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As you ready for the weekend, spend your last working hours checking out some favorite links across the web.

We start with YouTube creator timtimfed’s impressive live-action, side-scrolling tribute to Dishonored. Love the Possession references :p

If Corvo played video games, it would be: 1) odd and 2) most definitely with this Dishonored-themed controller from Devin Smith. See more at

Speaking of Dishonored, we’re just over a week away from the release of The Knife of Dunwall. To kill time (or non-lethally wait), read these articles…

  • Facebook – Today we’ve posted the achievement/trophy images for The Knife of Dunwall.
  • Shacknews – Knife of Dunwall Creative Director Ricardo Bare reveals how playing as a new character (Daud) means new gameplay elements for the player.
  • Polygon – Learn how Dishonored’s game’s Art Director, Sebastien Mitton, changed the game’s art style from its original concept — set in feudal Japan.

MMOving to The Elder Scrolls Online, new highlights on the game’s official site include:

And as a parting shot for this roundup, we share the greatest LEGO-made Pip-Boy 3000 ever — spotted at

Lego Maniac!

Reader Comments

  1. Hey Gstaff, can i ask for TESVI if you guys can do Better Support for your Customers, by giving up to date DLC’s and Patches, because its been 2 Years with Skyrim and this is the Worst Stretch of Support for a Game ive ever seen, People have gone bored and left the Main Game long after you guys come up with a DLC or a Patch, so could you guys Please do Better Support and Story and Quests for TESvi so Customers wont get Bored with your Company.

    I LOVE TES, but this is the Worst Stretch of Customer Support ive seen since Oblivion.

    Seriously Guys, do Better with yourselves and your Customers.

  2. Thanks g-staff! See thats why I love Bethesda they actually answer some of these questions. And pete Bethesda does a lot more with patches than a vast majority of other games. It was a shame they couldn’t get dlc out on ps3 til recently but they still worked to do it and I say thats pretty good support.

  3. I love the Dishonored DLC preview, it answered my question from a earlier blog post about the endings.

    “Daud’s path started very dark, Bare says, and he can continue down it or “turn a corner.”

    That means that the DLC, like the original game, will have two very distinct endings based on High and Low Chaos, with minor variations based on how you perform in missions. Given how easy and exhilarating it was to fall into using Daud’s tools for their natural (brutal) purposes, I imagine many players will be making Dunwall extremely chaotic”

    I can’t wait 🙂 I might just have to wait till both Part 1 and 2 are out because I am not a person that has patience to wait a couple weeks to interrupt my ‘story’ of the game.