Dishonored Roundup – PAX East and Beyond

Today we’re looking at the latest highlights for Dishonored, including the first coverage for the game’s upcoming add-on, The Knife of Dunwall.

First, let’s give a hand to Arkane Studios and all our Dishonored fans. Last night at GDC’s Game Developers Choice Awards, the game took home the first-ever Audience Award!

At PAX East and across Europe, gaming journalists got their first chance to play The Knife of Dunwall, which puts you in control of Daud — the legendary assassin responsible for the murder of Empress Jessamine. In a new video up at GameTrailers (and embedded above), you’ll get your first glimpse look at gameplay.

Other must-read previews include Kotaku’s 15 Things You Should Know About Dishonored’s New DLC, Destructoid’s I like Knife of Dunwall more than Dishonored first look, and new  impressions from the stealth experts at Sneaky Bastards. Here’s a snippet of their preview:

“From our playthrough of the first mission of The Knife of Dunwall, it’s clear that no expense has been spared in offering more full-fledged missions that leverage and expand upon the design principles established by Dishonored’s unique environment design and stealth gameplay.”

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Additional Knife of Dunwall Previews

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