Skyrim 1.9 Update on Consoles

Beginning today Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 players will have access to Skyrim’s 1.9 title updates by way of an automatic title update. Just be sure to have your console connected online to receive the title update.

In addition to adding Legendary Skills and the new Legendary difficult setting, the update adds a number of bug fixes. Full details below…

Skyrim 1.9Β 


  • Legendary difficulty setting
  • Legendary Skills – Skills of 100 can be made Legendary. This will reset the skill to 15, return its Perks and allow the skill to affect leveling again. This effectively removes the overall level cap.

Bug fixes after the break…

  • General memory and stability improvements
  • Fixed issue with quest scripts that were not shutting down properly
  • Companions will equip better weapons and armor if given to them
  • Fixed rare issue where player is unable to learn the Clear Skies shout during “The Throat of the World”
  • Fixed rare instance where Alduin would become invincible during “Alduin’s Bane”
  • Fixed a rare issue where player could become stuck in Night Mother’s coffin during “Death Incarnate”
  • Fixed rare issue where protected companions could be killed from poison damage
  • Fixed rare issue with certain ash piles left from resurrected NPCs not clearing properly
  • Fixed rare issue with NPCs and creatures respawning improperly after player fast travels
  • Fixed rare crash when entering Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
  • Fixed rare crash when entering a player owned home
  • Random dragon attacks will no longer occur during “Battle for Whiterun”
  • Fixed a rare crash when attempting to save your game during “Waking Nightmare”
  • Fixed issue where “Glory of the Undead” would not start properly if player is in combat with Eorlund Gray-Mane
  • The white phial is no longer consumed if given to a follower
  • If player marries Aela, the “Totem of Hircine” quest will be available
  • Unused briar hearts can be dropped after finishing “The White Phial”
  • Fixed issue with paying off a crime against the Companions that prevented player from getting Companions quests properly
  • Thieves Guild caches are now properly enabled in the appropriate cities
  • The Dragon Infusion perk now works properly when taking Esbern’s Potion
  • Cragslane Cave properly resets if player receives a radiant quest to clear it out
  • Fixed rare issue with bounty quest objectives not properly clearing after completion
  • Gallus’ Encoded Journal is no longer a quest item after completing the Thieves Guild
  • In “No Stone Unturned” Vex will now accept Unusual Gems if you’ve collected them all before starting the quest
  • Vekel the Man now gives rewards for completing “Toying with The Dead”
  • Fixed rare issue with being unable to turn in stolen items in “The Litany of Larceny”
  • Fixed issue with followers becoming over-encumbered after being repeatedly rehired
  • Fixed rare issue with visiting Kynesgrove on horseback not progressing “A Blade in the Dark” properly
  • Fixed issue with receiving a duplicate radiant quest from a Jarl
  • Fixed conflict with clearing Driftshade Sanctuary before starting “Trouble in Skyrim”
  • Fixed issue with using shouts while in jail and having guards unlock the jail cell
  • Fixed rare issue with quest NPCs not properly moving to quest locations
  • Fixed issue with NPCs not selling master level spells
  • Fixed rare issue where player gets control locked outside the Thalmor Embassy at the start of “Diplomatic Immunity”
  • Fixed rare issue with disappearing containers after upgrades in player owned house
  • Fixed issue with being erroneously attacked while as a werewolf during “Ill Met By Moonlight”
  • The Ebony Blade is now only improved by two handed perks
  • Locked door to Proudspire Manor can now be unlocked by proper key
  • Fixed issue with merchants not receiving the proper additional gold with the Investor perk
  • Fixed a rare issue where the player would be unable to learn a word after leaving for several days during “The Way of The Voice”
  • The Nord Hero Bow can now be improved
  • The Purity perk no longer requires the Experimenter perk
  • Fixed rare instance where Lovers Comfort would not be applied properly
  • If you approach Frostmere Crypt from the north, “The Pale Lady” will start properly
  • Fixed rare issue where player could be prevented from speaking with Atub to start “The Cursed Tribe”
  • Fixed rare issue where a dragon could appear in the Mind of a Madman realm and kill the player
  • Fixed instance where player could get stuck in Japhet’s Folly
  • Fixed rare instances where Arngeir would not teach Whirlwind Sprint
  • Fixed issue with “Ill Met By Moonlight” if Sinding dies before the quest starts
  • Gharol can now properly train up to level 75
  • Fixed conflict with visiting The Karthspire before starting “Alduin’s Wall”
  • Reduced the instance of random dragon attacks after fast traveling post main quest
  • Recruited Blades now have appropriate dialogue while at Sky Haven Temple
  • Fixed rare issue where an incorrect dungeon could appear as a location during “Totems of Hircine”
  • Fixed rare instance in “Fetch me that Book” where books found before getting the quest would not be properly recognized
  • Fixed rare issue with traveling to Thalmor Embassy with companions during “Diplomatic Immunity”
  • Fixed issues with Matching Set perk not working properly with certain pieces of armor
  • Fixed issues with Custom Fit perk not working properly with certain pieces of armor
  • Fixed issue with NPC dying in a bear trap blocking progress in “Time of My Need”
  • Fixed rare issue with swinging door becoming stuck and blocking an entrance in Volunruud
  • Imperial Light Armor can now be crafted
  • Fixed issue with “Vald’s Debt” where Vald was not leveled properly
  • Fixed issue with Vilkas not giving proper greeting after completing “Battle for Whiterun”
  • Fixed issue with respawning actors that were raised by using the Ritual Stone power
  • Fixed issue with the Ancient Knowledge perk not calculating properly
  • The Palace of Kings now has patrolling guards on upper floors
  • Reduce percentage chance of getting a werewolf loading screen while player is a werewolf
  • Pantea’s flute is no longer a quest item after completing “Pantea’s Flute”
  • Placing an unread Oghma Infinium on a bookshelf in the player’s house no longer allows the book to be reused again
  • Adjusted dialogue priority to improve chances of hearing more combat dialogue from certain NPC enemies
  • Fixed issue with falling damage on high difficulty levels
  • Fixed bad collision on certain clutter objects
  • Fixed rare instance of couriers who would appear only dressed in a hat

