PAX East: Bethesda Store merchandise available for purchase

If you’re headed to PAX this weekend, you can load up on items from our recently-announced merchandise store at our booth (#912).

Items include:

  • Exclusive: Daggerfall Convenant Alliance tee (M & F sizes)
  • Exclusive: Ebonheart Pact tee (M & F sizes)
  • Exclusive: Aldmeri Dominion tee (Men’s only)
  • Exclusive: The Elder Scrolls Online High Elf lithograph
  • Exclusive: The Elder Scrolls Online Breton lithograph
  • Exclusive: The Elder Scrolls Online Nord lithograph
  • Grognak tee (M & F sizes)
  • Skyrim icon tee (M & F sizes)
  • Vault Boy tee (M & F sizes)
  • DOOM tee
  • Wolfenstein tee
  • Vault Boy ‘Thumbs Up’ tee
  • Dark Brotherhood ‘We Know’ tee
  • Dunwall Whiskey tee
  • Mark of the Outsider tee
  • Vault 101 hoodie
  • Wall of Alduin hoodie
  • Dishonored ‘Mark of the Outsider’ pendant

In addition to this gear, we’ll be giving away Elder Scrolls Online ‘Ouroboros’ tees to visitors throughout the show!

To purchase products from our online store, visit

Reader Comments

  1. Although I’m ecstatic at the opportunity to purchase products related to some of my favorite series, not much of the current store line-up does it for me. The ESO alliance shirts look sort of cheap in the picture, but that could just be me.

  2. Considering that the game hasn’t even launched yet, looks fine to me. I’m just disappointed I couldn’t make it to PAX-East to get a mug.

  3. While I understand wanting to reward people that could make it to PAX, the vast majority of us couldnt even begin to make the time, much less afford the trip. The selection of(or lack of) TESO items in the bethesda store is, disappointing, to say the least. I know I speak for many of us when I say that the rest of us deserve more than just an oro shirt to choose from. When will the rest of us be able to get the faction shirts, etc?