Skyrim Soundtrack is ‘Classic’

Back in February, we let you know how you could help vote music from our games into Classic FM’s Hall of Fame. Sounds like you guys took action, as music for The Elder Scrolls Franchise skyrocketed to #5 on this year’s list — one spot ahead of some guy named Beethoven!

“Jeremy Soule made his Hall of Fame debut in 2012 with his music from the Skyrim games, and this time he’s gone top ten. The centrepiece of his work on Skyrim is undoubtedly the monumental ‘Dragonborn’, which not features a 30-strong choir, but also features said choir singing in a specially conceived dragon language particular to the games themselves.”

To view the full list, head here.

Reader Comments

  1. Awesome, love Jeremy’s work but something was missing in Skyrim’s soundtrack that was present in both Oblivion’s and Morrowind’s. It was a memorable factor that allows me to whistle some of the tracks from TES 3 and 4 without even thinking about it, but if I try to remember a specific tune from Skyrim’s soundtrack, aside from the main theme of course, I can’t…

    That said, the inclusion of the Daggerfall and Arena tavern music in Skyrim was amazing.

    • The game patch (1.9) has no files for a DLC. In order for a DLC to be released the patch needs to get the game ready. Even if we did hear something, they won’t update the game for at least another month and a half or so. So I would say June or July is when the next DLC comes out. (Patch certifications are expensive. It’s better for a Developer to wait on releasing patches so they can get more into that patch.)

  2. Skyrim is the best theme ever , followed soon after by the main theme of Morrowind …

    But please tell us if there are coming more DLCs?

  3. Hey GStaff, will you be offering another set of signed Skyrim sound tracks by Jeremy Soule? It would be brilliant for those who missed out on that 😀

  4. ok it has been over 2 weeks since you people put out the info about the patch for skyrim where is it i want the new patch so i can start playing my xbox again

  5. Congratulations Bethesda and Jeremy Soule. Thats an incredible achievement and further proof of how timeless The Elder Scrolls series is in so many ways.