Reader Comments

  1. Any chance of a fix for Lod getting killed by a dragon? I’m still stuck @ “Speak to Lod” and am unable to start “A Daedra’s Best Friend”.

  2. What about my mate Shadowmere. He stepped on a large pebble a while back and it immediately killed his poor self. I still hear his shrieking whinny as he died echoing down my dreams. He won’t respawn where he first respawns in-game even months later so I wander the roads of Skyrim TRYING to remember where his beautiful sleek horse-self died so we can have joyous reunion. Please fix it on ps3 so we can easily get our invincible horse back if he dies by pebble or frost-fart. Dying from A large pebble underfoot is hardly invicible. I want my mate back… SHADOWMEEEEEEEEEEEEER

    • My Shadowmere was back after the last patch πŸ™‚
      Check the pool where he came from, or the place he died at πŸ˜‰

      • you have to remember where he died. fast travel anywhere, then wait 10 days. he will be there, good as new.

      • My game crashes while walking down the hall during the Sheogorath quest, just before entering?! And Lod is dead and the dog will not spawn to start Clavicus Vile’s guest! And the games slow at loading my inventory (420LB), and dead bodies and chests!?

      We’re SO happy having japanese style Joyous Reunion! My best m8 Shadowmeer suddenly popped after MONTHS of walking the roads of Skyrim TRYING to remember where that wicked pebble killed him and after umpteen visits to his hallowed spawn pool he finally popped. It was classic P.O.P.P. too cos the Pentis Ankulus agent was awaiting us, as he does at the Assassin’s Brothership Sanctuary(the first one) oh-so-unobviously secret with the SKULL and Mother embracery for ALL to see etched into the stone door on the door, and mighty Shadowmeer popped and (this is the best bit) whinnied in that oh so special Bethesda whinny-way he does and reared up and kikked the Anulus in the head and killed him (weird one kikk on Expert difficulty right in the oriface and he died (almost like a blood sacrifice for Shadows’ blood respawning). But the reason why I came back to post this is that it has been about ten days since this patch so Beth must have done something right to fix his beautiful black sleek self into respawny-pooing. We’re so Joyous Reunionyingly happy, I’m weeping and Shadow is… well. knickering… It’s too much, it’s been months with only J’Sargo for company(if I hear “Oh but you are wrong, the only reason you could disagree is baycuz you are loosing so beddly that you cannot see eet” one more time I will send him and his voice back to Fantasy Island where they both belong). I was gong bonkers (btw EVERYTHING Ma’iq the Liar says is TRENUE so his name is an utter LIE). So there, so now I can start the dlcs and stuff with His Shadowmeernessship. Adieu

  3. Nice.
    But why did you have to mess with the Oghma Infinium exploit?
    Not everyone has the time to lvl to 81.. πŸ™

    • Remember patching is just about fixing stuff, it also has a modicum of fun-policery to it too, unfortunately.


