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  1. I’m glad it wasn’t some idiotic “TES XII announcement” which would only generate rage after discovering the date of it.

    • Given the current pattern of ES releases we should expect The Elder Scrolls XII to be announced some time in 2055.

      But hilarious video, nonetheless.

      • I cant believe it takes so long for updates for consoles to come out,im not getting mad at you guys though. Do you think we’ll get it some time this week?

          • Oh i know that, i read the tweet about you guys sending it for verification last week. I just wish they had a faster process for updates. oh and thx for the reply.

  2. 2:03 “then he tells his friend, and this other NPC will come and get you… even in a different game”

    That explains why some random travelers attack you in skyrim for no reason at all.


  3. Lmao I wouldn’t mind seeing one of these April fool videos for each of your top games Beth.. I can only imagine the sarcasm you can come up with for Fallout and Elder Scrolls 😛

    You can also expect me to buy the 2 Daud DLC’s for this game 🙂 can’t wait.. can you tell us if theres going to be multiple endings based on your choices?