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Gaming press from around the globe visited ZeniMax Online Studios last week to play/learn more about The Elder Scrolls Online. Beginning this week, their impressions are making their way online.

In their second hands-on with the game, has posted several new articles — including coverage of first-person controlsquestingcraftingAvA/PvP, playing as a sorcerer, and a new interview with Paul Sage.

At Destructoid, Chris Carter reports that the game’s plans for a fully-functioning first person mode looks “… extremely impressive, to the point where it looked like they were playing Oblivion and Skyrim at times.” In a separate article, Carter declares the game “a welcome hybrid of old and new school MMO mechanics” and shares the following thoughts on the game’s distinct Elder Scrolls feel:

“As the developers at Zenimax were showing off the game, you could tell that they really cared about the history of the Elder Scrolls franchise. It was clear after playing it for an extended period of time that there will be lots of lore here to uncover; perhaps more than any other Elder Scrolls game before it.”

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Massively — “I’m happy to say that for ESO, the proof is in the pudding. I’ve barely scratched the surface of this massive online game world, and I already can’t wait to get my elderly Orcish hands all over it again at PAX East.”

IGN — “I’ll say this about ESO: I wanted to keep playing.I wanted to find out what lay at the end of an unmarked riddle quest I’d found in a half-buried treasure chest, and I wanted to find adventures lay in wait in the alleys of Daggerfall.”

Shacknews — “What I saw was heartening. The Elder Scrolls Online appears to have a solid foundation and, judging strictly from the small snippet of my hands-on time, hits the right tone for the Elder Scrolls series.” And for more from Shack, read about their discussion with Paul Sage on divergent questing.

ZAM — “For sheer enjoyment and the quality of the game at this early stage, this latest session with The Elder Scrolls Online confirmed its place as my most anticipated MMO of the year.” And for more from ZAM, read their article discussing revelations learned while touring the ZeniMax Online studio.

Games.On.Net — “The Elder Scrolls Online is shaping up to meet a lot of the promises it made when it was announced, and for this it should be applauded.”

The Escapist — During Susan Arendt’s playthrough, she forgot she was playing an MMO because of the game’s true-to-form TES feel, stating, “there’s a lot of distractions in Elder Scrolls Online, but at no point do you feel like you’re being forced in any one direction. The main quest is there, patiently waiting for you to give a damn about it, but you’ll find plenty to do just by walking around.”

Game Front — “If you enjoyed Skyrim and its DLCs, you’re going to enjoy TESO. It hits everything that made Skyrim great: deep world immersion, build-your-own class system, exploration-based content, action-based combat, discovery-based crafting and minimal UI intrusion.”

Ten Ton Hammer — “Without drilling down into storyline spoilers, much like my experience last fall, the main quest on the island gave me a certain amount of freedom to decide when I was ready to begin the heist and ultimately set sail for the orc-controlled island of Betnikh.”

PC Gamer — Game Director Matt Firor and Lead Gameplay Designer Nick Konkle discuss ESO in a lengthy video interview.

Revision 3 — Watch the Rev 3 team’s interview with Nick Konkle.

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Reader Comments

  1. That’s a ton of very informative materials and wonderfully clarifying many of the game’s aspects and strengths.I loved the articles covering the aspects of questing,crafting and playing a sorcerer character,as I always play magic based class characters in my Elder Scrolls games,plus PC Gamer’s interview was very interesting to watch.

    Thank you!

  2. Man ill be glad when this horriable excuse of a game is just a terriable dim memory .Man I hope the rest of the TES games arent like this in the future cause they’re fan base will suffer big time.

  3. Complainers gonna Complain. Haters gonna Hate.

    I always loved Elder Scrolls since the first one, and i’m still waiting for ESO to deliver their promises.

    Well at least, their games didn’t kill their users unlike that Sword Art Online.

    While still immersive and realistic.

  4. I see PlayStation has scooped Diablo for consoles so I’m praying to the gods Bethesda drops the biggest bomb of the year and announced TESO as a exclusive for the 720 as far as consoles go.

  5. Jeevus. I cannot look at their High Elves without feeling depressed. I try to think positive for this game, and then I just remember the butchering of the Altmer and “buildings can’t be made out of poetry”.


  6. Hrm, looking better. Still a long way to go though.

    Keep it up Zenimax, at least you guys seem to listen to your audience, that’s a lot more than can be said for most MMO devs. Kudos on that front at the very least.

    That being said, it will still take a lot of convincing to bring people back to the fold IMO.

  7. I really hope you include an elder scrolls casino. I think the game within a game idea would work perfectly with a casino. How to make it work within the economy of the game itself, I dunno. Good luck!

    But it would be so much fun, and very addictive…

  8. Why so negative Johnny? Bethesda/Zenimax make beautiful games that are so immersive. I truly hope they bring this to the next gen Xbox. If they don’t then although I loathe pc gaming ill be buying a gaming rig just to buy this game because I know it’ll be epic.