    • With the first section of this update, that is no longer a “problem”:

      “Skyrim 1.9


      Legendary difficulty setting
      Legendary Skills – Skills of 100 can be made Legendary. This will reset the skill to 15, return its Perks and allow the skill to affect leveling again. This effectively removes the overall level cap.”

      By the sounds of it, if you wanted, you can just keep getting even just 1 skill to 100 over and over again and resetting it. You won’t need to max out every skill to be able to get to 81 anymore, and could instead just do it to a few over and over.

    • look up the restoration loop. I just made a redguard character to test it out. It does take some work, but just collect every ingredient you can find. giants toes and (i think) blue mountain flowers make a heath potion that can raise you alchemy level pretty fast. once you reach lever 50 you can do the loop. then make a ring for alchemy and level it up. sell them to raise your speech, and alot of gold:) hope that helps ya, I think i’ve done about everything on this game lol… love it

        • I got the speach to jump to 100 and now selling an exploited potion doesnt do it anymore. I am now level 2 legendary and it will not go any farther. Am i missing something?

  4. Hey Gstaff, can you say a release date at all for Dishonored’s 3rd DLC? Because I refuse to play the 2nd DLC until both are out, its kind’ve dumb someone would play Dauds story, take a couple weeks break, then finish it up.

    Total immersion breaker.

  5. When are they fix the bug when u try and get arils bow when u get attack by all the frozen enemy’s the game freezers and crash the hole xbox

  6. Why do you guys keep forgetting to fix the servant’s quarters upgrade in Proudspire Manor? I know it’s not a game breaker or anything, and probably isn’t high priority; but it’s still strange to have this unfinished room in the nicest home available. Immersion… I paid good Septims for that upgrade. Give it to me!

    • I agree that fixing Proudspire Manor is one of my top priorities because I live in that house and utilize every square inch of it. Not being able to use that entire room, save for two barrels, is frustrating.

  7. it is about time they came out with the update been waiting for the update since they said something something about it thank you Gstaff and bethesda will be playing skyrim a lot more even now becasue i have a HDTV

  8. Still hoping for Male Argonian shouts and a fix for the Manor you get in Dragonborn DLC so my house doesn’t have eerie dungeon music.

    Really glad to see such a large update though, especially one that fixes Skyrim’s Character Class issues.

  9. What bout patches for quest items stuck in invitory after completing tje quests. Like the lexicons. Also patches for locked quests like bards college

  10. I’d like to report a bug. PS3 Hearthfire has a bug that the player cannot use bookshelves or display cases in the built house.

  11. It would really be nice if you guys could fix the bug that makes items manually placed sometimes respawn back at the location they were dropped from your inventory when the area is reloaded. Also, the houses that come from hearthfire constantly respawn all default items on surfaces in the houses, its really annoying and makes it impossible to set your own stuff up because it just gets a bunch of crap spawned on top of it in a few days. Being able to own and decorate your own house with in-game items is one of the defining things I love about elder scrolls, and I can’t fully enjoy it in this game. Its sad.

  12. I’d like to see the glitch fixed thats hampered progress on my original main account since the beginning, the Companions quest, “Striking the Heart” is in a dungeon you’ve already cleared out and the quest marker points to the ground where there is nothing there. No silver hand, bandits or anything. I can’t continue the Companions questline because of it.

  13. I’m going to love this update..finally i can make my conjurer magic to legendary :)…too bad it came out when my spring break has ended πŸ™

  14. As Commona Tong said eariler (sorry if I got your name wrong) no game files were found in this patch. Since we all think that Bethsoft is going to release more Skyrim DLC, it is certain that they will release more patches, such as a “2.0” patch. Usually, a 2.0 means lots of new features and such, so I’m looking forward to the next patch, which will hopefully contain some epic free content!

