Spring Savings for Skyrim DLC

While we’re celebrating the beginning of Spring with sleet and snow, there’s big savings to take advantage of in Xbox LIVE’s seasonal sale. Among the offerings, you can save 50% on all Skyrim add-ons:

Deal ends April 1st (I’m not kidding). And as new deals arrive, we’ll keep you posted.

Reader Comments

  1. Hi. I’ve come to report a terrible bug that remains after 1.9: J’zargo still can die. Really, I hope that you address this issue in the near future. Every time J’zargo dies, I have to reload an earlier save in order to prevent the game from becoming less awesome. I concede that granting him immortality will make the game less realistic, but what is realism next to awesomeness? In fact, you should make a brand new game starring J’zargo: “Can I Haz Sweetroll and Other Awesome Adventures, starring J’zargo”. Or at least a new quest for Skyrim starring him. Ok, maybe new lines would be enough. Really, he tires me repeating how he may or may not smell foes coming or how he has only so much space to carry things. And also, for every day you spend not developing a new TES episode located on Elseweyr, assuming you are not developing it, Mehrunes Dagon kills a kitten. Please, think of the kittens.

    Now seriously, I was gonna report some remaining bugs, but I remembered I should do that at the forum. So good night, Beth, and thanks for everything.

      • welcome to Vvardenfell. actually, i kinda hope they DON’T fix this bug. I miss the old Elder Scrolls where every character could die regardless of if it was an important quest character. Can TES VI (when/if it becomes a thing) be more like Morrowind, but without the dice rolling? please? that was fun. not this “you take 200 damage, die. Irileth takes 5000 damage, kneels and stands back up” nonsense.

  2. I’m having trouble with skyrim on ps3 on my save it shows my guy fully cloth and with Auriel’s Bow but when I got to start it shows him naked with just a neackleash and bows but shows the animation for him holding the bow so I fast traveled to see if it worked didnt cut my game on and off didn’t do nothing tried loading a past save but that didnt help

    • Auriel’s Bow fires magical arrows of stripping 😉
      But seriously, that’s such a strange bug. It happens with any arrow fired at anything, even Sunhallowed Arrows at the sun?

  3. Darn it, i thought this was the Next DLC, i could’ve sworn i read somewhere that April 1st we will have a New DLC, so when is the Announcement

  4. still waiting on dragonborn steam sale….
    i’m anxious to buy it just flat outright, but im afraid that the minute i do, it will be on sale the next day

    • Same here – it’s been half off for everything but PC, plus the two month+ wait after the xbox release? I really want to play it, but not when we don’t get the opportunity to pick it up half off like everyone else.

    • I haven’t got Dragonborn yet either, but because I’m concerned about performance. Everything I’ve gto far exceeds the minimum spec, but my CPU is somewhere in between the two.
      It’s listed as requiring a 2.0Ghz Dual Core CPU, and I’m running on a 3.0Ghz Dual Core (Overclocked to 3.2). So I’m worried that it may lag horribly.

    • You’re not the only one waiting for the Steam sale, albeit for a different reason than me. Love the fact that XBox players got the DLC 2 months earlier, but the PC players are expected to pay the same price for 2 month old content. Plus the stunt that was pulled the last Skyrim sale that affected Skyrim, Dawnguard, and Heathfire but not Dragonborn prices. Love the favoritism that Bethesda is showing towards XBox players while giving the PC players a blatant “screw you” attitude.

    • Me too. I was minding my own business, wandering about without having even done “Diplomatic Immunity” and a Thalmor party of two douches and a Justicar attack me for no good reason. Sort of adds more weight to Delphine’s paranoia about them being responsible for the recent Dragon crisis.

  5. I think there will be more then one.

    Theres obviously strong hints on the Thalmore, then the Realm of Hircine and the Election on the New High King or Queen, plus this Rumor on this Redguard DLC that just came from out of nowhere.

  6. So XBox gets a sale on all the DLC that is out, but previously when the Steam version had a sale it was only for the base game and Dawnguard/Hearthfire. Really hope that means there’s a Steam sale planned soon for Dragonborn, because waiting 2 months after the XBox release for PC access makes it not worth full price out of principle.

  7. Just saying the dlc for dawngard the mission where I save the moth pries then he kills me every time so now just making sure y’all are doing something about it right ?