROFL)

  3. All I want is a black t w/a big dragon logo on the front & 1 small dragon logo on each sleave.maybe a shirt with the fallout 3 gamesleeve cover.either way the store is a really cool feature as I love all things BGS.Congrats on opening the store,guys!!!Now bring on that next batch of skyrim dlc!!!

  4. You had me at “Grognak the Barbarian t-shirt”.

    And just so you can pass the news on to the higher-ups, I would pay good money for a Lone Wanderer action figure like the one made for Todd Howard a few years back.

    Not “$300 Dragonborn” good money, mind you, but… $60?

  5. I’d like to see some more general Bethesda merchandise. Do you still use the gear logo? That would look great on a T or a hoodie.

    I’m probably most interested in the Barware category. More pint glasses would be great. Also, I collect shot glasses. I promise to buy any Fallout or Elder Scrolls shot glasses you want to sell me.

    I’m also interested in the Art category, specifically lithographs and posters. I’ve always liked concept art, and it’d be nice to display that art somewhere other than just my desktop. There is also a ton of great fan art out there, maybe you can partner to sell some of it through your store?

    I like what I see so far, and I imagine it’s just the beginning. Can’t wait to see what gets added.

  6. Guys. GUYS. Doom t-shirt is out of stock for medium and large, please tell me I can expect them to come back in stock!! Nice store by the way, I like the selection.

  7. Not bad.Even more,than not bad.And prices,perhaps “not bad”.Anyway,i m not planning buy that content,from…Don’t even know.England?

  8. Great stuff, but where is the Morrowind merch?! I would shell out some serious cash for that! Skyrim and Oblivion (though I love the former and very much like the latter), not so much.

  9. I agree with stuff like the divines Amulettes, or iconic stuff like weapon replicas (Mehrunes Razor, Blade of woe) and what I would think be just Awesome would be a Dishonored Corvos Mask (Real Iron of course) replica.

  10. @gstaff im having issues on white ridge barrow on ps3. it seems the spiders wont respawn. now i cant make spide scroll. pls clarify if this is a bug or not. thank u.

  11. Dude this is freaking fantastic!! :3 :3 thank you thank you thank you Bethesda 😀 i have one suggestion. Tunnel Snake Leather Jackets 😀 if you made those i might just cry a little :3 :3 Thank you Thank you again i can’t say it enough

  12. Skyrim plushies please!

    You’d probably make a killing off of them. And, I don’t mean just a generic Dragonborn plushie, I’m talking about Kharjo, Cicero (Cicero has a huge fanbase) the Spectral Assassin (Lucien!) Uncle Sanguine or even Neloth. That would be amazing. That, or action figures.

    Pretty please? (I would have no problem parting with my money if those existed … nor would my friends, from what they’ve told me).

  13. Crap. There goes my decision to start saving my money…

    Now I need a Vault 101 Shirt. Heck, I would buy a 101 Jumpsuit if you made one.

    Also, MAKE A FREAKIN’ WEARABLE PIP-BOY 3000. I would buy one. At least one. Probably 28. And, if you made a Special-Edition one, make the Pimp-Boy 30 Billion. I would love you long time.