  15. HUH???? Release notes say that this fixed the issues with “Fetch me that book”. I still can’t drop the book, can’t find a new one when following quest marker, and Urag won’t take the ones I’ve got.

    • Also, flute, drum and lute are still marked as quest items. I still can’t give fine-cut void salts to Captain Wayfinder. I still can’t collect a bounty from Jarl Skald. I still can’t kill the leader of Uttering Hills Cave for Annekke because he (Linwe) is already dead.

      I’d really love to close these out

      • I suspect most of the fixes won’t “repair” an existing bug if it’s already happened in your character file. So if you want a “clean” journal and inventory, you’ll need to start again with a fresh character πŸ™

  16. I had to get off my ps3 because it was starting to lag really bad… Everytime I turn into a werewolf/ or vampire, the game freezes . I think it has to do with traveling to quick from one area to the next. I try not to disturb the environment to much because it seems to make the game save grow… I wish I had a good PC so I can play without all the lag. And when are you going to fix the strange amulet, and the thieves guild? My son kill durge, now all brinulf says is hum… lol

    • Just a few hours of 1.9 (.31.0.8) caused my first PS3 crash since prior to 1.4. However I have not noticed any (more) lag, with a save file of 800+ hours. If you ever played prior to update 1.4, you have to fix the PS3 file-system problems “manually”, which Skyrim induced back then.

      No update itself has ever fixed those. There is probably still web info on how to do that. But if you wish, and if BugFesta will stop deleting my factual comments, I could mirror those steps for you here. Cheers. M.

    • Just quickly… PS3 “safe mode” steps helped lagging prior to update 1.4. Using any of the steps may involve some risk though — why they were never a first choice to use. Myself I have used each many times with no problem, but YMMV. Restore File System, Rebuild Database, or fully reformatting the disk.

      Kind of hard to get irritated at Bethesda, their trying to provide the new free Legendary features. But they might consider a future user option, to be able to roll back to a previous update level, whether or not your lagging originated with 1.9.

      Also turning off auto-saves helped then. Think of it as a variation in game play… sometimes a bigger penalty if you die. M.

    • yah I have an Alienware but I have issues trying to sit back comfortably in my seat with a slab of plastic EIGHT TIMES the size of a normal controller to play the game with, so I put up with the lag on ps3. Keyboards with games are sooo 1983. I think I’m going to be sick…

      • You know, there’s this nifty thing called a wired xbox 360 controller, which can connect to your pc and be used to play games like skyrim.

  17. Finally, Black Ops II was starting to bore me… Now I can come back to the best game I have ever played. Thanks for the patch Beth, this legendary skill thing will definitely be a challenge!!!

  18. The next patch needs to get rid of that idiotic fortify restoration loop exploit. That’s so much more absurd than the Oghma Infinium glitch, which I am also glad to see dealt with.

    • Last time I checked. I paid money for MY game. People should be able to do what they want, with there OWN game… I’ve played this game soooo many different ways you wouldn’t believe. I have only a few of my characters that I’ve done that to, only because I wanted to mess around. I have also did it for my sons, because he was getting killed every 5 minutes. I can deal with master super legendary difficulty, or whatever you throw at me but some people can’t… If people want to mod a game, use a loop or anything else… LET EM… It’s not hurting you, so leave them alone

      • Play it your way, mod it if you want. But don’t expect to have the developers sit back and ignore glitches that allow characters to level extremely quickly when that is not the design of the game. Stop complaining that your cheap exploits are being fixed by the developer because the developer feels it is detrimental to the game.

        • my game file that I played (without ANY cheats) has about 400 hrs in it now. I can’t even play that file anymore because it lags so bad. The only way to get to level 81, discover every location, and make it through all the DLC, is to level as fast as you possibly can. Playing this game is so much different than playing it on any other system. All you PS3 people know they can tell us this or that, but i’ve found out that my game that has the loop runs 10 times better than the ones that don’t. You are right though, you shouldn’t be able to do this. But it was put in the game this way… If this was tested more before they sold it. Then they would know… You shouldn’t overdue it. It will crash your game. Maybe that’s why people always complain about fixing it, because they don’t know how to do it lol… well it’s ok, We understand. And im not complaining about them fixing anything. The thing I don’t like is people telling me how to play my game…

  19. Still no gifting function for spouses? I know it is a super tiny thing, but I want to give Ysolda a new dress. It just ain’t right that she runs around in that ratty old thing, being married to the richest man in Skyrim and all. Gifting for spouses could work just like gifting for adopted kids, right?

