Join Bethesda’s newest studio

Battlecry Studios, our newest studio which opened their doors in October, is looking for top talent to join their Austin, TX-based team. While we can’t tell you exactly what they’re working on yet, they’re already hard at work on redefining the Free-To-Play game space.

A full list of job openings can be found at Listings currently include:

  • Environmental Artist
  • Senior/Lead Environmental Artist
  • VFX Artist
  • Character Artist
  • Senior Technical Designer
  • Senior Systems Designer
  • Systems Designer
  • Associate Multiplayer Level Designer
  • Tools Engineer
  • Gameplay Engineer
  • Senior Server Database Engineer
  • Senior Server Engineer
  • Senior Network and Systems Administrator
  • Senior Concept Artist
  • Monetization/Systems Designer
  • Platform Lead

Reader Comments

  1. While I have no skills to do any of those things, it would be cool as heck to work there. FYI, the second link goes to an email account?

  2. So the link takes me to a webmail portal? Using directly seems to take me to the right place but the link doesn’t.

  3. Cool, had no idea there was going to be a new studio. Good luck to those looking for work. Lord knows I have no skill. But I’ll reap the benefits of your work.

  4. Hopefully can get some schoolin done, might be able to get a joby, playing video games all day long can’t be that bad of a job!