  20. I still have 9 instances of “collect bounty from Brina Merilis”. Any way to clear these? My theory is I need to somehow guess which places these coordinate with and do the bounty task without triggering new bounty dialog with Brina and hope that it automatically allows me to clear it once completed.

    I’m also waiting for the “bring dragon scale and bone to esbern” to clear…which was also completed already.

    Not a game breaker, but annoying to have 10 misc quests still that I cannot close even after 1.9 update. I expected these to clear on their own.

    I already tried loading 1.9 with AND without the current game save loaded on the PS3. Neither made a difference.

    • Oh…and I still can’t buy land in the Falkreath region. It’s never offered. Perhaps these issues are game-breaking then.

    • Another bug still present…cannot gain shout word of power from Shearpoint…where dragon keeps coming back multiple times. I hear the usual noises, but no glowing text or shout is gained. Arg.

      • do a quicksave near the dragon wall, then quit the game. Reload and you may get your shout once the game loads up, it being ready in-wall for you to absorn it(don’t forget to sing along to the song). That was how I finally got mine.

    • As I mentioned above, I expect most of the fixes will stop the bugs happening, but won’t automatically “clean up” the effects of bugs that happened when you played prior to 1.9, such as a stuck quest, in an existing character file. So, on a Console you’ll need to start a new character to get a clean journal.

      • I can’t see how we’re expected to start over after 100’s of hours of game play. That’s ridiculous. Not to mention a few things did correct themselves. So, in regards to your comment, why would some things suddenly correct themselves and not others? I’ll continue along with my current character, but come on…

        • As for why some and not others, that’s for Bethesda to answer, but I presume each bug and fix is different so some work retrospectively and others don’t. I think gstaff said as much in the 1.9 thread, implying that some things will repair themselves, but not others. Maybe it’s like on the PC, where some stuck quests can be removed by a simple console command, but others can’t (or are much more difficult). I agree, restarting a character is a pain, but I guess “retrospective” fixes aren’t going to be a priority for Bethesda if a fix does at least work for a new character.
          I’m on my third main character (trying for a clean journal, even before 1.9!), and it’s a bit quicker when it’s all familiar, but certainly pretty tedious πŸ™

  21. Is it just me, or is the map larger? Like, I can go south past helegn, past the mountains now on the map.

    Could it be we’ll be venturing into new areas sometime?

  22. all i can say is i have beat everything in skyrim and as i updated the title this morning i still cannot complete the no stone unturned because vex will not recognize that i have all 24 gems. this is basically all i have left and it pains me to have waited 3 months for a fix that does not work. i never say much because im a elder scrolls fanatic and i understand these bumps in the road for every game but 3 freakin months just to say im done til the next dlc or dlc’s. smh c’mon bethesda

  23. Though I’m glad many bugs have been fixed, I’m disappointed that some of the more glaring ones, like the awful housebuilding menus in Hearthfire and the wolves silenced by Dawnguard, haven’t also been fixed. But mainly I’m still really unhappy about the performance on the PS3. As I said in the 1.8 thread, I’m pretty sure that the PS3 graphics have been “dumbed-down”, e.g. with static trees and reduced distance detail, giving unpleasant texture “pop-ins”, presumably to try to make sure it wouldn’t become unplayable with the DLC. That would be tolerable if it actually did keep the game running well, but with all three DLC installed my Skyrim (even on a new clean character, only at level 36 and about 7MB) is often unpleasantly sticky and laggy. The frame rate drops noticeably whenever anything like water, rain or snow appears, or there’s a bit of action or I pan the view round. It’s got to the point where it makes me quite queasy, and I’m thinking of uninstalling at least DG once again.

    It’s disappointing that Bethesda have resolutely refused to comment on this, either to deny or confirm that the PS3 graphics quality was cranked down to avoid a repeat of the performance problems that apparently plagued the original Dawnguard release. Skyrim is such a fantastic game, but these issues really let it down.

    • I’ve noticed that as well, but it doesn’t bother me that much.
      As for the slow downs I notice them after playing for a few hours also. If I had to guess I would say it has to do with the PS3 architecture or cache etc than anything else. Turning the system off and waiting a few minutes then restarting always fixes my problems with those lag spikes.

      • To amend my previous comment;
        I had been spending most of my time on Solstheim recently. Lag and slowdowns were fairly rare. When I went back to Skyrim my game all but froze when I was in the Reach doing a quest. It was kind of…no it was not kind of annoying it was extremely annoying.
        It makes me hope there is no more DLC for Skyrim to be honest. The larger my save file gets the harder it gets to play. So, I need to mirror was Ross said.
        I’m grateful they stuck to it and got HF, DG, and DB out on PS3. They were both a lot of fun and worth the wait.
        I just wish there could be a way to keep that save file size down. I’m sure that itself isn’t the problem, but it’s the obvious thing. The higher it gets the worse Skyrim performs.

        • Likewise, I love Solstheim though I haven’t been back for a while. Maybe it’s because it’s a separate world, whereas DG (and HF) is much more an integral a part of Skyrim. Every time something happens in Skyrim, there’s more of the “world” to check against/react with/update or whatever, which is why I think DG is the main culprit for the performance.
          I don’t think the save-file size is really an issue any more (since the early fixes) – I was running smoothly on a 400hr 11MB file before 1.8, whereas my new character is under 100hrs and only 7MB, but with the DLCs loaded it’s like wading through lumpy treacle at times πŸ™

  24. I just realized that Lucan Valerius no longer has 10,000 gold after being invested in. Bummer. I assumed that was an intentional feature, rather than a bug that needed to be fixed, kind of like the Mudcrab Merchant with a ton of gold back in Morrowind. After all, you can only get Lucan to have that extra gold once your Speechcraft is super high.

  25. After reading all the comments I tend to agree with most that the 1.9 patch does NOT fix all the “Glitches” in the game, one fix mentioned did NOT fix that being the fetch that book glitch (And I Hate that Chimnavarium Book) never can get it to go away and still the missions where you get to the location and all that’s there is a white arrow pointing to nothing so much for clearing the “Aftershock”

    Also in my Skyrim, Aela of the champions is DEAD so I will never be able to do the totems of Hercine or be able to earn the trophy for the 11 perks of the werewolf so that’s kind of a bummer cause I like having all my trophies earned in this game.

    I still will play the game even with it’s problems and glitches, but when they said they fixed something I think it should truly “BE” fixed.

    • That really sucks about Aela. You can still get the perk tree done, but you won’t be able to use the totem power. I haven’t got the totems with my new character. I was still able to unlock the perk. Go ballistic on one of the forts and eat as many hearts as you can. Then you can level it up. Hope this will help ya

  26. my Showdowmare disappeared after I downloaded the update. He was at my windstead manor house chillin in the garden, now he’s gone… idk if it’s because I go on my other horse and then killed it so he would stay there, but it always worked before and now it don’t. This sucks because I want my horses at my house. If we had a working stable, it would solve the problem. kinda like what they do on assassins creed could work, but a bethesa twist maybe… maybe some armed horses πŸ˜‰

    • NO, we NEED horses that are rideable, Have you tried jumping in AC3. I so wanted to Shout That horse and Connor, that game AND the TV through the wall it was so annoying. SHADOWMEEEEEEER….

  27. After i updated my xbox version i expriance a lot of chrases. Almost ervery time i fast travel or you randomly when i explore the world

    • Similar on PS3. Played PS3 1.9 (.31.0.8) for a few hours, and got my first total PS3 crash since update 1.3. BugFesta also seems to have removed my previously more polite comment regarding this. We’ll see how long your comment is allowed to remain on this their new wall of shame. M.

  28. im so pissed off that Lucan Valerius doesn’t have but 2289 gold. WTH Bethesda, gathering and selling shit was one of my favorite.things to do. I have over 800,000 gold with one of my characters and my second only has 70,000 and a ton of sell and not one merchant can buy.more than 2,500 which to me makes the game not as fun. Get a clue Bethesda and give us some traders with a real amount of money. I will delete off line now and am considering not.purchasing your games. im tired of u not implementing things in your games.that you should.

  29. I honestly do not see the point in this. It would make sense if say when you made one handed legendary, the first perk increased damage by 40/80/120/160/200%, but it doesnt, it will always be 20/40/60/80/100%, so your damage and armor are never going to change if you reached max level already.

    • Agreed. I can see this being a huge issue. Like you said, the perks do not gain any extra power by making them legendary, so it seems like to me for example, if you got to level 200 and your armor has not changed a bit since level 81, you are going to get annihilated lol.

  30. After this patch I have noticed a lot of crashes on the xbox, as well as the npc’s mouths no longer move with the speech at all anymore. Now I can’t even watch the game when talking to someone because all that happens is I can hear it all then see the mouth begin to move, I know it’s something small but so annoying. Crashes are so frequent now that I get about 15 mins of gameplay between each crash. Please address the crashes and do something with the dark brotherhood. Would like to see all the work I put into the dark brotherhood actually mean something. *SPOILER ALERT* I want to be able to get new recruits after I spent so much money rebuilding the new sanctuary and continued to do more contracts.

    • Have you tried uninstalling the game, updating to 1.9, and then re-installing Skyrim? That helped w/ the water crash, so I would give it a shot. πŸ™‚

      • I initially had a lot of freezes/crashes after 1.8+DLC, and yes, a reinstall did seem to improve that, so I don’t see many crashes now (sometimes when it appears to have frozen on a load screen with no disk light activity, if you wait long enough it usually recovers eventually)
        But reinstalling doesn’t fix the laggy performance, which only clears when the DLC is uninstalled, and returns when it’s installed again πŸ™

        • Yeah, the only way you could fix that is to uninstall, it seems. πŸ™ Bethesda could split up the land into loadable groups. For example, when you enter Whiterun Hold from The Reach, there is a loading screen, and you enter Whiterun Hold. You basically, each hold is a separate area.

  31. I like to play the game legit but people should be allowed to take advantage of the loop if they want to.I don’t see why the oghma infinium and the restoration glitch have to be gotten rid of.

    • Not sure if this applies to you or not, but reduce your inventory and number of quick select menu items. It seems some of those items cause more lagging…especially if you have too many. Just try ‘unfavoriting’ some things. I have a 17MB save file after almost 300 hours of play. I have to restart the game every hour to get rid of lagging.

      • I had to restart more than ever since I installed the update. It’s impossible for PS3 users play Skyrim with too big save file, and Bethesda and/or Sony never cared.

        • Someone in another forum suggested ‘cleaning’ house. In my case, I really don’t have a use for money anymore (have almost 700K) I’ve purchased all the homes (minus the Falkreath due to glitch) and I am self-sufficient in the game. I have hundreds and hundreds of items scattered throughout my homes and was told to just DUMP the items. Create a new save file and reload the game data file. I’ll try that this weekend. I guess you can also ‘load’ your game instead of using ‘continue’ for some improvement.

      • I’ve fewer favourites and quick-select items than in my previous character, and my save file is much smaller (7MB instead of 11MB) but it’s laggy straight away, and not just after playing for a long time. It’s definitely the DLC that’s the problem – if you uninstall the DLC (by deleting the game data then re-updating to 1.9) the exact same game file runs smoothly, although any DLC-related stuff in your inventory disappears of course, along with Lakeview etc. Reinstall the DLCs (have to download them again) and it’s back to being laggy again. Haven’t tried all the combinations, but my money’s on DG being the main culprit. If so, I might live with just DB and HF, though I’m still stuck with the poorer post-1.8 graphics.

  32. I get the Ohgma Infinium fix – annoying because certain skill are almost impossible to level past 90 – but fine, whatever.

    WHY, however, did you have to take away Lucan Valerius’ 10k gold!?!?! As if it wasn’t hard enough to sell items after level 40! How am I going to sell items worth over 5k? I don’t need to buy ANYTHING (except maybe houses or house related items like iron ingots) at level 50 and up so how the h&!! am I supposed to unload all the crap!?

    Also, I’m sure at least a handful of people would agree, we’re still waiting for Kajiit partners and at least one decent NPC who IS marriageable, unlike Serana, who we can maybe have a little more dialog with/relationship with. Or at least let us trade items with them and give them nicer clothes!?

    Last, while I’m on a roll: Bards and Vampire attacks!
    We build these nice homes, fill them with nice things and our bards… are dressed in rags. What gives!? Can we console users get bone tossed our way for changing NPC clothes? Just a little bit!? Please!?
    Vampire attacks have, on several occasions, wiped out most of Whiterun, Riftin and several other towns. I’ve taken to leveling pickpocket, reverse pick pocketing ebony daggers (with Turn Undead on them) into NPC’s pockets, stealing their clothes and enchanting them with health and never entering a city after dark and I still end up reloading to save people like Adrianne Avenicci, the smith in Whiterun. The vampires are too tough, too fast and the NPCs are too vulnerable for those stupid attacks! Attack me in the wild but stop killing every bloody NPC in Skyrim before I even finish Dawnguard, please!? Or at leat fix the unarmed and idiotic so they don’t go throwing themselves at vampires (and dragons)!

    • Regarding: Vampire decimating NPCs

      If giving NPCs good daggers helps some, and
      if the restoration loop still works…

      that would give my non-thief toon several new projects, e.g. to improve its pickpocketing skill/ perqs!

      At some point, perhaps managing the bugs BECOMES the game? Cheers

  33. I know it was a long shot but I was hoping for a fix to the quest from the Dragonborn DLC where the Smithing guy goes missing, you need to overhear 2 key characters in the Skaal Village, but one of them died during the main storyline…
    If anyone has a solution that’d be fantastic, I’m on Xbox 360 btw, if I don’t find a way I’ll have to start a whole new game for ONE Achievement, I’ve already started 1,000,000,000,000 new games lol

  34. I still wish for gifting for spouses, playing instruments, to use my displycases in my own home, for shadowmere to return, a darkbrotherhood DLC would be amazing, and a less laggy experince. Other than that, skyrim is a very great game, with even more potential to it than Bethesada is taling advantage of.

  35. I’m the thieves guild master…however it’s not recognized by any members. Anyone have a clue how to correct this, if it’s even possible? 1.9 patch didn’t change anything. I already tried wearing the thieves guild master armor. They don’t seem to care. *sniff sniff* They treat me like an outsider.

  36. I took a new follower to join the blades. Now he can’t be a follower anymore… I though they fixed this. I guess not. He’s from the new dragonborn dlc, can’t remember his name but it’s teyerin or something lol. I know thats wrong so stop laughing lol. But this sucks. I like to take the mercenaries there so I don’t have to keep paying for them, and he is awesome

  37. Don’t know if anyone mentioned but Daedric armour boots are still not equipable when you pick them up off the Atronach Forge. So annoying. Must needs Shout something to sate annoyance factor…

  38. This 1.9 update broke my game. My new character that I made especially for the update has crashes for every 40-60 minutes of gameplay. All the bugs people have been complaining about since the game came out THAT I DID NOT HAVE, is now affecting my xbox. This is unacceptable, and I am going to erase the stupid patch from my machine. Truly disgraceful work.

    • How do you “erase the patch”? Do you have a backup from before? On the PS3, I can only go back to 1.0 (!) from disk, or update back to 1.9. I tried a PS3 backup before the update, but that refuses to copy the game data so I can’t restore to a previous patch level (and of course any game saves from a later patch level won’t work). Only way I can think of is to physically remove the hard drive before patching and take a “blind” image copy of it using linux, then restore the entire disk if I want to go back, which isn’t really practical.

    • 1.9 is crashing my PS3 also, every hour or two, from a 15MB save file. Nothing as bad since 1.3. Please, this is a major ruin of the game — fix, or let us go back to a previous version.

      Not a lag problem, nor auto-save. I have all auto-saves turned off. I still guess a rendering problem, e.g. when walking around a corner? Maybe too many missed arrows scattered around which I don’t see? I vacuum up all stuff I do see, and sell/ store it to a volatile barrel.

      Hoping this was not the Bethesda plan.

  39. Devs should fix the bug with the highest level Nightingale Blade (the one you receive at level 46+) not being able to refine. I like to dual wield a Legendary Daedric and Legendary Nightingale Blade, but now with my Dark Elf she can’t refine her Blade πŸ™